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Ayodhya verdict, Kashmir, Rahul Gandhi, Imam Bukhari

Ayodhya Verdict

If the Ayodhya case goes to the Supreme Court, we can expect one of the following two outcomes: (1) Apex court upholds the Allahabad High Court order. Will be a double blow for a Muslim side already on the backfoot. (2) SC quashes high court verdict. Would be construed as minority appeasement by the Hindu side, with attendant problems.  Neither outcome would be good for India. An out-of-court settlement would be in the interest of both the communities. My suggestion: (1) Hindus offer an apology for breaking into Babri Masjid in 1949 to install Hindu idols there, and for demolishing the structure in 1992. The apology should however have no bearing on the criminal prosecution of the culprits involved in the demolition. (2) Hindus pay reparations enough for erection of a new mosque in Ayodhya away from Ram Janmabhumi. (3) All Hindu organizations and the Government of India make a solemn commitment that no claims will be made on any other Muslim holy place in India such as the mosques in Varanasi and Mathura, and no attempts to damage or demolish them will be tolerated. (4) Muslims, for their part, make a brotherly gift of the whole Babri site to the Hindus for the specific purpose of building a magnificent Ram Mandir with the good wishes of Muslims.

Ghulam Mohiyuddin,USA (via email)


India has long been known in the West as home of the snake charmers and rope tricksters. Now it will be more famous for one of its most modern and much admired modern institutions turning out Voodoo justice – an amalgam of law and faith, the judgments given out by the 3 judge bench of a High Court, all with their versions of how Indian law should be interpreted. The Ayodhya verdict will go down in history as one of the finest example of an old tradition-steeped country trying to wear the garb of a new nation without realizing that its slip is showing. In fact, the Emperor wears no clothes. For one of contestants of the title suit of the Babri Masjid property, the Muslims, it is a mockery of justice. The Hindutva version of justice takes Indian justice to another two thousand years back, even prior to any sharia laws of Muslim era, and the verdict seems to be forerunner of how ‘Vedic’ ( term used for lack of any other suitable Hindu term: with apologies), in contrast to Islamic Sharia, laws may be changing the entire ethos of Indian polity. Pandit Nehru, a high-caste Kashmiri Brahmin, thanks to his exposure to Fabian culture that was in fashion when he studied in Great Britain, tried to position the newly independent India into a gradual slide into the modern world, by introducing ‘secularism’ as India’s constitutional creed. He was so overwhelmingly and suffocating by surrounded by hard-line Brahmins, even in his own Congress Party, that it is a miracle that the façade of secularism is still in vogue in India and the Hindutva hardliners too have eventually found shelter in secularism’s benign shadows. The shameless display of triumphalism shown by Saffron Brahmins, while spewing high moral slogans of unity and integrity in Indian society, is ample example of how the fascists have completely taken over the entire country, lock, stock and court hammer.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


Many journalists are writing columns on the reaction/feedback of the Muslim community to the High Court judgement on the Babri mosque dispute.  The Urdu newspapers are having a field day in depicting the Muslim community as all are set to make an appeal to the Supreme Court and not accept the High Court judgment. They are calling it a matter of honour for the community.  In several instances they are either selectively quoting the feedback they are receiving from the community or they are quoting their own opinions as opinions of the community. The fact is that  most people in the Muslim community will like to give this matter good analysis and patient thought and reviews it from all angles, before making up their mind.  First reports are that the opinions in the Muslim community are split almost at the middle.  The century old, powerful Jamiat ul Ulema Chief just issued a statement asking Muslims to not appeal to the Supreme Court and accept the High Court judgement, even though they are very unhappy about it. The journalists are well meaning folks however it is the ordinary Muslims who will face the juggernaut of the Hindutva militancy.  The ordinary Muslims have to ponder over the reality of what is called "secular India” and decide on the issue.  They have to balance their economic and social welfare over fighting on a principle to its limits.  The question remains as to why the responsibility to fight and suffer for true secularism in India is the responsibility of the Muslims?   While the top priority of other communities (Dalits, OBCs, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists) is economic and social welfare.  And thus while Muslim lag behind in socioeconomic arenas other communities are moving ahead. It behoves that Muslims' take the opinions and exhortation of journalists in their stride and make up their mind on the basis of their own realistic considerations.

