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MG I am highly impressed by your Gazette. I wish all success for the paper through your dynamic editorship. Prof. Soleman Ali Mondal, Dhubri, Assam     Wakf amendment billl This has reference to the following article: Amendment bill takes away Waqf from Muslim domain by Zafar Mahmood published in The Milli Gazette of May 1-15, 2011. Commenting or suggesting improvements on the proposed bill is tacitly agreeing to the Congress exercise to nationalize Muslim Awqaf. This bill must be rejected in toto. There should be a mass movement first to reject the bill and then a national conference by Muslims to find ways and means to take control of all their Awqaf, through their own people, who are not any way, openly or covertly aligned with any political groups. Muslims have a right to protect their Awqaf properties from the clutches of corrupt governments and its bureaucrats, as much as they have the right to protect their personal laws. Salman Khursheed is right when he accuses Muslims of not trusting anybody in government or political parties. Does he need to be informed of the utterly unfair treatment of Muslims by the Congress over the last 63 years? Just because he was given a cabinet post, he is definitely supposed to be more loyal to the Congress than the Queen. That is quite understandable. But he too must understand that there is a deep and abiding trust deficit between Congress and Muslims and pressing to pass this bill will give a big handle for Congress detractors to gather Muslims over the virtual nationalisation of entire Muslim Awkaf of India. Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai     Urdu and Indian Muslims This refers to Urdu and Indian Muslims (M.G. 1-15 June 2011). Urdu will not give him bread and butter if he changes name he will get easy bread and butter, no harassment, no encounter and no partiality. God bless him. Akhtar, Bangalore   Hindutva terrorism Wwhatever you brought into notice is a well known fact and the govt. (governing by Brahmans) are well aware of it. You guys have done a great job... we need such unbiased people across the country to defeat the Brahmanism Ibne Hidayat   France ethnocentrism Apropos of MG June 2011 issue. Every individual has fundamental rights as far as clothing is concerned, of course within the boundaries of decency and laws existing in the country. I am particularly in favour of full face veil. It is more cultural rather than religious. There again, it is not my preference that matters, it is the individuals. As the French white non-Muslim woman has her fundamental right to reveal as much as she wants to, a Muslim woman has her fundamental right to cover as much as she wants to unless criminal activities initiate from these acts. Why should we force anybody for that matter on garments simply because in a particular Muslim country, non-Muslims are advised to wear in a particular way? Assuming that one day, European Govts bring a law stating that no woman should wear a dress covering assume that French Muslim citizens oppose this law on the grounds that, revealing her lower thighs. But the same law insists on women covering upper thighs. And lower thighs infringes on their personal rights and religious law on clothing. What will be the decision of the French Parliament? Will the Parliament and Judiciary force this law on all French women Muslims and non-Muslims to reveal their lower thighs by implementing that law? Certain aspects of Islamic culture or jurisprudence are not subject to change or interpretation. One example: Pre-marital and consensual sex is forbidden in Islam and this will remain so even in 31st century. PA. Mohamedameen(via email)   Towards a riot-free India This is with reference to the fantastic article by Ram Punyani, “Towards A riot free India,” published in (M.G 16-30 June 2011) is very interesting and informative. He has rightly elaborated the true episodes of how India has been subject to communal violence right from the post partition violence of 1961, and so on several times. I congratulate Mr Ram Punyani and the Editor-in-chief, for presenting such a wonderful article. Mohd. Azam, Karimnagar, Telangana   Communal Violence Bill It can be said to be a right step by the Sonia Gandhi’s National Advisory Council if she is planning to enact Communal Violence Bill. India has witness uncountable Hindu-Muslim communal riots right from 1947. Several Hindu-Christian & in the year 1984 Hindu-Sikh communal riot is on the record. Hindu-Dalit communal riot is also common practice. In every communal riot the Hindus or the majority community is in the domination. That means minorities in India are not safe and required to be safeguarded. According to the Constitution of India, it is the duty of the Government to safeguard the property, honour and life of the citizen living in the country. The Indian constitution guarantees equal rights to all its citizens, violation of which by the State or Central Government can be challenged in the High Court or Supreme Court as per the Article 32 of the Constitution, such cases are taken up with utmost urgency. Article 14 of the constitution states that, ‘the State shall not deny to any person on equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws within territory of India. It is the moral responsibility of the political parties and leaders to control the communal riot in their respective constituency. Debar the political leaders to contest election if found guilty of communal riots. Zuber Ahmed Khan, Navi Mumbai - 410210   Ayodhya in Thailand Years have passed; Hindu women go to their mother’s place during