Rejoinders / Letters to the Editor


Oosman Sait

I was thrilled after reading a write-up on Haji Oosman Sait. Such sacrifices have been removed from public domain with a strategy that all Muslims were for Pakistan. Please publish more on such individuals. I am working on a major project titled ‘Muslims Against Partition’ to be completed in 2014 and such inputs are going to immensely enrich my work.

Prof. Shamsul Islam


Apropos of the report in MG of 16-31, August (page 12). You have provided very good information about Freedom Fighter Haji Oosman Sait. But  After seeing this brief information, I went to search for more details about Oosam Sait. Lucky I got the contact of his grandson Mr Javeed. I spoke to him. He promised to send all the details and a good photo of his grandpa to me. Thanks to your and MG Team.

Syed Naseer Ahamed

MG: Thank you Br Naseer saheb. I hope, Insha Allah, one day the whole community will appreciate and benefit from your tireless efforts to collect and write the history of Muslim freedom fighters (Zafarul-Islam Khan)


             Avoid Community Profiling Of Rapists

The names of the five guys who brutally raped a photojournalist in Bombay suggest that they belong to a specific community (minority, to be precise). Now people have got an opportunity to scarify an entire community. But tell me, are all rapists Muslims? Who raped Nirbhaya in Delhi on December 16? All the six guys were Hindus. One of them Ram Singh, who was found hanging at Tihar, had Ram (the Hindu deity) in his name. My point is: Religion must not be brought in while dealing with such cases. Anyone can rape, irrespective of his religion, caste or community. This is stereotyping of sexual offences and restricted community profiling. Rape is a heinous offence that can be perpetrated by any lowly creature. 

 Sumit Paul

MG: We think time has come to demand death sentence for violent, including gang, rape crimes.

SP: Yes, the way summary punishments are meted out to the perpetrators in Saudi Arabia.


Murder of Dabholkar 

 Murder of the renowned rationalist and  anti-superstition activist Mr. Narendra Dabholkar  is not only a  crime and act against progressive thinking and modern outlook but a serious violation of Indian Constitution. Not many people know that cultivating and promoting scientific temper, humanism, spirit of inquiry and reform are the fundamental duties of every citizen of the secular democratic republic of India under its constitution. According to the Article 51A (h) of the Indian constitution one of the important obligation of Indian Citizen is “To develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of enquiry and reform”  I am  amazed and shocked that the sad death of  Narendra Dabholkar  has not aroused anger and wide coverage  in the Media, particularly the Electronic Media.  Strangely Electronic Media made Durga suspension a great issue of national importance but not the same attitude for Dabholkar Murder. As a tribute to the memory of late Narendra Dabholkar,  the Central Govt. should bring legislation against obscurantism, superstitions and  exploitation in the name of religion.  One such  legislation is currently debated in Maharashtra Assembly. On behalf of the Members of Urdu Scientific Society and Sir Syed Scientific  Society , I offer my condolences to the family of Dabholkar and also to multitude of Indians who wish to live in Twenty First Century and do not want to live the life of Dark Ages of Europe. It is high time to revive the Movement of great men like Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Sir Syed who fought all their lives for Modern Education, Rationale  and Scientific Temper.      

Dr. M.I.H. Farooqi,  Lucknow


Engage with Political Islam

Political Islam cannot be detached with other Islam .If a Muslim avoids political Islam he cannot be called as true Muslim. Political Islam needs number of sacrifices. If the government is based on divine laws then Muslims have the obligation to safeguard and maintain it and see the Caliph is following Islamic laws in the true sense .No caliph or his consultative body can amend or suspend the laws. for example eating of pork is strictly  banned .A Muslim is permitted to eat it only he did have any other edible since last three days. He is permitted to eat just safeguard his life but not as fete .The God is the creator of this universe, therefore it is His right to rule the whole universe .The sun, moon earth, stars air. water, herbs and shrubs,   animals,  insects reptiles fire. rivers ,mountains and all other creatures are obeying the laws of God .They cannot disobey ,God has given freedom  only to mankind to obey and abide by His laws or disobey .It is test of men .God has given the authority on all other creatures. He can make use the sun, moon earth, air ,water, etc  must be utilized according to the will of God .                Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad     


