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Yet another US attack on Muslim World

According to international sources, the number of civilian casualties caused in Iraq by the US invasion is 864,531 and in Afghanistan 8,813. What right the countries that caused casualties of around 1 million people have to attack Libya to safeguard the lives of 'civilians' there? The US has again shown that its only intention is to threaten Muslim World that it would not tolerate any opposition to its hegemonic designs. It has also again proved that the primary aims of the US remain an uninterrupted supply of oil and the protection of Israel. Whatever the 'crimes' of Ghaddafi, the US and its allies have no business to use every single opportunity to pound Muslim countries. They must rest assured that their crimes against Muslim World will ultimately boomerang on themselves - in one way or the other.  The UN must also discuss what punishment should be given to the US and its allies for murdering nearly a million lives in Iraq.

Dr Javed Jamil