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JIH public convention discusses major issues of the Millat & Nation

"Save the Country from slavery, poverty and unrest" - JIH Public Convention

New Delhi: After the last minute withdrawal by the Delhi police Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) rally was converted into a public meeting held on Sunday at JIH headquarters at Jamia Nagar where speakers registered their protest and anger against the curb on basic human and democratic right violation by the Delhi police only for a VVIP.

JIH General Secretary, Nusrat Ali, said “We register our protest on curbing of our legal and democratic rights in this country only for a guest whose country is responsible for many problems of the world.

He said that we have to learn how to live self dependently and in a self-reliant way and the problem is not the problem of Muslims alone it is the problem of every section of this country

He questioned how America and Israel can help our country when they have destroyed Baghdad and Kabul. We are strengthening our relation with Israel which has changed an independent country Palestine into a jail. Israeli crimes against humanity are enough to believe that Israel is NOT our ally.

Criticizing government’s economic and social policies JIH secretary general said that the country had failed to show any progress on Human Development Index indicators but number of millionaires and billionaires is increasing. He also pointed to deteriorating law and order problem in the country where hundreds of Muslim youths had been illegally detained, tortured and encountered.

JIH Secretary general asked Indian Muslims and their leaders to voice all major problems in this country to show that Indian Muslims are not indifferent to the problems and are committed to contribute with their ideas. Jamat Islamic will strive all efforts to bring Muslim community with all.

Maulana Umri delivered the Presidential Address to a huge gathering of thousands, at which Muslims leaders from all sections and offices had gathered to launch their protest against the last minute withdrawal of the permission to organise a rally.

Maulana Umri, urged the nation and the leaders of the cross-sections of the country to, “Analyse the message of Islam and then turn it down if you feel its not the option or the alternative for a successful society”.

He exclaimed that, the concern and objective of the United States is to uplift their economy, for achieveing this goal they need to term somebody terrorist or bombard any nation. Calling attention to the Quran, Maulana Umri said, “The Quran says, O people, fear your Creator”. He urged the policy makers to take heed of the sufferings of the millions of this country and select the alternative to prevail law and justice in the society.

Expressing concern over the injustice to the youth with state terror, Janab Ali Secretary General, JIH, grieved “In the behest of terrorism, numerous youths are behind bars who after years are acquited with an apology, but what about their future? Who’s responsibility is it then? “We call upon the government to stop state terrorism due to which there’s unrest across spectrum in the society”, he emphasised. “Our concern is to provide equal opportunities and rights to the citizens of the country”, he reiterated.

Navaid Hamid, member of National Integration Council represented Muslim Majlise Mushawrat. He strongly condemned the arrests of innocent youth and demanded that investigating agencies must be made accountable.
He appreciated the political effort of JIH in Kerala and said the problems in democracy can be solved through active participation. He also demanded the prosecution of RSS cadre who are found guilty of spreading terrorism at par with the other criminals and terrorists.

Shabbir Ahmed Ansari, President All India OBC organisation “There are reservations for the Muslims but it’s the misfortune that we are unable to take the benefits of these reservations. The country is known for its reservations and positive discrimination policies”.

Zafarul-Islam Khan, editor of the Milli Gazette, called on the Muslim Ummah to fulfill its basic duties towards the society. He specially referred to the system of Zakaat urging that Zakaat should be implemented in a manner to be the alternative to eradicate poverty from the society.

“A lobby in the country is in support of the western lifestyle where the slogan is ‘eat, drink and be merry because tomorrow you will die”, exclaimed Prof. Ejaz Ahmed Aslam, Secretary, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) and Editor, Radiance Viewsweekly.

Maulana Mehmood Madni MP and leader of Jamiatul Ulema Hind also criticized the government policies and said we are going to lose more than gain from USA

He asked that Muslims must also come forward for the problems of others and expressed his willingness to lend his support in this cause.


The following are excerpts from the resolutions passed at the public convention on ‘Save Country from Poverty, Slavery, Unrest’ held by Jamaat-e Islami Hind at New Delhi on 7th Nov. 2010:

1. Poverty and Inflation:

This session of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) views with concern the growing inflation, unemployment and the unhealthy trends of economic policies. The country is heading towards growing economic disparity. The total wealth is increasing but the burden of progress is being born by the poor masses; they are not benefitted by the fruits of development.