Kaleem Kawaja


India is reeling under red terror, khaki terror and Bhagwa terror. But another sort of terror which is hidden and not exposed by media because it helps Hindutva forces.. Pune Bar Association took a decision that no lawyer would represent the case of Mirza Baig who is nabbed in German Bakery Blast. If any lawyer tries to puruse Mirza’s case he would be opposed. Mr Sushil Mancherkar advocate came forward to fight Mirza case he was forced to leave the case. Same decision was taken by Faizabad Bar Association not to plead the case of bomb blast accused. A man without representing his case and debated before judiciary is proved guilty. On 30th September, 2010 Allahabad High Court announced a decision. Let the decision be tested on touch-stone. Ex CJI VN Khare said that “last decision will be taken in Supreme Court. Many points from Allahabad HC will be debated. Proofs documents, facts witness and figures etc would be wide discussed”. This means VN Khare hinted that Allahabad HC decision is devoid of this. Mr AM Ahmadi Ex-CJI said that “High Court has pronounced its decision like a panchayat, through solution High Court tried to satisfy every concerned party. Ownership right is a document at proof, simply by shirking this question will not solve the problem”. Two ex-Chief Justices of India versions are sufficient to prove that Allahabad HC decisions based on very feeble ground. Justice DV Shylendra Kumar (Karnataka HC) said that “judges of superior court routinely misuse the power to punish for contempt of courts more to cover up their misdeeds than to uphold the majesty of law” This means that the law is interpreted and applied as per their astha (faith).            S Haque, Patna


People believed that the Earth was flat and we would ultimately fall down into the abyss of Hell if we walked straight in any direction, but that belief did not make the Earth flat. People believed for centuries that the Earth was the centre of the Universe but that popular belief did not change reality. The Earth still is just one of the satellites of the Sun. People believed that the Sun is circling the Earth, as they witnessed the Sun rising in the east every day and setting in the west. That illusion did not turn into reality. Popular belief did not make the Sun go round its satellite. The Earth still circles the Sun. People believed that the entire universe revolved round the Sun. Cosmological studies dethroned Sun from that enviable position and placed that ordinary star existing in a spiral arm of the Galaxy called Milky Way. And that galaxy is just one of the many star systems in the Universe. People conceived of a finite Universe but science proved that the Universe is expanding. People’s belief did not stop its expansion. People believed that the thirty-three million Gods of the Hindu Pantheon really existed in the hoary past, but their belief does not transform mythology into history. People believed that the mythological character named Ram was born in a place called Ayodhya, but their belief cannot transform mythology into history, even if periwig-pated eggheads swear it on oath.  

K P Prakasam


In 1885-86 AD, a Hindu priest Raghuvir Das and his companions filed a suit in the court of Faizabad sub-judge Pundit Harikishan to build a shed over a Chabutra, 95 steps away from Babri Masjid, since according to their faith the Chabutra was Ram’s birth place. The sub-judge Pandit Harikishan and then in subsequent cases the District Judge and English High Court Judge rejected the claim and dismissed the suit. The Judicial evidence of this historical suit proves that the Hindus laid claim not on the structure of the Babri Masjid but on a Chabutra far away from it. The complete record of this case is before the special Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court. The reality is that the stories were fabricated only after Babri Masjid was illegally and force fully taken by Hindus on 22 December, 1949 and idols of Ram were placed in Babri Masjid. This incident was enquired, reported and FIR was filed on 23/12/1949 by police sub-Inspector Shri Ram Dubey of Ayodhya police station.

