Terror fiction being revived

As we predicted here earlier, Modi sarkar is now moving fast to revive the fiction of Islamic terrorism in India. We had predicted earlier that Modi & Doval are an ideal team to start a fresh campaign against the Muslim community in the name of terror. Doval brings with him tremendous experience in this field as a former head of IB while Modi draws from his long experience in fomenting riots in Gujarat, implicating Muslim youth in terror cases and liquidating them in umpteen fake encounters. With this, he achieved the almost total polarisation of Hindus and total marginalisation of the Muslims in his state and this is the “Gujarat Model” which Modi’s man Friday, Amit Shah, dreamt of exporting to the rest of the country. The shocking defeat of the BJP’s hate and polarisation model in Bihar has placed the party bosses on the horns of a dilemma. They realise that delivering development is impossible while the hate politics stands rejected by the electorate and there is no chance that the result of the forthcoming assembly elections in UP, West Bengal and Assam will be any different.

Now a third, also tried and tested, option comes in handy. Achieve polarisation by a wave of un-ending propaganda about “Muslim terror” and arrests of innocent Muslim youth in the name of fighting terror. This option was tried quite early by the Modi-Doval team after the Burdwan blast but failed miserably. Now Modi sarkar has latched on to the worldwide ISIS scare and will use it to fan hate by accusing the Muslim community of sympathising with ISIS although there is no evidence to prove this fiction which is being parroted by the loyal media day and night. First they said that four Muslim youth have joined ISIS (their families said they went to Iraq for jobs). Later, the number was raised to seven and then to 13. And now we hear that 150 Muslim youth in the south are “under surveillance” on suspicion of belonging to ISIS. Is it logical in the least that our security agencies, which specialise in kidnapping, arresting, implicating and encountering innocents, will sit idle when they know exactly the identities of 150 persons who harbour terror tendencies? I, for one, find this highly dubious just like the periodic fake alerts which our agencies have been circulating from time to time about an imminent attack here or there or that this leader or that festival will be the next target of terrorists. Past experience has shown these alerts to be cruel jokes perpetrated on gullible masses in order to keep them in awe and allow the government and the agencies to freely flout our basic rights and freedoms.

Mr. Modi’s new daily harping on terror has a secret agenda like his earlier ambiguous, double-meaning one-liners. When he speaks of terror, the media and his faithful followers get the hidden meaning: Islamic terror is on the gates or that Indian Muslim terrorists are ready to strike, while the real terror in India is perpetrated by the Hindutva terrorists of Bajrang Dal, Durga Vahini, VHP, Sanatan Sanstha, Abhinav Bharat, Ram Sene, Hindu Mahasabha, Shiv Sena, Arya Sena, Hindu Yuva Vahini, etc., etc. These terrorists enjoy a huge following, enough to raise an army and the result is the daily routine of riots, attacks on Muslims, Christians, Dalits and Adivasis. The Modi government has no guts to even take notice of these daily incidents. Likewise,it looked the other way when recently an influential Sikh conclave called for a “Sikh State” or when a memorial to the killers of Indira Gandhi was erected in a Delhi gurudwara last year.

In a rare admission of the naked truth, Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley told NDTV on 20 November in reply to a question about the failure of Modi government to act against the hate-mongers in his party: “Who will be left if we arrest them all?” With nothing to offer on the development front and the utter failure of the Gujarat hate model, Modi sarkar will fall on the terror-mongering model which Advani as Home Minister had employed so successfully.