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Foul language When a person stands before Allah to perform Namaz, or he sits to do Tasbih and to do other pious activities, he creates beautiful environment around himself. This is spiritual environment with sweetness and peace. When a person speaks abusive language or foul language, he creates dirty surrounding which stinks. The dirty environment with abusive dust and waste stops Namaz or Tasbih from going up straight to the sky to the higher plane. Foul language creates hindrances. We cannot see the dirty spiritual environment with our ordinary physical eyes but a person who has gained higher spirituality can see the dirt. Abusive language has dirty strength in it. If a person wants his Namaz and Tasbih to go up to Allah he should cleanse the surrounding. There should be no dirt of foul language in that area. Foul language is in fashion today. Movies glamorize it and our youth does not feel ashamed of speaking it. It has spoiled the spiritual environment. One can say that clean and perfumed spiritual environment belongs to past. It is sad. Muslims must learn to speak sweet language to create peaceful atmosphere. There should be no foul language in the house and on the street. All the Muslims must work on it. One must speak pure language of love, compassion and respect because Allah is the most gracious most merciful. Such spiritual activities and awareness help our prayers to go up straight to the sky on higher plane. Nazneen O.Saherwala, Surat, Gujarat     PM, Judiciary under Lokpal There is a heated debate as to whether prime minister and the judiciary should come under the ambit of the proposed Lokpal bill. In the milieu, where we have seen a Prime Minister (Rajiv Gandhi) charged with bribery on a defence purchase deal and another Prime Minister (P.V.Narasimha Rao) accused of bribing a political head to win the trust vote in parliament, and most recently, the kin of a former Supreme Court chief justice (K.G.Balakrishnan) having been accused with accumulating wealth by misusing his official position, it is imperative in a democratic system, to place both prime minister and judiciary under the public scrutiny.  Syed Sultan Mohiddin Kadapa (A.P)     Non-courteous Nitish National Minority Commission visited Bhajanpur of Forbesganj, Bihar where police fired upon innocent Muslim gathered to oppose the century-old pathway the factory owned by BJP M.L.C.’s son killing 4 Muslims and police jumped upon dying Muslim youth on 3 June. NMC Chairman Wajahat Habibullah visited on 21 June and met the victims. He said he would be meeting C.M. Nitish Kumar before submitting the report and on 22 June NMC chairman was in Patna but C.M. Nitish Kumar did not called upon a courtesy call to Wajahat Habibullah.  S. Haque, Patna     BJP cautious on Lokpal Finally the BJP’s voice on the Lokpal Bill is now known. Much awaited and much delayed opinion of the BJP on the Lokpal bill has come in the form of Arun Jaitley statement in which he has made some very pertinent points. Sadly, the party, the largest in the opposition, reneged on its duty as the opinion maker in the Indian politics. With an excuse that it has not been invited or asked, it allowed itself to miss out on an opportunity to have positively influenced both the government and Anna team to bring about a draft bill generally acceptable not only to the government and Anna but also to other parties. Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz west, Mumbai 400054     Separate Telangana is in the making The Congress party in the centre is in state of anxiety as almost all the members of its own party ministers, MLAS MLCs and MPs have resigned on 4th July. It was done to exert pressure on the Centre to decide the fate of Telangana. This is the first time in the history of Indian politics that the centre is shaking and running from pillar to post. Now no force can stop this movement as all the political parties have come forward to achieve separate Telangana. It is high time for the centre to save their own party by conceding and honouring the sentiments of crores of hapless people of Telangana as soon as possible Mohammad Azam, Telangana   II It is learnt that the Telangana Congress and TDP leaders have decided to resign jointly. The resigning persons should not think that they would pressurize the UPA government. The centre can ask the chief minister to run the government amicably. The bureaucrats can run the administration more correctly than the ministers. The ministers MPs and MLAs make the process of development slow. They want their percentage in the development works as they have to give administrative sanctions for the works. After leaving their assignments they become ordinary persons. They will loose the position and no pressure can be created on the de-facto rulers of Delhi more over central government s’ object is more superior to a separate state of Telangana. If at all centre agrees it will divide the state in three small states, Telangana, Rayel Seema and Andhra. This is possible only when the people jointly demand separation is not a sacred cause. This helps the leaders more than the common people. People want development. Funds are needed for development. The leaders cannot pay funds only centre can afford to give funds. Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad        Nuclear That the NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group) has decided to adopt new guidelines on the transfer of sensitive nuclear technology has vindicated the Left’s warning–that the India-U.S civilian nuclear deal will be an albatross around India’s neck. Now the pertinent question is: what happens to all those commitments made by India with IAEA and the U.S in pursuit of the nuclear deal? For example, India has committed to place its civilian nuclear facilities under IAEA safeguards and continue unilateral moratorium on nuclear testing. The Hyde Act of the 123 agreement calls for annual certification by the U.S. President–that, India’s foreign policy is ‘congruent to that of the United States’. Already we have seen as how India abandoned its independent foreign policy when it voted against Iran at IAEA and scrapped the gas pipeline project with Iran. Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa, AP     Dismal performance of HRD ministry Under the Directive Principles of our Constitution, children from the age of 5 to fourteen are entitled to get free and compulsory education but even after 63 years of freedom it remains a distant dream. Despite the recent Right to Education Act. Education in India has become thriving industry as public schools are charging thousand of rupees after every three months from the parents and guardians of the students but the HRD Ministry is acting as helpless spectator and has failed to stop commercialization of education. In Delhi the capital of India there are a number of Govt. Primary schools which have no building of their own and they are intents and the ministry has done nothing in this regard. There is no tinge of democracy in Indian universities temples of highest education and Vice Chancellors are acting like despots are violating provisions of the University Act and statutes. Neither the UCGs which is supposed to be the controlling body over the Universities nor the HRD Ministry has failed to democratize universities and end the czardoms of Vice-chancellors over and above all this Universities have been infested with corruption. But the tainted and errant Vice-chancellors are still at the helm of affairs. The glaring example is that of the Muslim University is facing, a presidential enquiry on account of grave charges of financial bungling but he has not been asked to proceed of leave till the completion of enquiry. Not only is this he fully shielded by an important functionary of the HRD Ministry. The performance of the HRD Ministry is dismal and highly disappointing. Dr. Hashim Kidwai, Ex-MP, New Delhi-110091     Living Gandhi buried alive It is a crying shame that India has irrevocably abandoned Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma's living Gandhi, as she had come to be recognized. Manmohan Singh money-minded government did not consider her worth a visit by our foreign minister during his recent high level interaction with the civilian government The new civilian government, as is known, is neither genuinely civilian nor one democratically elected. This is not surprising. The response of our government to the release of Aung San Suu Kyi was also delayed and extremely lukewarm. In November 2010, she got freedom after spending 15 of the last 21 years. Surely India needs to help them in restoring democracy, civil liberties and freedom from human rights abuses. We knew this reconciliation meant Suu Kyi falling in line. A nation, like an individual, must have character, a set of beliefs, certain principles. Gandhi, Nehru and their contemporaries have left us a nation rich in these values. We are bartering them for dollars, pounds and pragmatism. Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054     Gulni anti-Muslim riots   Is the period of holi (12 March 90 where was planning to destroy peace, holi playing throwing muds and colour forced to intrude Muslim locality and it led fight killing five Muslims and injuring 10 innocents. After 21 years court delivered decision 10 persons guilty. But H.T. on28 June 2011 just published a brief news about Gulni riot Nawadah district of Bihar calling it carnage. S. Haque, Patna     The plight of Telangana The awful thing in this regard is central governments’ insensitive attitude towards the agitation. The government should clarify about the difficulty it is facing in solving the problem. It is the most chronic problem. It is lingering since last fifty years. More than 600 youths have sacrificed their lives for the cause of a separate Telangana. The government could not explain the importance of separation and the pros and cons of this goal. Now it seems that the Congress bosses have calculated the weight and gain of this political turmoil. They may visualize the losses going to occur. They are very far from the troubled area and sleeping the sound sleep. This attitude of the government will lead the protesters towards insurgency. Their mood of separation may change towards independent state. This time many casualties may occur. The railway track going towards south can be destabilized. The trains going to north and south may be stopped for some days. The RPF can fire on the agitators and the Naxalites may also try to participate in the agitation. Mr Ghulam Nabi Azad who is actually bonded cannot sooth the angry politicians of Telagana. What I suspect the bad days of the nation have started and it may break in small states and lawlessness will prevail. Therefore all the political parties or the parliament should call to pass the separate Telangana, Andhra and Rael seema to be passed immediately. The mute stand of the Congress bosses is nothing but anti national. Dr Maqdoomi Hyderabad     After aborting now sex change It refers to shocking news of now sex-change to turn girls into boys while till now aborting female-foeticide was common to disturb sex-ratio in want of boys. Legal provisions either to pre-determine sex or imposing restrictions can never practically change mindset of people in general. Need is to induce some guidelines which may practically make people think birth of girl child a boon rather than bane. Registration of properties in women names showed remarkable rise in Delhi after stamp-duty on such deals was subsidized for women. Union and state governments should take all possible measures for similar concessions like can be for reduction of VAT on items like vehicles registered in name of women. Interest-rates for home and other loans may be subsidized while on deposits it can be extra for women. Some fields like dentists and gynaecologists in medical-science should be exclusively for women or at least 75-perecent reservation for women. Females should have a sense of security by having automatic and instant rights in husbands ancestral and personal property but only for married life without divorce. Presently, girl-child is taken as unwanted burden because of increasing expenses in their marriages. India should follow Pakistan by allowing only soft drinks and simple beverages in marriage-related functions. Mega-budgeted marriages should not be attended by leaders on posts. Mega-expenses in marriage-related functions should be effectively checked by government