G. Hasnain Kaif

Bhandara (MS) – 441904


There is no denying the fact that the verdict on Babri Masjid has left a vast majority of Muslims feeling cheated by the Judiciary.  They had hoped for a Judgement based on impartiality but it seems that the Judges were influenced by the propaganda war unleashed by the anti-Muslim group.  There is a small minority of anti-Muslims, who justify their crime by citing Saudi Arabia or concocted history. Unfortunately they are more vocal, more visible and able to influence many saner persons including Muslims. But they conveniently forget the safety and security enjoyed by the vast majority of non-Muslims in the Muslim areas/countries. During the Muslim rule in India, the Muslims were in minority and even today Muslims are in minority. This exposes the rabidly false propaganda. In the recent past no one can ignore the fact that Muslims have been brutally killed in Gujarat, Mumbai, Nelie, Bhagalpur and a number of other places.  The denial of job opportunities and discrimination of Muslims in India is a well documented fact.  The installation of idols and demolition of the Babri Masjid was a confirmed criminal act and the Judgment has tried to ignore these fundamental facts, by justifying that in the garb of faith.  Those who favour the judgement say that there was no violence after the judgement.  Contrary to the perception, the fact is that Indian Muslims are peace loving and even in the event of injustices done to them, they abide by the rule of Law.  Had the Judgement gone in favour of Muslims there would have been violence against them by their adversaries.   However, the over-all good about Indians is that a huge majority of Muslims and non-Muslims are peace loving and believe in the Judgement of the hereafter. Due to which we find that the main vocal critics of the Judgement are Hindus.

Simply Indian


The Ayodhya dispute is as unsolved as ever. One shudders at the possibility of the communal peace suddenly snapping. The three way division of the loaf has left everyone hungry. The immediate resolution of dispute is more necessary than it ever was. The UPA government whose duty it is to take steps to prevent communal mobilization has washed its hands off the issue. It is an unpardonable dereliction. This inspite of the fact that the BJP, off and on, has been pleading with ruling Congress to facilitate dialogue between the two communities to end the dispute. Rajnath Singh, in 2005, made such a request. Vinay Katiyar pleaded with Congress last month to join in the process of dialogue to solve this vexed problem. Speaking on the occasion of the silver jubilee celebration of the BJP, Mr Advani has stated,” but for the fact that the party could not remain in power at Delhi, the Ram Mandir would have materialized at Ayodhya.” He asserts that the talks to resolve the Ayodhya dispute had been at an advanced stage in the last year of NDA’s tenure and that an enduring solution was possible through an agreement between two communities. Mr Advani has remained silent on who were the participants and what was the nature of the talks that had reached an advanced stage. He is also silent on what sort of “an atmosphere of mutual trust” was created during these talks and how. He will be doing a great service to the nation if he can still pick up the threads from where they were left with whoever participated in the talks. There is no need to be in power to pursue this noble goal.

Dr. Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai


The demolishers of historic Babri Masjid call Babar invader, oppressor, temple breaker etc. In fact Babar was quite different from Aryan invaders and oppressors. He was a learned, broad minded, justice loving secular ruler. Most of the non-Muslim historians and scholars have praised Babar for his tolerant, just and secular character. Dr Rajendra Prasad, first President of India, had praised Babar in his book “India Divided”, third edition on page 39. In his will Babar had advised his son Humayun not to eat beef since Hindus worship cow. Similarly Prof Shri Ram Sharma in his book “Moghal Empire In India”, volume one, pages 54, 55 has quoted Babar’s will to his son Humayun. Prof Sharma has written in his book that Babar did not demolish any temple. On the contrary he had advised his son Humayun to protect and patronise temples.2 volume’s scholarly book “The Secular Emperor-Babar”, jointly written by Surinder Kaur and Sher Singh is worth reading. This book is a high level intellectual scrutiny of Babar. The authors have praised Babar for his non-communal, humanitarian, justice loving secular character. How could such a ruler demolish a temple held most sacred by Hindus? If Babar was such a Zealot and fanatic why did he not demolish the temples at Gwalior, Dholpur, Chanderi etc. Is it not an atrocity to spread false-hood and build a temple on untruth for Sri Ram who is held as an embodiment of truth, tolerance and compassion by the multitudes of millions?        G. Hasnain Kaif

