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MG By the grace of Allah, Milli Gazette has become a mirror of the Muslim world affairs. Let’s its popular publisher publish Yusuf’s cartoons too in a book form. S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh-392150   IB Steno Praveen Swami I enjoyed reading your piece in the Inqilab newspaper today and look forward to more articles. I also enjoyed reading your front page of the MG which gave a good analysis of areas and people which are normally not spoken about. Ali Khan, Lucknow (via email) II The extremist Hindus want to be on the bandwagon of the islamophobia. They want to play victim when they are not victims. They just can not live with the fact that Al-Qaeda has not been active in india, they would like this brand name in india to fuel their campaign against the muslims.  They just cannot digest the fact that the indian muslims are innocent and do not engage in global terror activities and only raise their voices about the gross injustice on their homeland.  Salman Khan III Mr.Zafar seems to have reached the other end of the river in his eagerness to disprove Mr.Praveen.Even though there is hardly any doubt as to Praveen Swami's association with the intelligence agencies and he like many other pseudo-terror experts cannot survive only on lies and many a time has to speak out the truth.To say that Indian Muslims are immune from terror is ignorance and to claim that "Al-Qaeda" is a US creation is childish. All the mountains of evidence which Mr.Zafar refers to are but only speculations and not evidence.The only evidence that remains is that some elements during the Afghan conflict received American aid through the Saudi and Pakistani agencies and many from these went on to form Al-Qaeda later on but there is absolutely no evidence of any sort which shows or proves that any of the people who went on to form the core leadership of Al-Qaeda had any interactions with the US government.These people were in Afghanistan much before the US had shown any interest in the Afghan conflict and remained there even after US lost interest in it. Seems both Mr.Zafar and Mr.Praveen are in need of some serious lessons on history. Mohammed Abdullah IV The media is not completely honest or dishonest. Their trait is they mix truth with falsehood and that is cause they have an agenda. Aljazeera or CNN or BBC or NDTV if you can sort out the truth from falsehood you are smart. The Internet is an alternate source for people seeking varying viewpoints and facts often sidelined by mainstream media . Zaighum V I am confused about what is the objective of this article. Is the author unhappy with Praveen Swami for some reasons so spewing venom against him, or making a case that "The Hindu" is no longer a good newspaper since it publishes views of Praveen Swami.  If either of this two is the case, I am not so much concerned. However, when author says "Al-Qaeda is an idea, Mr. Swami, and the many groups you see here and there are only inspired by an idea because of the injustices of the US of A", any Indian should have reason to feel very concerned because author seems to be justifying Al Qaeda by saying that they are doing what they are doing due to percieved injustices against them. Further, author seems to be very sure when he says "this idea has not attracted Indian Muslims in the least" which all of us know well is not true. Indian Mujahidin is also an idea, and they have already have enough blood of innocent people on them. Allah save muslims from such propogandas. Sahil (comment on MG website) VI I am glad that I have subscribed to Milli Gazette where else will you find such insightful articles in the age when most publications including the likes of The Hindu are dishing out false articles. I am fed up with all these English dailies and weeklies and hopefully I have a better alternative in Milli Gazette. This chap Praveen Swami seems to be on IB and RAW's payroll to publish such fictional articles. Anyway our intelligence agencies have time and again faltered in their job of providing intelligence to our forces and the police on any internal and external threats. Had they done their job properly we wouldn't have had so many terrorist attacks and that too from within India by Hindutva terrorists. Our good for nothing intel agencies are masters in one art. Branding Muslim Indians as terrorists using the likes of Praveen Swami and his ilk in the media to plant false stories about local muslim involvement after every terrorist attack on the Indian soil. It's really unfortunate that a newspaper of The Hindu's stature respected by reader's for being un-biased and balanced reporting in the past can entertain jokers like Praveen Swami.  