Modi’s comparison with Israel insult to India as well as Army


Hailing the valour of the Indian Army, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the other day, “the world is talking about the bravery of the Indian Army following India’s surgical strikes against terror launch pads last month....

“Everyone is talking about our Army, we used to hear about similar feats of Israel. But now everyone knows Indian Army is no less,” he said while addressing a Parivartan Rally in the poll-bound state’s Mandi area on 18 October.

Hailing Israel and comparing it with the Indian army is an insult to the nation and its army which have always taken pride in fighting for the cause of justice. Even despite the fact that in recent years India has been one of the biggest buyers of Israel’s arms, India has always supported Palestine in its struggle against Israeli occupation of its lands. Whenever India is confronted with Pakistan, it always maintains that Kashmir is an integral part of India and Pakistan has wrongly occupied a part of Kashmir. How can then Indian Army’s valour be compared with that of Israel which is recognised all over the world with the exception of a few Western powers as a tyrant that has committed huge atrocities against the Palestinian people?

Does Modi think that Palestinians are terrorists and Palestine a land of terror the way he regards Pakistan as the Mother of Terrorism? Does he condone the killing of thousands of Palestinian men, women and children at the hands of Israelis? Does he recognise their occupation of Gaza and other Palestinian lands? Does he believe in the Greater Israel of Zionists? Has he started believing Zionism to be an ideology worth imitating? His Defence Minister said the other day that it was his training in RSS that gave him the courage to plan surgical strikes against the terrorist camps in Pakistan. Has Modi too learnt from RSS that if Islam is to be defeated, Zionism needs to be studied and followed? Has Israel become his role model country? Is he going to pursue the Israeli ways of brutalising people?

Prime Minster needs to clarify his position regarding Israel and Palestine. If he does not come up with a satisfactory clarification it will be taken as a paradigm shift in the policy of the country towards Israel and Palestine. Other political parties too will have to make their stand clear. Arab and Muslim World will be keenly watching the developments. Understandably the statement will be a huge blow to the sentiments of crores of Indian people who have been emotionally involved with the Palestinian struggle for justice.