Bhandara (MS) – 441904


The December 6, 1992 Ayodhya outrage was perpetrated by the BJP led by L.K.Advani, who whipped up mob mentality and resorted to dangerous hooliganism all for ulterior political/personal purpose. In the underlying calculation, concerns about Rule of Law, public order, social harmony, national unity, and supreme national interest were all brutally and cynically trampled. India has before it the choice of amicable resolution of the unfortunate dispute and building national solidarity, or risk suffering another lethal chapter of conflict and harm to the nation. Communalism begets communalism.  Narrow thinking and machinations must be eschewed. India's enemies leave no stone unturned to exploit potential to foment trouble. Mutual understanding and accommodation and compromise are needed on the part of all concerned.   With such an approach all stand to gain. Without it we are lost. India's intelligentsia, political and religious leaders, opinion makers, media persons, Parliamentarians and legislators, the Judiciary, the Executive - the lay public - all and each have a role to play at this juncture. May good sense and goodwill prevail for a better future for all.  Shrinivas Rao Sohoni


There is no need to make a statement which would hurt the sentiments of other communities; instead we should exercise restraint and calm to maintain peace and communal harmony in the country. The whole land must belong only to one party, then what is the logic of splitting the disputed land into three parts (1/3rd for each party).  Regarding the Ayodhya verdict all parties concerned who are not satisfied by the Allahabad High Court verdict would approach the apex court. All India Muslim Personal law board (AIMPLB) along with other Muslim organisations are moving to the apex court because the court verdict has gone against the basic tenets of secularism and not relied on the historical facts and evidences but it had given preference to religious faith and belief over law.          Atiq Khan,Mumbra


With this letter I want to express my pain and grief on the verdict on Ayodhya. The judgement more or less seems to be a political one, which is not based on facts. May the Almighty help you all in your endeavour to challenge the verdict in the Apex court? I completely agree with the views expressed by you all on the subject. The entire community is with you all. Through this letter I wish to express my feelings on the issue to A M Ahmadi Sahib, Editor Muslim India and Milli Gazette, Imam Bukhari, Ilyasi Sahib and Kureshi Sahib

Fazal Mohammed I. Patel, New Delhi


A resolution was passed during the meet of advocates practicing in Allahabad High court on 10 October. In this meeting people’s responses in the aftermath of the verdict were highly praised. Though the Muslims community was a bit disappointed but the way they remained calm even on this sensitive issue was laudable. It was also discussed at the meeting regarding law and order situation pre and post verdict. It was also unanimously decided on the basis of opinion from various section of society that the verdict was mainly based on faith rather than facts. We also agree to the recommendation of AIMPLB to move to the Apex court. Khursheed Anwar on behalf of Muslim advocates of Allahabad High Court.

Syed Khursheed Anwar, Allahabad


Ayodhya & Kashmir

Forced disappearance and daily harassment are the main causes of grievances in Kashmir. As for the tensed calm post 30 Sept verdict, well known fact is Muslims never crossed the line on the Babri masjid issue, it was in court since 60 yrs. rather the Hindutva brigade used it to incite people, Advani and BJP can trace their rebirth to this incitement of this hatred. Muslims always treated it as a legal dispute with religious affinity. But the extremist Hindu leaders played the card.

Shagufta Kalim(comment on MG website)


Open Letter to Rahul Gandhi on Kashmir

Is there any spare time with Rahul Gandhi to read this sincere letter from the Editor of the Milli Gazette? Any way I fully agree with it and appreciate it.  I think is better to send one more similar letter to our Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh & cc to Sonia Gandhi.

Mukhtar Ahmed


One thing should be brought home to all Kashmiris that under no circumstances, shall Kashmir be allowed to be alienated from India. This is a historical imperative and the youth better understand this basic premise of the integration of Kashmir with India. Any kashmiri leader worth his salt should be bold enough to understand this and make others to understand the same. As has been observed, no amount of militancy including export of terrorism by Pakistan into indian soil, as also driving away hapless Hindus from Kashmir has made any dent in this ground reality. In the entire rigmarole, the poor local Kashmiri suffers, while this so called leaders are flush with funds, real estate, not only across India, but around the globe. These so called leaders are no sympathasiers to the gullible kashmiri youth. They just care for themselves - Just a cursory glance at their property, acquired in sequel to militancy, shall speak loud and clear. Things shall definitely look up when the youth of Kashmir understand that their future can only be shaped in India. No amount radical influence can be of any help to them. Wishing the Kasmiri youth good luck and pray good sense prevails upon them.



