Naked dance of barbarism in Bangladesh

The unconstitutional government of Sheikh Hasina Wajid in Bangadesh is hell-bent upon eliminating her political opponents with the help of law and judiciary of her country. The unconstitutionality of the present government is evident from the fact that during the parliamentary elections of 2014, the opposition parties had boycotted the elections owing to the illegal and draconian actions of Sheikh Hasina before the elections. Therefore, the election results became inconsequential. As a matter of fact, the country should have been handed over to the Chief Justice for some time and then only impartial elections should have been held. But, no such steps were taken.

What this constitutionally doubtful government did was to establish a dubious tribunal after the elections to eliminate her opponents. This has been condemned by the UNO and all the creditable human rights institutions across the world. It has been proved beyond doubt that the judges of this dubious tribunal are stooges of the present government, who work in collusion with the government in every matter. The lawyers of the accused were neither allowed to work independently, nor any foreign lawyer was permitted to appear before the tribunal. Moreover, the accused were not allowed to call witnesses of their choice. Shameful is also the fact that the Bangladesh government of Sheikh Mujibur-Rahman had already pardoned in 1974 all the crimes committed before the establishment of Bangladesh. Still more shameful for Hasina is the fact that those who have been accused were her political allies in the past. The naked barbarism being displayed by Sheikh Hasina is pushing the country towards anarchy and civil war which no real lover of one’s country can do. No words would suffice to condemn what is taking place in Bangladesh at the hands of an unrepresentative government and a sham tribunal.