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Puppet Indian Muslim leaders are real problem

Azaan on mike forcibly stopped
In Bihar seven and half year Nitish Kumar ruled Bihar with the help of BJP. Waqf properties left uncared, Qabristan captured, Forbesganj innocent Muslims are not getting justice due to judicial inquiry, Katihar Medical College (Muslim educational institute) clandestinely raided, job's share injustice, etc. But new trend has grown in Bihar that dominant hindu banned Azaan on mike in Tanra Samos Pura village of vaishali district where Qabristan was transferred to non Muslim but top district official saved the C.O led to saffron brigade a sealted. National commission for minorities must take cognisance of criminal negligence of vaishali district officials.

Muslims remember promises of politicians
Maharajganj MP bye election won by RJD and the ruling JD (U) education minister lost because Muslims of Maharajganj voted against JD (U) candidate The bye election held in May and Muslims remembered the JD (U) education minister had promised that 24000 Urdu teachers test would held in May but it did not held.

Double standard of secularism who would reply?
Nitish Kumar pulled his party out of NDA in the name of opposing Narendra Modi but sole mantra of secularism is limited to this or justice for all? Under trial prisoner Munna Singh in Jammu. Immediately Bihar govt gave Rs 5 lakh compensation to the family (01/07/13) In Bagha police firing Bihar govt gave Rs. 5 lakh compensation to the families of 7 persons died in firing. But 4-4 Muslims were killed in Forbesganj police firing & SSB firing in Arraria why Bihar govt buried justie in the name of inquiry commission?

Another Masjid dragged in court
Rumour spreading society has created a collective consciousness about the Tila Wali Masjid was puja place in ancient years as about Babri Masjid astha claimed that Babri Masjid place was birth place of Rama and after placing Rama idol forcibly declared Rama idol self appeared. Now a make shift temple is standing at the Babri Masjid land. In Lucknow HC a writ was filed on 3rd July to allow hindus puja at Tila Wali Masjid and the Lucknow H C accepted the case. Babri Masjid demolished and mandir was created when the cases were in different courts.

Lalu Yadav may recall the day of RJD formation
On 5th 2013 RJD organised grand celebration on the 17th formation day of party at party HQ Patna. Lalu Yadav had promised Muslim reservation on the very day of RJD formation. But never sincerely tried to fulfil its own promise. At this issue Lalu Yadav followed the footsteps of timid & namesake secular leaders. Even then Muslims beat the drum of ruling and national parties. And routinely being cheated but never dares to ask questions.

Brahma Chelani can talk rubbish because….
The Gujarat CM Narendra under who guidance more than two thousands innocent Muslims were butchered. Modi self responsible ruler. Thus he oozed dog under speeding tyre comparing with innocent riot victims. Very similarly Brahma Chellani analyist of country security said that countries investigating agencies images were tarnished in Ishrat Jahan case. Mr Brahma feels shame to write fake encounter and he could talk rubbish because Ishrat Jahan was not his daughter.

Narco test of police has become necessary
Every person on the earth has right to get justice so Ishrat Jahan family is striving to get justice. But particular mentality people are dire against of CBI investigation to quiz IB top boss Rajendra Kumar who generated alert. At NDTV channel (8 pm / 6 July 2013) debate ex DGP Prakash Singh raised a question about demoralisation of investigation agencies and in every cases question raising would demoralize IB and it was better to the all security forces. Even IB top boss protested with MHA against CBI investigation against IB officer. Those are speaking language of saffron brigade they could have spoken the same language if Ishrat were their daughter? Ishrat Jahan extrajudicial killing conspiracy is deep rooted so Narco Test of involved security & intelligence agencies personal what MG repeatedly demanding.

Modi like Anna rise is media hype
Anna landed Delhi with a bang to eliminate corruption from India. The hype was created by media but Anna Hazare & his agitation fused in months. Very similarly Narendra Modi's projection is supported by media hype would crumble

Affluent Muslims keeps off Qabristan matter
After Waqf properties illegal capturing now Qabristans are on the target of land grabber. Ordinary and simple Muslim mass come out to protect the Qabristan but affluent class of Muslim keeps themselves away from Qabristan issue as if such affluent class of Muslims born for ever and the would not die.

Puppet Muslim leaders are real problem for Ummah
Union steel minister Beni Prasad said if he asked to keep quite he would quit congress. The Babri Masjid was demolished. Congress Muslim leaders & congress minority cell just kept mum. In Gujarat 02 thousands Muslim were killed and BJP Muslim show boys leaders and BJP minority morcha kept mouth shut. Muslim leaders are real problem I the way of Muslims prosperity

2 innocent Muslims acquitted from terror charges
Few month ago at the Indo-Nepal border police had caught two Muslims and announced the 2 terrorist responsible for Hyderabad blast were caught. Raxaul police station and district police for name and fame dubbed Muhammad Adam and Abdulah Umar Makran terrorist. Media carried the police fake version to create collective conscience. Additional district and session judge of Mitihari Mr. Anil Kumar Srivastva acquitted Adam and Umar from Terror charges on 05/07/13 but Punished them for passport laws violation and sneaking into Nepal. Though India-Nepal is free border and the people from both sides crores border. Acquittal news appeared at page but arrest was page 1 main lead-story.

Congratulation Muslim today
"Muslim today" hindi monthly is just 3 years old magazine has published a very bold, brave and bulldozing the myth of "justice for all" by establishment through the article" communal police, media & judiciary" (01 June 2013) Press, police, politician & prosecution are responsible for injustices continued since independence led the rise of saffron parties. Congrats "Muslim today" monthly.

S. Haque, Patna