their first pregnancy to give birth to their first baby. It is their custom. Rama the prince of Ayodhya was the first son to king Dashratha and queen Kaushalya. Queen Kaushalya went to her parents place to give birth to her first child. She was not the princess of Ayodhya. So prince Rama was not born in Ayodhya. Secondly, there is one more Ayodhya in Thailand. We do not know whether king Dashratha ruled in India or in Thailand because pictures of Ramayana are depicted in the temples of Thailand also. In short Ayodhya is not Rama-janmabhumi. Nazneen O. Saherwala(Surat, India)   Not Husain, India’s secularism buried in London Now that India’s greatest artist M.F.Husain has been buried in London, our hypocrite politicians are coming out in support of the dead artist. Newspapers are replete with enlightening articles on the inspiring life and achievements of Husain who once was unabashedly targeted by the ‘eternal patriots’ of the right wing organisations specially Shiv Sena for the sin of ‘redisplaying’ the ‘Art of kamasutra’ manifested in the caves of Khajurahu that once or still constitutes integral part of majoritarians’ divine culture. But the irony with Indian secularism is that it can’t afford and never dared to contradict or challenge Majoritarians’ view point however irrational, absurd or even anti national it may sound. This was exactly what happened to M.F.Husain who never received governmental support in hours of crisis despite having brought fame, dignity, respect and popularity to India’s art but who ironically died as a citizen of Qatar and not India. A matter of shame for India’s fake secularism. Mushtaque MadniEditor, Usool, Pune II On MF Husain demise the kindest words for him have come from Thackeray’s. Raj Thackeray said that Husain was a national asset. Whatever controversies happened should be laid to rest with his passing. Uncle Bal Thackeray stated, damage may have been caused to modern art due to the painter demise. May Allah give him peace? Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz west, Mumbai 400054   Muslim girls of Bihar is leading the way On 12th June, Bihar School Examination Board has published Intermediate Arts Results. Media gave 44 toppers name. Muslim girls achieved 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 11th like altogether 11 Muslim girls got positions among 44 toppers list. It is amazing that out of 44 not a single Muslim boys name appeared. Is it Muslim boys not interested in studying Arts? S. Haque, Patna   Saibaba’s wealth The recent incidence of Satya Saibaba showed his love of gold wealth and jewellery. Some 450 kilos of gold was found in his room and foreign currency was also found. It shows the materialistic mind of Saibaba. He was loved and revered like a God. If you read the Last days of Prophet Mohammad, it is mentioned in the history that in the last days of prophet. He ordered to his wife that he had 6 Deenars of gold coins that has to be given to the poor men. As he did not think good to meet Allah with some gold coins in his custody. The coins were distributed among poor. The prophet died like a poor man. Now you can judge both the god men. Saibaba was made deity by the people where as Mohamed was assigned by God who made compulsory payment of zakat and forbidden interest. He brought a complete code of life. His followers are in billions. The holy Quran is the book of injunctions of God and guiding the whole humanity. The people should differentiate between manmade and god made religious dignitaries Dr Maqdoomi Hyderabad   Climbing superior heights It is regrettable that, even some intellectuals of today, do not realise that just as workers (communist) can break family and motherland relations, the followers of the Islamic ideology [Universal Human Brotherhood] cannot and must not cling to relations based on blood and soil. Dr. Iqbal, through he belonged to Kashmiri Brahmin race, initially said “Hindustan Hamara” finally declared “Sara Jahan Hamara.” Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh – 392150     Secularism and minorities 11 Shiv Sainiks and 10 other Hindu hooligans are set free from the legal clutches. On Monday i.e. 30th May 2011. Once again court fails to provide justice to the victims of 1993 horrible communal riots because lack of evidence. Everybody knows Shiv Sena always remains forward in the terror activities, mass murder gang rapes especially when it is related to the Muslims. Now, it is the duty of home minister Maharashtra to move in the higher court against the verdict. As Maharashtra Government did in the acquittal of 1993 Bombay Bomb Blast activits. Gulam Yahaya, the innocent Imam of Haj House. Sayeed Sabauddin and in many other cases in which Muslims were acquitted by the lower court but Maharashtra Government moved to higher court. Maharashtra home minister is looking sympathetic towards saffron elements specially Shiv Sena. Recently an appeal was filed in High Court Bombay to ban the book, Shivaji Hindu King in Islamic India written by James Laine; by the Home Ministery Maharashtra. The Judgement favours the Author. There was no reason to move in Supreme Court. The Government of Maharashtra challenged the Bombay High Court Verdict in Supreme Court. It shows the inability of the Government of Maharshtra, how she played in the hands of fascist’s party the Shiv Sena. Indian secular image is merely a phobia on Muslims and minorities; it is good, just to show international community that we are secular; we are taking care of Minorities. In fact, Indian public as well as public servants are communally biased. Zuber Ahmed Khan, Navi Mumbai – 410210   Bihar law and order Dr. Bhudeo Singh was killed in Gopalganj Jail on 23 May 2011 by prisoners. Bihar Home Commissioner Aamir Subhani went to slain doctor home to give Rs. 10 lakh ex-gratia cheque on 12 June. The family refused to accept because it was meager amount. The wife and children of slain jail official Haider Imam Warsi went to Dy. C.M. Janta Darbar 13 May to get justice. Haider Imam Warsi was on duty in Buxar Jail while he was coming out from jail, he was killed by bullet fired by criminals on 4 May 2011. Aamir Subhani being Home Secretary has maintained double standard? Mr. Subhani deputed to inquire firing and police atrocities in Bhajanpur (Forbesganj) and in December 2010 firing by S.S.B. in Araria. Is he (Aamir Subhani) being utilised by Bihar govt.? S. Haque, Patna   Indian Muslims post-1947