Teaching of yoga in MP schools

Following its notification of July, 2013, adding a chapter based on incidents in Bhagvad Gita to textbooks of Special Hindi prescribed for Class IX to Class XII and Special English for Class XI and XII, it has now issued a notification on 1 August, 2013 which ‘permits’ adding one chapter each based on Bhagvad Gita to textbooks of General Hindi prescribed for Class III to VII and Special English and Special Urdu in Class I and II. This notifications cover not only government schools but all schools/ Madrasas affiliated to the State Boards. These notifications amount to Hinduisation of the secondary school courses. Earlier the Government had made Yoga education compulsory in all schools from Class I to Class V.

Syed Shahabuddin, Ex-MP, New Delhi


CJI Altamash Kabir missed a chance to create history

Few Muslims could reach the CJI post. By sheer hard labour, Justice Ahmadi could reach that post and he delivered the historical decision about KMCH (Katihar Medical College) awarding it minority status and allowing it to be run by minority. Nowadays we see judges passing sarcastic remarks like “caged parrot” to CBI and “Forbes-listed CEO’s would not be spared,” etc. CJI Altamash Kabir enjoyed a golden opportunity to pass remarks like “Are Muslims not Indians and don’t they deserve equality; Muslims as sons of soil deserve equal share” etc which could have paved the way for justice, equality and reservation. But Mr. Kabir missed the bus to create history.

S. Haque, Patna


Muslims for Modi

A picture has been published showing the Dawoodi Bohra women tying rakhi to the mass murderer of Muslims of Gujarat  in 2002 [see page 13]. Dr. Syedna Saheb should issue  instructions to his followers not to have any contact with anti-Muslim forces. Secondly, Dawoodi Bohras or his religious leader Syedna Saheb have no right to speak on behalf of all Muslims.

Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot


Court’s decision in Batla House fake encounter

Delhi Additional Sessions Judge Rajendra Kumar Shastri has followed the principle of courts to satisfy the “collective conscience” while declaring the Batla house fake encounter as genuine on 25 July 2013. It seems that the court was least interested to find the reality as it ignored circumstantial evidence, the murdered boys character and did not apply scientific methods etc. Otherwise, the court would have asked for NARCO/Poly Graphic Tests of the two constables Balwant Singh & Rajvir Singh who accompanied Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma on the Batla house mission on 19 Sept. 2008. The two are only the living eye-witnesses of the incident. Even Hollywood will fail to produce the imaginary views of an encounter in which police bullet pierce the heads from the top as in Batla House fake encounter.

S. Haque,Patna


Modi Is A Dictator

Modi is a dictator. He was all in all in Gujarat .He is using the same temperament in his behavior .It seems that he wants to drive the party behind him .He does not want to be driven by the party .BJP needs his services but he does not need the party support. Man like Modi behaves like a king of some state. The recent criticism on prime minister was uncalled for .The speech given by Dr Manmohan Singh was not as a party man but as Prime minister of great Indian nation .But Modi treated him as a congress man ..The BJP has the first bitter experience .If he is not gagged. In future he will put the party in trouble .If he is made prime minister of India he treat the country as Moghal Emperor. India is democratic country .The secularism is the basic principle. If Modi does not abide by the constitution of India he will break this country into number of pieces.

                          Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad  


This refers to Narendra Modi’s speech on 14th August when he said that the country would hear two speeches on the Independence Day; one that he would make from Gujarat and another the PM will make from Red Fort.   Sycophancy and arrogance have always been repulsed by the Indian voters.  The ‘India shining’ slogan aggressively marketed by the then-ruling BJP led NDA had actually caused more harm than good to it in the 2004 general elections.  The idea boomeranged as the aam admi perceived it as a hollow slogan filled with unbridled egotism.  Narendra Modi must understand that the people of India would be loathing his haughtiness rather than comparing his speeches with those of Prime Minister.

