BJP moves from Hindu-Muslim to Muslim-Muslim strife

Violence and pitting one community and group against another has been an essential ingredient of the BJP politics since its inception. Pre- and post-Babri demolition riots, Gujarat 2002 and Muzaffarnagar 2013 are only landmarks in this long march to capture Delhi over dead bodies. Any price is good enough for Sangh to grab power. Thousands of Muslims, hundreds of Christians and Hindus have paid with their lives to satiate BJP’s hunger for power at any cost. Justice is yet to be done in all these cases. Many Gujarat and Muzaffarnagar refugees are yet to go back to their homes and lands.

As assembly elections in a number of states approach, BJP and its allied organisations and goons are preparing for a fresh bout of the blood sports to polarise the voters on communal lines.

And now, BJP has decided to progress from Hindu-Muslim violence to Muslim-Muslim infighting. Its friends in Washington and Tel Aviv have convinced it to start a civil war among Muslims on the pattern running successfully in the Middle East. Modi government is pushing for a Barelwi-Deobandi strife in the name of fighting terror but in fact pitting Sufis against Deobandis/Wahabis. The fact is that all are against terror at home and abroad and condemned it in no uncertain terms. Modi government is spending crores of rupees on this obnoxious plan. After holding hundreds of smaller conferences across the country, a huge 4-day “Sufi International Conference” is being held in Delhi for this purpose in which hundreds of foreign delegates will participate and the Prime Minister himself is going to inaugurate it on 17 March.

This new activity, which is being coordinated by the government machinery and IB, has alarmed the Indian Muslim leadership which has cautioned the government against this mischievous plan to divide the Muslim community and pit brother against brother. Just as the President was wise enough to skip Sri Sri’s controversial festival, we hope the Prime Minister too will be wise enough to avoid this controversial conference.