Amnesty International messed up Rohingya Muslims murdered Rohingya Hindus Report, claims US-based advocacy org

The US-based Burma Task Force ( has condemned the Amnesty International claim that armed Rohingyas killed Hindus in Rakhine province. The Amnesty report makes no sense. Why should Rohingya Muslims kill Rohingya Hindus? Their problem is solely with the Burmese army which is camping in their region since decades making their life hell. Here is the comment of Burma Task Force released today, 24 May:

The well-known and respected aid organization Amnesty International has issued a report which shifts the conversation away from Burmese military committing genocide to Rohingya militants killing and converting Hindus. We need to refocus on Burmese genocidal policies.

Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) courtesy UNHCR
Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) courtesy UNHCR

This is a major public relations bonanza for the genocidal Burmese regime. It puts 60,000 Rohingyas in India even at more risk than they already are.

The Amnesty International report presents, as fact, evidence and conclusions that are both seriously questionable, and by doing so it aids the propaganda efforts of a regime whose every action suggests it is bent on carrying out genocide.

Recently Amnesty International has been dealing with serious internal tensions and conflict, which has led to a broader disorganization in its operations. This makes it easier to produce reports, such as this one, that are not up to the objective standards of global NGOs.

Here is what is wrong with the report: 

  • Burmese government does not allow access to anyone in Rakhine where the genocide occurred. The United Nations’ human rights investigator, Yanghee Lee, has been barred from entering Burma, along with a three-person UN fact finding mission. Journalists and independent observers have been similarly blocked from accessing large areas of Rakhine. In December, two reporters for Reuters were arrested in Rangoon (Yangon) while reporting on the Rohingya crisis, and face 14 years in jail.
  • How come then Amnesty was allowed this limited access zone where no other human rights organizations are allowed to visit?
  • Hindu Rohingyas just like Muslim Rohingyas can’t travel freely. They need permits like Muslim Rohingya..
  • Burmese authorities brought the Hindu Rohingyas from Northern Rakhine to Sittwe in the south for Amnesty’s interviews.
  • We are opposed to the Arakhan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA.) However, why would they kill Hindu Rohingyas who live with Muslim Rohingyas and are friends to each other and fled to Bangladesh together? If ARSA wants they could attack all Rakhines' Buddhist s whom they have been in conflict with, as most Rakhines treat them like their enemies. Hindus were always our good friends.
  • Whereas we don’t believe Amnesty is openly corrupt, their report seems to show a very credulous willingness on their part to take at face value what was almost certainly staged evidence/witnesses as part of a disinformation campaign from the Myanmar authorities. They've done this before and been caught red-handed:
  • It is very important to consider that this report is entirely based on a single, closely managed production carefully orchestrated by the Myanmar authorities. Importantly, only two particular Amnesty workers were chosen by the government to participate in these interviews and to be shown the “evidence” of Rohingya Muslim attacks. Why were these specific people chosen?
  • Why were they not allowed to travel anywhere or investigate anything else freely, and they were only shown what the government wanted them to see and only spoke to those to whom the government wanted them to speak?
  • It seems very convenient that these special witnesses interviewed by Amnesty provide the exact talking points the government and military have been pushing since last fall.
  • The Amnesty report is a recklessly irresponsible example of an otherwise valuable impulse, namely to fairly present both sides of a controversy. But in this case one side almost certainly is staging fake evidence to support its official narrative, and even if it wasn't, it is in any case seriously misguided to think the two sides are evenly remotely proportional.
  • Whether they mean to or not, Amnesty International is in effect colluding with a genocidal regime.