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)


Hindustan Or Rapistan

Thehonourable judges of supreme court will give their judgment on young rapist famous rape case of Delhi of hype was made on this case but so far no accused was punished .If India had been an Islamic state the married rapists would been killed by stoning and young rapist boy would have whipped 80 times on his back ,But the kind judges are taking 12 days more to impart their judgment ,They know very well the judiciary system of India is lethargic .The judgment is given years after crime, The criminals before getting punishment they commit more crimes.  If you read news paper you will come across number rape cases are .Now a new trend has started the young girls mostly immature are gang raped.  Now I am afraid The Kind hearted judges might have taken a lenient view of the crime and a short of regress imprisonment was awarded. The young boy ,sexual maniac  will commit further crime in his future life .Let us overhaul our entire judiciary and enforce some Islamic laws to eradicate the sexual crimes .The honourable judges will honourably explain the genuine reasons for additional delay in announcing the judgment .Crores of Indians are waiting .

Dr AH Maqdoomi  Hyderabad  


Saffron media deserves strict action, not speeches

Muslims have been complaining against media and media’s modus operandi to demonize Muslims. Since independence, media took a line against Muslims and still carries on the same fake parchar against Muslims. During anti-Muslim riots, newspapers carry false news like the claim that Muslim doctor injected Hindus with poisonous injection in Medical College (Aligarh riot) but no action was taken against these papers. Now whenever any blast takes place, media starts oozing out Muslim names, how they did recce, how they carried out the blast, some Muslim org claimed responsibility etc via “email”. All this goes on as if the bomb blast was planned in their studios. Muslims have been complaining against the saffron mentality of media, Now justice Katju has joined in this protest. Let it be known that without strict action media will not mend its ways.

S. Haque, Patna



The mayhem in Egypt is a corollary to the deliberate silence by the international community to a series of pro-democracy protests since the ouster of the elected President Mohammad Morsi.  In a sheer display of hypocrisy, the Western powers which promoted coloured revolutions and tried to install democracies in some parts of the world have remained mute as the military in Egypt dismissed and arrested a man who was elected by the people through a democratic process.  It is a great misfortune that the U.N has descended to be a powerless entity.

Syed Sultan Mohiddin Kadapa - A.P


The whole world is wonder-struck on the martyrdom of Egyptian Muslims who are in favour of ex president Dr Mohammad Morsi. The military toppled the Morsi regime which was democratically elected government, the aim and object of Dr Morsi was to enforce the Islamic Laws which were in practice in the Khilafat regime. Man loves his life more than everything, The Prophet wanted that a Muslim must love Allah and his prophet Mohammad must be loved more than his own love .This stance is very very difficult. But if he goes deep into the ideology of faith and highly noble character of the prophet, a Muslim bound to love him so sincerely and so seriously. The other religions which lack monotheism and high character personality of Prophet Mohammad. The belief of Islam induces in the heart so deeply that no other belief can do this .A true Muslim can sacrifice his life for the cause of Islam.  In Egypt the brotherhood was elected in the general election after dethroning of Hosni Mubarak who ruled the country as a dictator.Morsi was elected as president. He had the legal right to enforce Islamic Laws.

Dr AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


Indian Muslim should support Mursi and his brotherhood party, but I would caution to create unnecessary rift between civilian and milltary leadership in MiddleEast. I would say first to focus on our internal apathy /condition rather than focusing on Egypt.

 Analyst Khan (on MG website)


MPs’ letter to Obama re. Modi

I have read letter of Mr Mohammad Adeeb M.P.(Rajya Sabha) published in

MG,1-15 August,2013.The reasons enumerated by Mr Adeeb are  plausible enough to convince a person of even ordinary prudence that the signatures in question are genuine and authentic.Mr Adeeb is right in asking a probe so as to establish truth authoritatively.

Syed Khurshid Anwar, Advocate, Allahabad


Veiled threat by Sangh to JD (U)

RSS media head of state Rajesh Kumar Pandey has said that if JD (U) issues a statement against Sangh in Bodhgaya bomb blast & mid-day meals issues, Sangh will drag JD (U) to court for irresponsible statements about RSS. Earlier Nitish Kumar had said that if he opened his mouth, BJP would land in bigger trouble (MG/16-31 July 2013). This is shadow boxing which serves to divert attention. Certainly Indian democracy is not transparent and parties and organisations bank on veiled threats to warn others not to cross the limit. This has spoiled India democracy.