by imposing taxes and other such practical steps. But all this can happen when women which are dominated section of society created by nature, are given 33-percent reservation in legislature in our presently male-dominated political system. Madhu Agarwal, Delhi-6     Wine–Mother of all evils Keeping the minimum age for consumption of liquor at 25 years is absurd and immoral. Wine is root of all evils. It has been destroying the physical, moral and social health of our society. Women and children suffer more due to this evil. After independence it was hoped that India would become free from the vice of drinking. Prohibition was made a part of freedom struggle. The Indian constitution too strengthened this idea. But the argument of financial loss was put forth and the policy of prohibition remained unimplemented. Constitution’s directive principal Art 47 recommends total prohibition in India. But the same article was violated when Instead of enforcing prohibition laws, state had started liquor business. Why the protagonists of common civil code are silent on the flagrant violation of Article 47? Why such double standards? G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (M.S.) –441904     Indian-American Muslim council demands CBI Inquiry IAMC wrote a letter to Bihar C.M. Nitish Kumar for CBI investigation into Forbesganj police firing upon innocent Muslims killing, including a pregnant lady and 10 month old child. IAMC said “with the sectarian background behind this incident only an impartial inquiry conducted by a central agency will have the credibility needed to probe a crime of this magnitude.”                S. Haque, Patna     It is raining crores The victory of team India in the cricket world cup after 28 years has added a golden chapter in the history of cricket. But one is dismayed at the huge cash prizes, allotment of houses and plots of lands to the members of the Indian team by various states. These rewards are unreasonable and unwarranted. The whole exercise has become a fierce game of one-upmanship. Our cricket players are the richest cricketers in the world beside the match fee, most of them are also in the lucrative business. Why then showering of money in corers on them. While players in other sports hockey, football, kabaddi, volleyball remain on pittance. A better way to commemorate this grand victory would have been to provide superior facilities to the youngsters to turn them into sports icon like Sachin, Dhoni, Zaheer Khan and Gambhir. Dr. Hashim Kidwai, Ex-MP New Delhi     Corruption Indians against corruption [IAC] is an impromptu group formed during the heat at Jantar Mantar is out to go to people on the streets of Mumbai to gather support for Anna's Lokpal bill. Their having vested interest reduces their credibility. Also they are going about with an open ballot in public places like railway and bus stations, going after Mumbaiwalas rushing to work. Most of them may just place their initials and ask the volunteers to fill in what suits them. The whole exercise is futile in addition of being unauthorized. If IAC volunteers, with the help of this opinion poll, hope to influence the MPs to vote for Anna bill, they are forgetting that there is something called party whip.  Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz west, Mumbai     India-Pakistan talks India and Pakistan talks have become a routine tamasha. The people of both the countries are disappointed the way talks usually go ahead. Our able external affairs minister or the secretary Nirupama Rao go to Pakistan and turn into his master’s voice. Their personal talents and ability become zero. They have to repeat the same words and sentences which our political bosses teach them and for the said matter repeated charge of terrorism is levelled against Pakistan. According to our foreign affairs secretary Miss Nirupama Rao continuation of talks with Pakistani is a well thought policy of the government. But this so called well thought policy has become rancid. India is a vast and large country but the present politicians have a peculiar mindset which is narrow and of myopic vision. They are harming the Indian Nation. If the same policy continued for some more years our vast country will split into peaces. US has caught the JUT of our politicians and making us to dance as per its will and pleasure. We feel utterly sorry to note the childish approach and a hotchpotch policy they are adopting in Muslim countries. Unless Pakistan and China becomes our good friends we will be fully exploited by US. Those who relish Dal Bhaji cannot understand the taste of mutton. Dr MaqdoomiHyderabad     Shame to Congress party leaders, their biased attitude... Can't country's top Muslim leaders resign en mass protesting such illegal occupation and encroachment of Muslim and Waqf properties. Leadership and courage should come from within the community to tackle their own pertinent issues which are quite possible under the sacred constitution of country. Govt. and the ruling party may not always be fair in its deal particularly towards Muslims' cause. Let us come forward and formulate our own financial planning and strategic policies based on immense Waqf and personal assets. Let good sense prevail amongst hundreds of so called elite and affluent Muslims of the country to solve total socio-economic problems of over 90 % of the poor Muslim community's core issues like health, education, employment and infrastructure development. CEO / Pramukh Sevak, Kannauj Action Plan Ismailpur (Gursahaiganj), Dist: Kannauj (UP) 209 722     Media is propaganda machine Mid Daycrime correspondent J. Dey was killed on 11 June since 11 June till 27 June media repeatedly blamed underworld and mafias of Muslim names and some of the media targeted Jihadi gr. or so-called Islamic terrorist groups. Medias propaganda continued to create environment against some community. It is like brain washing. Indian Express published (16th June) a report about a phone call from Muslim country that Indian Mujahideen eliminated J. Dey. But on 27th June police presented 7 Chota Rajan shoorters who were behind J. Dey murder. This is the character of our media, our P.M. rightly expressed worriesabout media character at print journalist meet on 29 June 2011.S. Haque, Patna