Kashmir Interlocutors

The government’s appointment of three apolitical personas Dilip Padgaonkar, Radha Kumar and M M Ansari as interlocutors for Kashmir is the first sensible thing done by this government although the PM has repeated his mistake of not taking the opposition in confidence. The BJP and the left have already raised eyebrows. The very fact that the hardliner Sayed Ali Shah Geelani was quick to reject the group and others are not quick to accept it indicates the low level of rapport enjoyed by Manmohan Singh in Kashmir compatred to what Atal Bihari Vajpayee commanded. This group of apolitical interlocutors must take cognizance of the facts that the Kashmir situation was the best at the fag end of Vajpayee’s prime ministership and it is the worst today. This group will do well to learn what Vajpayee’s “Kashmiriyat ke daire me” and “insaniyat ke daire me” means.

Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai


The nomination of three interlocutors by the central govt. to start a fresh dialogue with people of different shades of opinion is yet another maverick strategy by the Govt. of India to hoodwink the world community. Previously the Saghir committee constituted by the central govt. also talked to the people of Kashmir and even put forth its suggestions to redress the grievances of the people. But unfortunately nobody knows the fate of those recommendations. India is often repeating such maverick moves to buy time and deceive the international community. This way, instead of resolving this complex issue, Indian think-tank would be making the issue more complex and confusing. During the last few months more than 110 innocent persons have already been killed with no fault of theirs. Even the teenagers were not spared. In such a highly charged atmosphere, the nomination of these irrelevant interlocutors does not make a sense. It has been a tragic part of Kashmir history that India is completely ignoring the genesis of Kashmir issue. Kashmir is not a mere territorial issue but it is linked with the aspirations of 100 million people. Kashmir dispute has dragged both India and Pakistan to fight four wars and is constantly draining their economy. Since both the countries are underdeveloped as such cannot bear huge expenses to sustain the Kashmir problem. India claiming to be the champion of democracy should have been more proactive and pragmatic vis a vis the solution of Kashmir dispute. The constitution of working groups/nomination of interlocutors is definitely going to fetch nothing except sheer wasting of time bluffing the masses and hoodwinking the international community. The Indian authorities have put aside the demands of both the factions of Hurriyat conference.They had demanded for demilitarization of troops, releasing of detainees, revocation of AFSPA, initiation of dialogue process.In fact Ali Shah Geelani had added one more demand that is recognizing Kashmir as an international dispute. This indifferent attitude of Indian Govt.has not only disappointed the general masses but even the mainstream parties like PDP. Now that the situation is not cooling down in this mountainous region.It becomes obligatory upon India to engage both Pakistan to hammer out a long lasting solution to this vexed issue.

Nasir Hussain Peerzadah, Srinagar


Investigations in Sohrabuddin encounter

Milli Gazetteappears to be the only bold newspaper representing the downtrodden Muslims of India.Massive contributions in terms of finance should be made to make it more and more powerful. This paper should reach out to all Muslims of India and the world to challenge Hindu hypocrisy and lies. The Hindus have an extremely lobby in the West. It is this lobby that finances the anti Muslim Hindu establishment in India with their saffron dollar and saffron pound. Today in the world it is not the fundamental Christians but the Hindus who are the greatest enemies of the Muslims.If Muslims in India are to survive they have to unite under a very strong political leader who is sadly never seem to be there.Muslims politicians in India are a joke. They are so pitiably weak and boring or merely opportunistic.

