Israel is pushing US to war against Iran

An Israeli newspaper (Haaretz) had an opinion piece titled "Trump Tells  World to Drop Dead as Netanyahu Dictates His Nixing of Iran Deal." But it is not just Netanyahu, it is the whole Zionist establishment that took the decision to challenge a deal agreed to by much of the world and continue to try to start new wars and sacrificing gullible gentiles on the alter of Zionism. Most of the world now understands the ramifications. Israel has nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, violates international law, invades other countries. Israel is still illegally occupying the Syrian Golan and colonizing Palestine. It violates international law with impunity and engages in war crimes and crimes against humanity. But its attack on Lebanon, Gaza, Syria, and Yemen (by proxy) will now escalate to direct confrontation with Iran. Israel hopes Trump will provide all needed military cover even at risk of WWIII.

The much maligned Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party scored significant wins in the British elections. The media, heavily infested with supporters of the Colonial-settler Israeli regime, spun this win negatively even after they failed in all their desperate attempts to stop British voters choosing what is best for them instead of what is best for greedy Zionists.

The much maligned resistance axis similarly scored significant wins in the Lebanese elections. This despite over one billion dollars dumped by the Saudi regime to prop-up Israel-friendly candidates like Saad Al-Hariri. The Saudi operated media like Al-Arabiya channel do everything they can to hide the crimes against humanity in places like Yemen and Palestine to normalize the apartheid regime occupying Palestine while continuing to try and villify anyone who stands up against US and Israeli imperialism in Western Asia.

In Syria, there are desperate US/Israeli attempts to keep the war going. Russia, Iran, China and others are taking control and insist on ending the war. Trump is set to do what his Zionist handlers want him to do: confront Iran and cancel the deal. This sets the stage for a law of the jungle (but jungles are very nice compared to human greed and war). Oil prices are set to skyrocket and the global economy to nose-dive.

Here, in Palestine, we had dispensed with elections all together! No elections were held in Palestine for the last 12 years by the so-called "Palestinian Authority". And the Palestine National Council has now moved to become more a cheerleader club for the current 82-year-old "President" Mahmoud Abbas. The latter was forced to apologize to "the Jewish people" (see Shlomo Sands' book, The invention of the Jewish people) but has never apologized to the 12.5 million disheartend Palestinians for the treachery otherwise known as "the Oslo Accords".

An article by the Israeli journalist Gideon Levy says: Dear Occupiers, Sorry if We Hurt Your Feelings: Not one Israeli statesman today intends to apologize for the Nakba - not for the ethnic cleansing, nor for the exiling. But Abbas had no choice but to apologize for his Holocaust remark https://www. haaretz. com/opinion/.premium-dear-occupiers-sorry-if-we-hurt-your-feelings-1.6055095

As the US moves its Embassy to Jerusalem against international law, take a moment to remember the US servicemen killed by the deliberate attack of Israel on their ship in international waters in June 1967:

Israel offended Japan's prime minister by serving him dessert in a shoe, something 'despised' by Japanese people:

A Palestinian female poet has been sentenced to jail for a poem urging resistance to Colonization.

Among Palestinians under Israeli occupation, regard for India runs deep: Palestine has been under Israeli military occupation for decades. The author, who spent three months at the beginning of 2018 in the West Bank, writes about his experiences

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Mazin Qumsiyeh, who describes himself as "a bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at home," is Professor, Founder, and (volunteer) Director Palestine Museum of Natural History, Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability, Bethlehem University, Occupied Palestine. His articles may be accessed at http://palestinenature. org. He may be contacted at mazin[at]qumsiyeh. org