Mohammed Javed Farooqui VII So true, Pen is mightier than sword .... corrupting the mind is more dangerous ... some will ignore the heading n come up with. Pravin swami never talks about Naxali terrrorism which is real n becoming deadly day by day.....may be it not spicy for our brothers who r busy in counting nairobi,mombassa,9-11 ignoring killings of our brothers by Naxali terrorist daily.!! Some will surprise over the fact that Al Qaeda is American creation....... may be they are unaware of world politics . Tariq(comment on MG website) VIII  "The Hindu" and Islamophilic is inseparable. Is this paid news? Selvaraj Munirasu(comment on MG website) IX The US and its allies have killed a much greater number of innocent people around the the world than that of the Al-Qaeda. No doubt Al-Qaeda is the brainchild of the US. It should not be forgotten that America is a big fish in the world of terrorism, while Al-Qaeda is a very small fish.    Md Hasibor Rahman (comment on MG website) XI Janab Zafarul-Islam Khan, with all respect to you, who do you think you are supporting? Al Qaeda? I mean, atleast, try to shield a bit of your unconditional Islamic love, especially when it is some butchers you are speaking about. The Al Qaeda has no existence? Is it so? And we are living on the moon, right? Nairobi, Mombassa, 9-11, 7-7, all this was done by the spaggheti monster right? I mean, please, sir, leave this ostrich attitude of yours. The TTP and Al Qaeda "inspired" groups are butchering your Muslim brothers, Shia, Sunni alike in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq , Africa (not to speak of their influenced people who have butchered Indians, well i mention this in brackets , since we are non-Muslims killed and hence not much of an issue for you). Pakistan has humanitarianly collapsed, thousands killed or maimed and all you say is "beware of Praveen Swami."  Has Praveen Swami killed in the thousands, has Praveen Swami asked for attacks on Muslims, has Praveen Swami detonated himself in a Muslim majority, and you do know the answer who is doing so. Zafarul sahab, for one moment, remove the ego from your mind and look at the world objectively, just for once. You will know. if you are an honest and a true human being, you will definitely know.     And one last thing:"Al-Qaeda is an American creation having no existence in the real world"  Is it? That means, logically, even Laden, its alleged head till a few days back, is also an American puppet and  and a western puppet/slave/instrument used as a means to villify Islam/Muslims/Middle East. Right? Ritesh Kumar  (comment on MG website) XII Praveen Swamin may well be leader of Indian Mujahideen. A.G. Komolmayum  (comment on MG website) XIII This MILLE GAZETTE seems to be mouthpiece of AL QAEDA,SIMI,IM,ISI & LET. Even for a moment we think the reports are preposterous, why is he so offended on behalf of AL QAEDA? Its better to be prepared than to be sorry. How can a post mortem report state that whether the BATLA HOUSE encounter was real or staged? Its job of arms mechanics experts. AIIMS made no such claim in any case! BATLA HOUSE has long history. Accused of RED FORT SHOOTING were found from same house. Why newspapers like MGare allowed to run which serve dual purpose of indoctrinating and providing venomous ideological fodder to misguided or fundamental Muslims. Because of groups like them, fundamentalism is taking roots in countries like India, Bangladesh and Indonesia. Ramulaswamy(comment on MG website) XIV THE HINDU as a newspaper has to sell for survival. Islamophobia is some thing which makes any one talking about it a sane, rational and patriotic person/instituton. News paper with such investigative and thoughtfull stories about the islamic terrosim, its roots and rise in India always will result in increased readership. What to do? Muslims have become a source of individual (encounters) / Institutional (News papers) and personal (politicians) progress. Anybody can use Muslims as a tool for their promotion be it a writer (Arun Shourie, Taslima Nasreen, Rushdie), cops (encounter) and politicans (Advanis) etc. Sameer (comment on MG website) XV Some people will go to any length to stay in power, selling genuine interests of the community is not a big thing for these opportunistic perosonlities. Meer Jaafar and Meer Saadiq are born in every in every community and it is an all-time phenomenon. Zafar Iqbal (comment on MG website)   Regulate Unregistered Yatri Influx This refers to the chaos created by the influx of unprecedented number of unregistered yatris who throng to the holy cave like anything thereby disturbing every system created by the administration. Yatra to the holy cave is not just a matter of tourism and gains from it, but a delicate and sacred exercise, therefore, such an unprecedented flow can cause disequilibrium in the arrangements as well which can make other pilgrims to suffer. Moreover, the environs of Pahalgam, Sonamarg, Baltal, etc, are highly sensitive and already get degraded during the yatra season. The prime concerns are environmental, administrative and social ramifications on the whole. The number of yatris needs to be restricted and unregistered flow must be seriously checked by the regulatory agencies. Yatra is not simply a travel to the cave but a reflection of our composite culture, a glimpse at our rich environs, the true presentation