BJP to build Ram Temple soon

It has come to our knowledge through a reliable source that the BJP-led Modi government will introduce a bill on Ram Mandir around next November. A draft is being prepared and other preparations are going on, on war footing. This confirms what the BJP leader Subramanian Swamy told India TV on 16 January this year that the construction of Ram Mandir will start next December and what the BJP MP, Sakshi Maharaj had said on 13 January that the Ram Mandi will be ready when we go to Lok Sabha polls in 2019. Trucks carrying material to be used to construct the mandir have been arriving in Ayodhya’ Keshavpuram from Rajasthan since early this year. It is not clear how the BJP government is going to surmount the Rajya Sabha hurdle since any Act has to be passed by both houses of Parliament. Modi government does not enjoy a majority in the Rajya Sabha and the situation is not going to change in the near future.

The Modi government may take the ordinance route to accomplish its plan or may use its failure in getting the Act passed by the Rajya Sabha to go to the voters in the next assembly elections to seek sympathy votes claiming that only the voters can change the current situation in the Rajya Sabha by voting for the BJP in the states assemblies election which in turn will change the composition of Rajya Sabha in due course.