Razi Ashraf  (comment on MG website)


Aziz Burney

This refers to the report captioned “Aziz Burney” (MG, 1-15 September, 2010). It is a matter of profound pleasure that Group Editor of Rashtriya Sahara Urdu daily was honoured with Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar Award by World Islamic Forum, London, in acknowledgement of his bold, fearless and revolutionary Journalism in India. Mr Aziz Burney deserves this honour for his contributions to Urdu Journalism.          

Shakeel Ahmad Frank

Gorakhpur, UP

State terrorism

The ‘Milli Gazette’ of October 1-15, 2010, especially the heart-rending tale of torture told on oath at pages 8-9 by a noble brave youth Ehtesham Qutub provides ample strong material to all Human Rights Organisations. They can effectively demand fair and transparent (visible) police interrogation of every detainee. Very wonderfully, this story also shows that the inhuman behaviour of policemen can also stir the heart of some one from them to such an extent that his conscience drives him to suicide as a gesture of a self-inflicted punishment!!                S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh – 392150


Dr. Zakir Naik

The points raised in Mr. Faheemuddin’s letter (MG Sept’2010) are going off at a tangent of the issues regarding Dr. Zakir Naik. In debate one must stand his ground and not to change the subject to twist things to suit one’s mood and deviate from the core issue. His arguments regarding Crusades and stories of Bush etc. were therefore irrelevant. However, I would not let his letter pass without my comments on issues other than Dr. Zakir Naik as mentioned by him. I should perhaps inform him that as a free man of this country (U.K.) I have every right to express my views on any issue. Therefore, where is the need for me to claim to be a government’s agent?  He needs to keep his antipathy in check due to the fact he contradicts himself by defending, as a spokesman of the controversial Dr Zakir Naik, and instead has the audacity to ridiculously brand me as “an authorised representative of the U.K. government”. I am surprised as to why Mr Faheemuddin was elusive on Dr. Zakir Naik’s inflammatory statements which caused lot of despondency and provoked outrage among not only westerners, but also Muslims around the world.  Undoubtedly the Uttar Pradesh government visualised the manipulative intentions of Dr Zakir Naik and banned all his programmes. If this was not true then why did Mr.Faheemuddin not refute the media report? It therefore proves Dr. Zakir Naik is a controversial scholar and should be realized, if he had to visit the U.K. he would have risked a volatile reception from non-Muslims as well as British Muslims. Dr Zakir Naik has the ability to manipulate his religious knowledge to misguide his audience and is also capable of manoeuvring religious issues to convince people.  Sir George Bernard Shaw has said,” Islam is a great religion but Muslims are the worst people.”

A.M.A. Pira, London (via email)

Benefits of smiling

Sr. Saherwala (MG-Oct. 1-15) is right. In its current issue the monthly ‘Jafari Observer’ [Mumbai – 400009] has gone one step further and advised its readers to smile while picking up the phone to make the caller feel it in our voice!           Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh – 392150


Bhagwat on Terrorism and Hinduism

I can't agree more with RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat when he says that terrorism and Hinduism are contrary to each other and that a Hindu can never be a terrorist. What he conveniently ignores to mention is that a Brahmin and precisely an Aryavart Brahmin that he himself is, could very well be a terrorist and is born with terror instincts? Since the arrival of Aryas from central Asia, India, for centuries, has witnessed series of brutal attacks and terrorism on peace loving Jains, Buddhists and local Dravidians unleashed by the Aryans. And who can pardon the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, conspired and implemented upon by the Pune based Aryavart Brahminists with an active connivance by Sardar Patel himself?. And look at the long list of today's star terrorists of 'Abhinav Bharat (all Brahmins) pioneered by another Brahmin terrorist Damodar Savarkar and later revived by Lt. Col. Purohit Prasad, whose involvement in all the bomb blasts, that were carried in different cities including Samjhouta Express, is being confirmed today even by the Brahmin supportive mainstream media. The irony however, with our Hindu brethren, given their simplicity, is that they could easily be victimised by the Brahminical conspirical theories and statements that are actually aimed against them and not minorities. The day the indigenous Hindus woke up (and they are waking up fast) and realised how for centuries, they had been fooled and victimised by the Brahmins, India would witness a new dawn and true sense of democracy and Independence.