of the environmental and religious sanctity of our pilgrim sites, yatri movement needs to be systematic, with a limited and regulated influx of people to pilgrimage centers who are quite conscious of natural limits and religious binding. Visiting with out any discipline and sense of responsibility will hardly serve their purpose, especially talking of the  holy Amaranth cave, according to Hindu mythology, when lord Shiva accompanying Parvati came to narrate "Amar Katha" to Parvati at the Amarnath shrine he left his "Vahan"(vehicle) at Pahalgam,put off the moon decorating his head at Chandanwadi and left even the serpents round his neck at Sheeshnag and even left the five elements viz, Prithvi (earth), Jal (water), Waayu(air), Agni (fire)and Aakash (space), behind him at Panchterni, and marched only with his soul towards the cave. Because Shiva believed the Amarkatha, worthwhile to be narrated in the sacred environs alone. As for Shiva it is the highest spiritual journey and one has to give up every earthly support for it. How can pilgrims realize the absolute reality by using all the luxuries and helicopters when even Shiva himself had abandoned every thing with him before visiting the holy shrine? If it is turned to a market and people let to throng the place limitlessly, it will be violating the religious essence and sanctity of the place. On the other hand it is the boon of nature of Kashmir and must be preserved from defamming,pollution,etc.we are no doubt benefited by it economically but we should be contented with one golden egg daily and must not do any thing to get more and more and kill the hen. Therefore it is the duty of the government to limit the uncontrolled influx of pilgrims, to instruct pilgrims and warn the workers not to pollute the holy site and environs around. Also our Hindu brethren should take care of the sanitation of the area and should not harm the ecological and environment by polluting it. Syed Adfar Rashid Shah Jamia Millia Islamia-   Communalism and riots more danger than corruption It would be more impressive if senior social activist Shri Anna Hazare concentrate on communal violence bill rather than corruption. I am personally impressed with his anti corruption crusade. His views in Hindustan Times on 23 June “Corruption is a bigger threat than Pak,” may not be appreciated. Instead of corruption, communalism and communal riots are the bigger threats to India. A whole human civilisation is killed in communal violence, but in corruption none. In communal riots every thing is destroyed be it honour, chastity, wealth and of course most important precious human life. After 1947 uncountable communal riots took place in India. Even in Muslim dominated countries including Pakistan. I have not seen such a vast communal violence or majority attacked on minorities in connivance with police personnel and government machinery. It happens only in India. Communal violence and communal mentality is big threat to India than Pakistan. Because of communal riots country become weak by loss of public and private property. Zuber Ahmed Khan, Navi Mumbai-410210   Humane touch to India-Pak relation The emotional scenes witnessed at the Delhi Airport when the six Indian sailors of MV Suez met with their families after 10 months of captivity by Somali pirates speaks the volume of trauma suffered by them. The Pakistani human rights activist Ansar Burney, who arranged for the ransom money to get the release all the 22 sailors, deserves applaud. One hopes, the government of India honours him suitably in recognition of his noble act. It is also the time both India and Pakistan looked beyond confrontationist rhetoric and release dozens of prisoners languishing in their jails. Gopal Dass who was released recently by the Pakistan establishment as a goodwill gesture after he spent 27 years in a prison, had told that there are several Indian prisoners who are languishing in Pakistani prisons even after completing their jail terms. There is a similar harrowing list of Pakistani prisoners in the Indian jails. The UPA government should release the ailing and frail Pakistani prisoner Dr. Khalil Chishty on humanitarian grounds as no less than a Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju has appealed for his release. Can there be any stronger CBMs between the two nations than these acts of humanity?   Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)   Motherhood Islam is nurtured on a lap of a woman. Mothers educate the children. Our beloved Prophet once said, "Education begins on the lap of a mother and it should continued till one goes to his Kabr". Thus role of a mother is very important in Islam. Mothers are responsible for the future of Islam. They must get proper education to teach right things to their children. Mothers must have strong character to give birth to virtuous Muslims. Unfortunately, we have failed in educating women. Our women fill the stomach of their children but they cannot give food for souls. They cannot give satisfactory answers to the questions raised to them regarding their own religion and faith. It is time to rise and educate our women to have bright future because women are full of love and compassion, the qualities liked by Allah. We do not want our mothers to fail. Nazneen O.Saherwala, (Surat)   Gita lessons for M.P. schools Madhya Pradesh BJP government published books and dispatched to all government students of classes 1 to 10 in M.P. govt. school will be taught lessons from Gita from the current academic year. According to M.P. govt. official Gita saar is in curriculum. When question raised about saffronisation of education, the govt. official say that there were a proposal before government to incorporate teachings from holy books of other religions. Surya namashkar, yoga, recital of bande matram etc. are BJP and RSS agenda as well as in Bihar Ganga aarti, holiday on Sita navmi primary following footsteps of the RSS agenda. S. Haque, Patna   Wealth in temples and Dargah The psychology of donations to Gods and in the name of holy persons in Dargah indicates that the wealth should be sacrifice to please God. In order to attain peace and tranquillity one has to give alms in the name of God. It is the natural instinct found in human beings. They knows pretty well that God will not consume this wealth only the poor people will be benefited through some organization and so it is done. Majority of rich people are kind-hearted. They want to donate a particular percentage of their income but they should not be coerced or compelled to hand over by force. Islam has made an organized institute in the form of Zakat. Muslims are asked to donate the agricultural crop 1/10th from natural resources and 1/20th if by arrangement of water. In case of currency the Muslims have to pay 2.5 percent if it is kept as balance in banks etc.This total amount is distributed among the poor and needy persons. The government can appoint staff for this purpose. This collection and distribution is practised all over the year. The Holy Quran has mentioned 8 heads to distribute the zakat funds. The Holy Quran has mentioned it number of times along with prayer called Namaz. If the rich persons pay Zakat regularly there will arise confrontation between rich and poor. There will be any intervention by Maoists or Naxalites or communists. Due to the practice of payment of Zakat there are no such deadly outfits in Arab countries as we find in India Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad       Gujarat’s partisan law and order and state machinery There should be strict law for the public servants who are not obeying the orders of the higher officer. Reference to my letter of 16 May for Special Public Prosecutor Mr. Ujjaval Nikam, who refused to defend the Government of Maharashtra against Hindu terrorists Pragya Thakur and others. As a public prosecutor, he cannot refuse to defend Government in any matter whatsoever is the reason. Gujarat High Court constituted special investigation team (SIT) to probe the cold-blooded murder of 19 years old Mumbai college girl Ishrat Jahan. Satyapal Singh the Maharashtra cadre police officer refused to initiate the inquiry against the culprits of Gujarat for the cold-blooded murder of Ishrat Jahan and three others. Indian Judiciary should take strong action against the errant public servants refused to comply with the orders. Mr. Satyapal Singh is just throwing a spade in the working and showing excuse of not understanding Gujarati language, just to safeguard the real culprits police officers involved in the cold blooded murder. Earlier, Karnail Singh relinquished with his duties as a Chairman of SIT. Hindu terrorists Bajrang Dal, VHP and RSS along with state machinery in Gujarat are responsible for the obstacle in the probe, related to encounters of Muslims and Gujarat Muslims genocide 2002. RSS tried to convince former minister of state Gordhan Zadaphia not to testify against Modi before SIT news article published in The Times of India on 5 July. Gordhan Zadaphia is also a culprit of 2002 Muslim genocide, in which at least 3000 Muslims were killed and 300 Muslim women lost their chastity and gang raped by the members of Hindu fanatic groups RSS, Bajrang Dal and VHP. SIT has been appointed by Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, and which is working on the instance of Supreme Court. Restrict a witness to depose in front of court by any person or organisation raised several charges against that organisation or person. RSS has got no right to obstruct the Court's proceedings. Mr. Sanjeev Bhatt has demanded protection for him and his family from the goons and saffron terrorists of Gujarat. If an IPS, police officer is in need of protection after testimony against Gujarat government it means the Gujarat Government and saffron brigade is involved in miscarriage of justice. Involvement of state machinery along with saffron terror Bajrang Dal, RSS, and VHP may be quiz they might have threatened the police officers conducting the inquiry of encounters and Gujarat Muslims genocide. Zuber Ahmed Khan Navi Mumbai-410210