Muslims need not worry about UCC: Prof. Mahmood

Prof. Tahir Mahmood, former Chairman of National Commission for Minorities and Member of Law Commission of India, has said that Law Commission, established in 1955, during the past 61 years, did not submit any report on Uniform Civil Code. Prof. Mahmood contradicted that the news that Justice Law Commission’s former head A.R. Laxmanan had submitted a report to the Government on the issue. Prof. Mahmood was member of Law Commission when Justice Laxmanan was its chairman. The commission had prepared two reports which were drafted by Prof. Mahmood and none of them was about Uniform Civil Code.

In situations where Government wants to avoid any controversial issues, it saves itself by referring the matter to a commission. Government of India has referred the issue pertaining to Uniform Civil Code to the Law Commission, keeping in mind political motives. Prof. Mahmood advised the Muslims of India not to worry about it.

He said in a statement emailed to MG on 7 July: “The story published on 2nd July in a section of the English media saying that the 18th Law Commission which was in office during 2007-09 had submitted two reports recommending enactment of a uniform civil code is inexact.  Both the  reports referred to in the story were wholly written by me as the only full-time member of the 18th Law Commission, besides the Chairman, and were adopted by it in toto. Neither of these dealt with the issue of a uniform civil code. This can be verified by referring to their texts available on the Commission’s website.”