S. Haque, Patna


Perpetrators of mandir blast & Masjid demolishers

Mr. Uday Narain Choudhry, speaker Bihar assembly before monsoon session, said: “perpetrators of Bodh gaya mandir blasts were deshdrohi” (26/07/13). We agree but what about Masjid demolition? Are they heroes? JD (U) shared powers with them for 17 long years. This is nothing but pseudo-secularism.               S. Haque, Patna


MG is proved right about Bihar media

The previous issues of MG explained how media was managed in Bihar and for the lust of government ads and tender notices etc, media has surrendered to the state government. It was a self-imposed censorship on media by media people themselves. Urdu media too has become a puppet of the state government. The three member committee set up by PCI to inquire into the media’s freedom in Bihar submitted a report to its council on 23 July which PCI accepted. It is about how government imposed censorship on media and media knelt down for ads. What MG has been exposing proved right.

S. Haque, Patna


Riot in Kishtwar

That a trivial incident on the Eid day in Kishtwar had flared up into a major communal strife is most unfortunate.  Omar Abdullah was right in stopping the BJP leader Arun Jaitley and Mehbooba Mufti of PDP from entering the affected areas, as both of them had apparently intended to fish in the troubled waters.  But Mr.Arun Jaitley had a chance to blow the entire episode out of proportion in the Parliament.  His diatribe that there is a threat to India’s integrity and sovereignty and that the riots should not be seen as merely an inter communal strife (meaning that there was Pakistan hand) was outlandish.  He also tried to mislead the house by saying that ‘one community’ was selectively targeted…while it became clear through print media that both the Hindus and Muslims were affected in the communal riots.  The Hindu carried a report, as how Muslims escorted the Hindus and helped in performing a marriage in the midst of the riots.  It is obvious the BJP wants to leave no stone unturned to convert anything under the sun into political opportunism as the general elections are drawing closer.

 Syed Sultan Mohiddin, KADAPA - 516001 (A.P)


U.S.A’s heinous crime against humanity

Jonathan Schell’s renowned book “The Fate of The Earth” (Picador, 1982) on the horrors of nuclear weapons is scholarly and worth reading. He begins with a graphic description of what happened when a 12.5 kiloton fision bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 which transformed “a city of some 340000 people into hell in a few seconds. The blast waves, the fires created by thermal pulse, the deadly “black rain” of the mushroom cloud and radio active fall out took toll of 130000 people who were killed instantly”. Schell further writes “The alternative is to surrender ourselves to absolute and eternal darknessin which no nation, no society, no ideology, no civilization will remain, in which never again will a child be born, in which never again will human beings appear on the earth and there will be no one to remember that they ever did”. Science and technology should be utilized for removal of poverty, hunger, disease, unemployment etc and not for bloodshed, death, destruction in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Iraq, Afghanistan etc.

G. Hasnain Kaif, Nagpur - 13


Babas are leeches

The controversial godman Asaram Bapu is again embroiled in a case of allegedly raping a minor in Jodhpur. This man is constantly in news but for all wrong reasons. Dabholkar died fighting against all superstitions and babas, who’ve hijacked people’s sense, sanity and sensibility. The question is: why we believe in such spurious elements, who thrive on our gullibility? This is indeed intriguing. All our education and sense of discretion go to dogs when we genuflect before such frauds. It’s time, we realised that these babas are leeches, who suck the blood, money and modesty of their credulous devotees.

 Sumit Paul


Mohammad Rafi

Rafi was the best and will remain the best singer India will ever witness. Lata is just a jealous woman who needs to get real and stop taking a pot shot at a man who died many years ago. who not only is famous for his impeccable singing but a great down to earth human being, maybe she should take a leaf out of his book, shame on her !!!!!!!!.

Ravinder Singh (on MG website)


Indian Muslim leaders?

Indian Muslim leaders? Are they only so many? Look at the empty chairs and the unrepresentative nature of the people on the 'dais'. Please change the caption at least. This also shows how miserably the Jamaat-e-Islami has failed in winning the confidence of Muslims and its leaders.

 Khalid(on MG website) -

MG: It is upto you to define and decide who are Indian Muslim leaders in your view. The hall was jam-packed with journalists of both print and electronic media and the reason why you see empty chairs in the front row may be understood from the  second photograph. It is due to the TV cameras who require that no one sits in front of them so that they get unhindered access to the speakers.