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Corruption Now, in India the “word” corruption is order of the day thanks to so called Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev. Corruption is the root of all evils in India. It will be not wrong to say that a culture of corruption is pervading us, Corruption declines production of work. It encourages Easy life and laziness. Corruption is at everywhere. Government, politicians, Businessmen and bureaucrats are in these dirty and filthy waters. I humbly say that Our Madaris,ulemas, sufis, peers and so called holy men in Masjids (Imams) are in this vicious cycle. They call it as Hadiya and donations. AH Lakhani, Ahmedabad   II If the fire and brimstone in the language of Annamen is anything to go by, the Lokpal bill which the parliament will pass is not going to be acceptable to these people. Anna has already announced his plans to go on fast again. Two Bhushans and a Kejriwal are not reminding him that during his last sojourn at Jantar Mantar he has repeatedly accepted that parliament is the ultimate arbiter of what the law of the country should be. Who will his fast target this time and who will he teach a lesson and what according to him and his supporters, will be the preconditions before Anna accepts that glass of juice? Will he expect the Indian parliament to agree firstly to reassemble in a special session; secondly to pass a bill to annul the Lokpal act passed by it in this monsoon session and thirdly pass Anna’s Lokpal bill neither a government’s bill nor a private member’s- unanimously so that he may end his “anshan”? Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz west, Mumbai 400054   III Anna Hazare is fighting for Lokpal bill to root out corruption from India, which is now at the zenith, in a Gandhian way. But the UPA Govt is afraid of the bill and creating bottlenecks in it. As per the statement by Anna Hazare ‘’The draft submitted to JPC on Lok pal bill by Hazare’s, team, also seeks power to the proposed Ombudsman to acquire modern equipment necessary for proper investigation and inquire in to the assets declaration statements filled by all the member of Parliaments.’’ In the powers and functions of the Lokpal and its officers section of the civil society’s draft, the Ombudsman can authorise a bench of the Lokpal to issue letters of rogatory in relation to any case pending investigation. Anna Hazarey was not satisfied, and decided to go on fast from 16th august 2011. God save our democracy. Mohd. Azam, Karimnagar, Telangana   IV Cash transaction plays vital role in augmenting black money. Builders/developers/jewellers/land deals/govt. licenses/clearance from municipal corporations/settlement of income tax/sales tax cases etc energising black money. Black money is invested in real estate, gold, silver, capital market, plots of land etc, in fictitious names, servant’s account, and accounts in names of family members. etc. Corporate open subsidiaries account in foreign banks, even in name of individuals and transfer unaccounted money to foreign banks through hawala transaction, courier, under-/over-invoices of foreign trade transactions. Drug trafficking, smuggling, fake currency trade, illegal arms dealings etc create black money. People manage to obtain sales tax permit/license but they do not carry out business. Instead they operate fictitious accounts. There are persons who just keep a sale/purchase register, maintain accounts register and prepare fake invoices. Concerned persons are involved in money laundering, hawala transactions, convert black money into white money. There are persons who receive cash from black money holders, deposit the same into their accounts and then issues cheques in favour of the cash giver. This turns unaccounted money into white money. A person who issues cheque gets commission per entry. What should be noted is that a person who acquires black money never gets title, ownership to money/property because the same has been obtained through illegal means. Such money/property can be confiscated, /seized and this is permitted under our Indian penal code. Jagdip H. Vaishnav, Mumbai-400007           V Prakash Singh Badal of the Shiromani Akali Dal is the sole member of the opposition to opine on the lokpal bill in response to Pranab Mukherjee request. The rest of the opposition is keeping the cards close to the chest and their daggers behind the backs. Badal wants the prime minister to be out of the ambit of the Lokpal while he has no problem with the entire judiciary being in its purview. The National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution set up by the NDA government and the second Reforms Commission of 2007, had also recommended that the prime minister must be kept out of the jurisdiction of the Lokpal. Their contention has been similar to Badal. The Prime Minister occupies a unique position. Is his image, his reputation and his personality that pervades the entire government attracts a good amount of opposition, criticism, allegations and what not. If a Lokpal were to take up each and every allegation or accusation made against the prime minister by a political party or a group or a person, it would hobble the Prime Minister in an effective discharge of his functions. He cannot afford to remain under a cloud all the time nor can the nation afford a Prime Minister under a cloud all the time Anna Hazare team must adopt a flexible position if they expect the bill to be tabled in the parliament in the first week of July. Once the bill is tabled in the parliament its progress is quite out of control of the government. It is the parliament which passes a bill. In threatening to go on fast from 16th of August, Anna Hazare will be blackmailing the Indian Parliament. Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz west, Mumbai 400054   VI If the fire and brimstone in the language of Anna’s men is anything to go by, the Lokpal bill which the parliament will pass is not going to be acceptable to these people. Anna has already announced his plans to go on fast again. Two Bhushans and a Kejriwal are not reminding him that during his last sojourn at Jantar Mantar he has repeatedly accepted that parliament is the ultimate arbiter of what the law of the country should be. Who will his fast target this time and who will him ?ach a lesson what, according to him and his supporters, will be the preconditions before Anna accepts that glass of juice? Will he expect the Indian parliament to agree firstly to reassemble in a special session; secondly to pass a bill to annul the Lokpal act passed by it in this monsoon session and thirdly pass Anna’s Lokpal bill neither a government’s bill nor a private member’s- unanimously so that he may end his “anshan”? Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz west, Mumbai 400054    VII One wonders whether the self-proclaimed fasters-unto-death gentlemen are not driven by a hidden desire to exhibit themselves as the highest heroes! S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh – 392150     Dance of Sushma This is with reference to the letter published in (MG.16-30 June 2011) by Dr.Maqdoomi of Gulbarga is interesting to read, that Susmaji is Educated, Modest, hails from a reputed family should have not danced like a professional dancer at the Gandhi Samadhi, is unwarranted, unethical, who is the main leader of the opposition party of India. We all felt very bad for the embarrassing position, which is a shameful act. She is like the Mother of all Indians, irrespective of caste and creed. We still love her and adore her for her quality, Mohd.Azam, Karimnagar, Telangana     No to Nuclear Italy has abandoned nuclear power in the aftermath of 1986 Chernobyl disaster. By the next April Japan all nuclear reactors will be shut. All of Germany nuclear power plants will go offline by 2022. The country is prepared to find alternate source of energy, 23% of which is coming from Nuclear power plants at present. And, now Switzerland parliament by a big majority has voted to say adieu to nuclear power. India, in the teeth of popular opposition, is going full steam ahead with its nuclear power plants. The country with 300 shining days in a year cannot think of solar power. With one of the longest windy coast line India cannot think of harnessing wind power. Germany will. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said a decision to phase out nuclear power by 2022 can make her country a trailblazer in renewable energy. Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz west, Mumbai 400054   Delhi – a world city? This tall claim is being made by Delhi chief minister and other Delhi Minister that the common wealth games has transformed Delhi into a world city like Shanghai and in this connection mention has been made of construction of numerous flyovers, roads. But the total absence of basis amenities in a number of Delhi colonies, the overall shortage of drinking water, the irregular supply of electricity, absence of proper drainage and sewer system in the city, presence of heaps of dirt and filth on the main streets and the highly deplorable conditions of roads, existence of open manholes leading to the death of number of citizens and the horrible condition of Jhuggies and Jhopries housing lakhs of people totally contradicts this tall claim. One wished that the huge amount of money spent of common wealth games could have been spent of the basis amenities of Delhi walas. Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi-91     Indira and Mamata Governing by ordinance is the Indira style of functioning. It is best avoided. Any government must resort to issuing an ordinance only in very exceptional circumstances. It is surprising that a politician as mature as Mamata Bannerjee committed the folly of issuing the Singur land ordinance when the assembly was in session. Now, if there are legal or procedural problems in withdrawing the ordinance, the best course for her is to admit the mistake and apologize to the opposition. Because the opposition has no issue with the substance of the ordinance and is agreeable to the return of the land to farmers, and should gracefully accept the situation and move on. Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz west, Mumbai 400054     Trafficking of women The Trafficking of women, the female foeticide and infanticide seems to have multiplied in India keeping at the world’s fourth most dangerous place for women, as per a survey conducted by Thomson Reuters’ Trust law Women. In India we see a whole gamut of human trafficking which is run, whereby women and girls are trafficked within and into the country since they are most vulnerable into the sex trade. The enormous bulk of Trafficked women and girls are poor; some belong to landless families, and most come from dalit, adivasi or other low caste communities. In 2009, India’s then-Home Secretary Madhukar Gupta estimated that 100 million people, mostly women and girls, were involved in trafficking in India that year. But if India wants to make it a country worth living for women it will need to cover lot of aspects as far as security is concern. According to police records, over 400 rape cases have been reported in the capital in the year 2010 alone. According to the data, 18,359 rape cases were registered in India in the first three quarters of this 2010; hence, we need to provide an environment of safety and Security to our women with strict implementation of the female centric laws that’s in theory in our books. In the modern times, women in India happens to be still week and vulnerable. Farzana Nigar, Ranchi-834002     Demand for separate Telangana The mode of agitation, cooking on roads will belie the demand of separate Telangana state .The centre will think that the party has a picnic orientation mindset and has no concerned with the real problems of the Telangana people. Now we are seeing that small countries are uniting and forming a joint currency and a joint defence system. Now we are still 50 years behind. Even after formation of Separate state where from the funds will come the Centre will treat the new state as a turbulent person and will leave to fight on its own accord. The state has no harbour it has to depend on Andhra state. The Telangana people will lose its goodwill as the Andhra settlers will be treated badly. Mr. Chander shaker Rao should understand the difficulty of centre .If Telagana is separated another 10 states will demand separation and will try to severe the relations with Indian Union and lot of fuss will occur and the centre will not be able to control the agitations in all other states. Mr. Rao is talking about unnatural developments. Does he mean that the Telagana people will demand Freedom from India? He should that Kashmiris’ sacrifices one lakh youths were killed for Azadi but what is the result? There fore Mr. Rao should eschew the demand for development of Telangana. He can claim the package of one lakh crores for the overall development of Telangana. The centre may agree to the demand. He should stop bizarre type of agitations It is a mockery of his party Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad     Gujarati Hindus’ god In Gujarat, if anybody remains lazy, doing nothing, he is compared with and called ‘Mahadev’. S.A.U. Patel, Khanpur Deh- 392150     Press’s silence on corrupt bureaucrats Today corruption is all-pervasive in the country and has deeply affected all walks of life. It can be effectively checked and eliminated when not only highly effective and strict laws are passed; deterrent exemplary punishment is given to the guilty and very strong public opinion is mobilized against this cancer. Surely, press can do a lot in this matter. But it is really distressing that the press had miserably failed to perform its duty in so far as corrupt bureaucrats are concerned. It has done a real national service by exposing corrupt politicians and political leaders by highlighting their highly deplorable scams and has rightly condemned them on their venality, it has ignored the fact that the politicians could not get away with corruption without the active assistance of bureaucrats. In fact, bureaucrats have beaten the politicians in this nasty and sordid game of amassing wealth. Hardly, any day passes when we do not read reports of CBI raids at the residences of bureaucrats both serving or retired and come to know the details of their amassing wealth amounting to several crores and about their highly disproportionate assets. The most glaring example of this is that of a former chief secretary of UP who had amassed wealth amounting to crores. Silence of the press over the corruption of bureaucrats on such a vast scale cannot be condoned. Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi-91     How do you make abortion laws? How is it possible that, with such evidence as there is, there are still people who say that human life can be undone in the womb? Is it possible that there are governments in the XXI century, which support such aberration and tyranny? Dr. Nathanson, in his book “The Hand of God” published by Palabra, makes a review of his life. It is an impressive testimony of a man who has gone from being one of the fiercest abortion doctors in the world, after his conversion to Catholicism; he becomes a hard defender of human life. He said that to make abortion legal in the United States was crucial manipulate of the media, all coming together in a historic moment as the convulsive decade were 60 and 70. For that is necessary to have a figure or institution about to be downloaded on the wrath of those people who sought to deny any order established in nature, and that institution was the Catholic Church. Manipulating the history of the Church and its true message of salvation was the perfect scapegoat. The maximum to be acted was Machiavelli: “Nothing is more difficult to control, more dangerous to carry or more uncertain of success, to