Mushtaque Madni, Pune


Imam Bukhari assaults journalist

So called Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, Delhi Syed Ahmed Bukhari assaulted a journalist, Mr. Mohammad Abdul Waheed Chisti of Dastaan-e-Awadh, for asking a question on the Allahabad High Court verdict and Babri Masjid title suits while addressing a Press Conference at Lucknow. Attack on Mr. Chisti is an attack on freedom of press. Mr. Bukhari has brought disrespect to not only the office of Shahi Imam but also on the entire Muslim community.  Mr. Bukhari convened a press conference to appraise the public about Babri Masjid verdict. He cannot expect the questions which please him or are suitable to him. Sometimes, one has to face embarrassing questions. Why did he convene press conference, if he was not prepared to face adverse, inconvenient and uncomfortable questions?   Mr. Bukhari should tender an apology not only to Mr. Chisti but also to the entire press. If he fails to tender an apology, he should be put behind bars for taking law into his own hands.

Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot


Flag bearer of Sushashan held with Rs 8.10 lakh

The JD(U) candidate who is seeking 2nd term from Narkhatia Assembly Constituency was arrested from a hotel with Rs 8.10 lakh cash. MLA Shyam Bihari Prasad JD(U) was taken into custody with a suit case full of cash. What Govt. of Sushashan is this which promotes suit case culture. JD(U) is ruling Bihar with the help of BJP. That is why such a big news was published on page 5 with least importance. The same news published in National Hindi daily on Page 20. Media dominated by saffron brains are custodian of Bhagwa government and saves NDA.          S. Haque, Patna


Whither Muslim leadership

Rasoole Kareem Sallallahu Alaihi wa sallam had foretold that a day will come when Muslims will suffer from wahan (weakness). He was asked about wahan, he said that love of material world and scare of death. Albeit living centuries together, the honourable members of MPLB failed to understand the mindset of Hindu rulers. The high court and Supreme Court’s decisions had already been done. While slaughtering the animal, euthanasia (hitting on the head to make it unconscious) is done and then the animal is slaughtered. Likewise the high court verdict is nothing short of euthanasia to Muslims. The final verdict will go against Muslims. Take it for granted. Writing proofs and condemning the verdict will not be of any use

Dr Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga


Shabana Wasim, name yet to be recognised

Shabana Wasim is a guide and mentor to poor and downtrodden women. Shabana helps the poor ladies resources available to earn bread by doing some business or handicraft work. She makes the poor ladies available resources to start business etc. She works in slum area. For the last 12 yrs she is working with some NGO. She runs many schools and at least nine schools where studies during night are undertaken. Shabana Wasim brings poor ladies to bank. She introduces poor ladies to bank. She got success in establishing schools. Shabana Wasim established more than 23 NGO. 14-15 ladies are members of each group. She often visits jail where she trains women jai; inmates. Muslim organisation and religious leaders must congratulate her. Such human rights activist, guide poor ladies. But note worthy work does not appear in Urdu media why? On the other hand poetry, filmy gossips, film, Khatna, Urs news etc get enough space, which is why Urdu dailies lost their sheen. MG revolutionary readers must congratulate her at Moti Mahal, Maango, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.              S Haque, Patna


Nitish and NDA

Dr. Manmohan Singh is right when he attacked and blamed Bihar CM Nitish Kumar for mess of the state. Nitish and his NDA rule have failed on all projects that were given by the centre for people’s benefit. The fact is that Nitish Kumar along with BJP is ruining the development and progress of Bihar, where people are struggling for survival due to non-implementation of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA) and other special schemes that were meant for lower income group and minorities in the state. Centre has repeatedly tried to speed up the pace of progress in Bihar by providing basic needs like electricity, roads and good irrigation facilities. As per report, from year 2004 until now, the centre has given more than Rs. 6,000 crore for many districts and the Centre is giving special support and assistance, but the Bihar government has totally failed and not fulfilled its duties despite repeated reminders and warnings. They should elect government under the able leadership of one who can can offer a better and progressive govt.

Mohd. Ziyaullah Khan