Agriculture sector is being ignored and marginalized with only 17% investment. Farmers are being compelled towards suicide. This session demands that the government provide interest free loans to farmers. the JIH invites people towards the Islamic teaching regarding economy. By prohibiting interest, gambling, speculation and unfair economic practices, Islam presents an economic scheme which ensures justice for all and fair distribution with viable progress.

2. Corruption: 

The JIH session deplores growing corruption and malpractices in public life. There is a growing nexus between politicians, corrupt bureaucracy and the capitalists to exploit the public resources. Even cabinet ministers are believed to be involved in scams. To promote multinationals, the interests of local companies are often compromised.

In the media paid news is a new deplorable phenomenon. Corruption is now a well organized activity in which politicians and those in power freely participate. If various institutions in the country, thus gradually succumb to corruption, the whole structure of checks and balances would crumble, leading to complete anarchy.

This situation is caused, among other factors, by the atheistic world view which in particular has penetrated the system of education and public discourse. JIH is convinced that this serious issue may be addressed only by inculcating true belief in the Almighty, Creator and by developing in people the sense of accountability before Him.

3. Disruptive acts:

There have been, in the recent past a series of disruptive acts and bomb blasts in our country. The JIH session condemns such acts and regards them as a heinous crime against humanity. According to the Quran, unjust killing of even one human being is tantamount to killing of the whole of humanity.

The government and the media routinely respond to such disruptive acts by squarely blaming Muslims without any evidence. Muslim youths are indiscriminately arrested and imaginary Muslim sounding organizations are accused of terror. Now detailed investigations have revealed the role of Hindutva supported element in the blasts of Mecca Masjid, Ajmer, Goa and others. Events Kanpur and Nanded point towards a wide network of such elements.
JIH deplores the fact that even like this exposure of Hindutva inspired criminals, very large number of innocent Muslim youths are still behind, bars and baseless allegations and fabricated stories are still being used to harass and torture them.

The JIH session demands that real culprits behind disruptive acts should be identified. The innocent Muslim youth should be immediately released. All cases of police encounter should be probed into; the guilty officials should be brought to book who have so far protected the actual miscreants and have misguided the whole country and the public.

4. Foreign policy:

JIH deplores principled changes in the foreign policy of our country. Traditionally, Indian foreign policy of our country has focused on moral norms and promotion of justice on the global plane. Accordingly India has stood against imperialism, has supported the weak and exploited countries and fought to promote equality and fair play in the international arena.

India’s stand against racial discrimination in South Africa earned for it, widespread respect. The world has long regarded India as leader of the third world and champion of justice. But unfortunately, the traditional policy is now being changed. Under American pressure, we are supporting its unjust actions; values as well as our country’s independence are being compromised.

The JIH session notes with concern the growing ties with Israel. India is the largest market of its weapons. Trade with it has increased 25 times and there is growing dependence on Israel in intelligence sharing, security and defence. This is an ill omen for our independence and self-respect. We are ignoring the just cause of Palestine. Gandhiji’s support for this cause is well known. We are silent on the issue of Palestine’s freedom.

5. Right to Food:

JIH session demands that food be recognized as a basic right, as promised by government; by enacting proper legislation. This is a basic responsibility resting on the government but on the contrary the government is actually planning measures which may worsen the situation. JIH session notes with regret that the government has rejected the recommendations of National Advisory Committee, on the pretext of paucity of resources. This from a government which seems to have enough resources for Commonwealth games.

6. Muslim Educational Institutions:

JIH session demands that the government must affirm and declare in clear terms that Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Millia Islamia Delhi are Muslim minority educational institutions. It is amazing that on the one hand, the government talks about deprivation of Muslims in education and even makes some cosmetic promises to undertake remedial measures. But on the other hand , it is not prepared to acknowledge in clear terms that AMU and Jamia are Muslim minority institutions. The government’s attempt to hoodwink Muslims must be rejected. The JIH session demands that the government must honour the historical truth about AMU and Jamia. This session appeals to all enlightened sections of the public to support the just demands of Muslims.

7. Babri Masjid:

The JIH session regard, the judgment about Babri Masjid, delivered by Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court, as most unfortunate. Instead of honouring the requirements of justice and reliance on competent evidence, the court has relied on so called “AASTHA”. This is contrary to reason and rule of law. In this regard, this session endorses and supports the decision of the Muslim representative forum, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board. The board has decided to take this matter to the Supreme Court.

As regards the issue itself, this session reiterate the well known Islamic position that a mosque belongs to God. It cannot be sold or otherwise given away nor its character as a mosque may be altered for any reason, whatsoever. No compromise is possible in this respect.