take the lead in introducing a new order of things.” So we have established the reason for this diabolical plot: You can only explain this atrocity taking into account the existence of the demon, who is a murderer from the beginning. Nathanson says it all: his abortion clinic was a gang of professional criminals. Jose A. Calvo     USA faces danger of becoming a nation of warmongers When U.S. Defence Secretary Robert Gates in valedictory address questioned the viability of NATO due to following reasons: (a) - Reluctance of some European nations to expand defence budgets and take on direct combat has created what amounts to a two-tier alliance: Members like USA “willing and able to pay the price and bear the burdens of alliance commitments, and those who enjoy the benefits of NATO membership but don’t want to share the risks and the costs.” (b)- Only five of the 28 allies now spent the agreed target of 2% of GDP on defence. (c)- (In view of present US sensitivity & problems in the face of whopping above $ 14 trillion US national debt) - There will be dwindling appetite and patience in the U.S. Congress to expend increasingly precious US funds on behalf of nations that are apparently unwilling to devote the necessary resources or make the necessary changes to be serious and capable partners in their own defence,” - Gates was correctly highlighting the non-viability of NATO but Gates was wide of the mark, in analyzing the ailment and prescribing the remedies due to his misplaced nationalism and inability to make the paradigm shift in the changed global scenario of especially but not exclusively (A)- post cold war world (B)- democratic uprising in North Africa & Middle East (NAME) countries (C )- global war against terrorism and post Laden killing era (D)- Netanyahu formulation before joint session of US congress of one State solution for Jews and Palestinians (E)- Unnecessary and inhuman burden, on developing countries, of their war machinery in post cold war era (F)- Eradication of WMDs including nukes (G)- Effective protection of human rights including of democracy and religious freedom. Hem Raj Jain, Mankato, MN - 56001, USA   II To understand global terrorism and the current global obsession with terrorism, we have to go back to the history and study how the Americans have been playing a key role in helping terrorism flourish across the world. When during the Cold War Soviet Union attacked Afghanistan, the US - which had long been calling the shots from behind, came to the forefront, and launched a massive support and training campaign for the Afghan freedom fighters. Soon, the “mujahedeen” (holy warriors) were born and became well-known across the world. We have not forgotten how the US encouraged the Mujahedeen in their fight against the Soviet forces. President Reagan on March 21, 1983 said: watch the courageous Afghan freedom fighters battle modern arsenals with simple hand-held weapons are an inspiration to those who love freedom. When the People? Democratic Party of Afghanistan, a pro-Soviet party, took control of Afghanistan, Mujahedeen resistance spread. As Mujahedeen groups broke apart into different factions, the CIA tended to favour the most extreme among the Mujahedeen commanders. The US intelligence agency ensured that the most fanatical anti-Soviet groups were also the best trained and armed for the guerrilla warfare. It history now how the Mujahedeen were financed, armed and trained by the US during the administrations of Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. Pakistan’s secret service, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), was used as a liaison group by the US, in attempt to keep the American action as secret as possible. Aziz A. Mubaraki, Member, Advisory Committee(AAI)   III Observing from the American intervention policy for the last 50 years it looks like the aims are regime change or voluntary subordination by the Syrian regime. This includes subordinating Syrian foreign policy and de-linking Syrian from its strategic alliance with Iran and its membership within the Resistance Bloc. Syria is run by an authoritarian oligarchy which has used brute force in dealing with its citizens. They cannot be viewed as a straight forward quest for liberty and democracy. There has been an attempt by the U.S. and the E.U. to use the riots in Syria to pressure and intimidate the Syrian leadership. Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan, alliance have all played a role in supporting an armed insurrection. In this regard the Al-Sauds seem to support both sectarian factions as well as terrorist elements, which question the foundations of religious tolerance in Syria. They are good at running with the hare and hunting with the hounds. Funding has also been provided to ominous and unpopular foreign-based Syrian opposition figures, while weapons caches were smuggled from Jordan and Lebanon into Syria. The good old Ahmed Chalabi’s story may be re-enacted. The events in Syria are also tied to Iran, the longstanding strategic ally of Damascus. It is also not coincidental that Iran was included in the sanctions against Syria. The hands of the Syrian military and government have now been tied internally as a new and broader offensive is being prepared that will target both Syria and Iran. Kodimirpal(via email)