Syed Shahabuddin has written a fine article on Indian Muslims: The balance sheet since Partition. Muslims suffered the maximum during and after partition, not only in Pakistan, but even in India, including Kashmir. We were truly the orphans of partition. The blame lies squarely with Mohammad Ali Jinnah. An excellent legal mind, an astute politician, but a disastrous statesman. By defintion a statesman is one who thinks of the next generation. Sadly Jinnah was totally zero on this vital issue. The price paid was horrible for the Muslims of undivided India who supported him totally and blindly. We still continue to pay that price in Gujarat and in Kashmir. Till the time of independence Jinnah had no idea that a huge Muslim population will be left behind in India. There was just no way they could have shifted to Pakistan, considering their poverty, their agriculatural interests and the geographical spread.Tragically these Muslims left behind had to carry the hatred and the poison of the RSS. For all his docility and meekness, Gandhi outsmarted Jinnah completely.

The absurdity of Jinnah’s politics could be judged from his speach in August 1947, in which he espoused a secular state of Pakistan. Little did he realise that the creation of Pakistan was primarily due to arousing religious passions for a Muslim homeland. Within a year of his passing away these passions led to severe tensions on who is a Muslim? It was easy to target Ahmadiyas for not believing in the Holy Prophet as the Last Prophet. But the passions never died. It was soon Aga Khani Khojas and on to Shias and then Sufis.There was no way Pakistan could integrate into one home for all Muslims.

In comparison Indian Muslims, inspite of all the severe adversities have done much better.That is essentially because Indian Muslims view themselves as Muslims first, all other sectarian divisions come afterwards.That could have happened much better and with much less bloodshed if Pakistan was never created. J.S.Bandukwala, Vadodara II Until and unless Indian Muslims find a powerful leader to represent them and voice their grievances, Muslims will continue to live in a virtual hell. Partition 62 years ago orphaned these Muslims who did not expect the Hindu government to deceive them although they themselves had chosen to live in a what they perceived would be a truly democratic society where Hindu-Muslim differences would be insignificant with true progress of one Indian people. But the Hindu community was thinking something else. They were thinking of revenge and punishment for the Muslims. Muslims have always been walking under the shadow of death ever since partition, especially in the northern parts of India. Muslim leaders who blindly believed the Hindu Congress and discouraged the population of the North to migrate to Pakistan are to be blamed. They scoffed at the idea of Pakistan and challenged the very brave and practical Mr Jinnah. True, Pakistan is not a complete success.That is another story. But at least our Muslim sisters are not gang-raped by perverted murderers. At least pregnant women are not being raped and killed by criminal gangs without them being punished. This is virtual hell in the case of Indian Muslims. They need a very strong voice to represent them in the parliament. The police themselves are communal-minded and are full of hate for Muslims. Most of the Hindu public do not want to nor know the Muslims in their country. To the Hindu, Muslim is invisible or non-existent. While most Hindus are mostly financially comfortable and live in good houses and luxurious apartments, Muslims generally live in squalor in slums and pavements.There is no security of life. Even when they are slaughtered by Hindu mobs or the youth imprisoned without charge, the Hindu local government just does not care. Nor is the Hindu public sorry for them. So Muslims of India need a brave and strong leader who will bring justice to this dying species called Indian Muslims.The present so-called Muslim leaders are a joke. They are apologetic cowards and just want personal comfort. There are a few Muslims who are brave and want to do something. They should come forward, form groups and organize themselves effectively. It would be wise for them to join the leftist groups. They are better than these bigoted Hindus who are full of hate and injustice for the poor Muslims. Muslims of India have to make a comeback. Nobody can help them but themselves.They should remember their history and their great religion. The goal should be full education, create their own schools, own businesses and help their community. But first of all there should be a vision. A Chinese proverb says: "A long journey begins with one small step." All rich Muslims of India should completely finance this come-back project. Rhazes Esref
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