Hindutvites’ half-hearted love of Ayodhya

BJP’s movement for a grand temple is only focussed at the disputed site but the fact remains that Ayodhya is just another town in a state of utter neglect despite being claimed to be the birthplace of Ram.

Even a little effort from these Ram bhakhts towards the development of Ayodhya could have helped change the face of the town like any other developed town and city in our country. Would Lord Ram not be pleased by that? By serving humanity they could have shown their respect and true loyalty to Ram. But over the years they have befooled people by chanting Ram, Ram to serve their vested political interests. Their Jai Shri Ram slogan was politically driven. Now after having realised that their call for Ram Mandir may not be taken seriously by the people, they have now coined a new term: Ram Rajya. All those shoutings for a Ram Mandir could have also served Ram by doing some good work for the people of Ayodhya by helping them to meet their ends in a peaceful manner. BJP calls for Ram Rajya but turns a blind eye to the city where they believe Ram was born. The place had been under the rule of BJP for many years yet there has been no sincere effort in making the town tourist-friendly, developing basic civic amenities. Development to the people of this place seems to be a distant dream.

Even in Uttar Pradesh, Ayodhya is comparatively less developed in terms of basic infrastructure like drains. Everywhere one can see open garbage polluting and vitiating the atmosphere of the city. Since 1992, when Babri Masjid was demolished, it appears that nothing noticeable development has taken place. For the people of Ayodhya, the city is no less than a barren land where job opportunities are limited. Schools and hospitals are in a state of neglect and a feeling of being forgotten reflects from these buildings. Trade could not flourish here as traders from different parts of Uttar Pradesh remained apprehensive by the sensitivity of the Ayodhya town. Investors were also cautious as nobody could say for sure for how long the city would not be troubled again. Agitation and protest every now and then kept tourists away. For a layman, Ayodhya can be of historical importance but for the BJP the place has got only political importance.