Bomb blast & hidden hands

New Delhi/Jaipur: With the filing of the 806-page chargesheet in Ajmer Dargah blast, only five names have emerged out of the tip of the iceberg while several hidden hands still remain unexposed. The hue and cry raised by the RSS and BJP simply demonstrate their panic and frustration. Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari cited Sangh’s history since 1925 and asked it to do a little bit of soul searching. BJP’s Venkaiah Naidu came out with the discovery of 3D formula of the Congress government and predicted that the 4D outcome will be in the form of Congress defeat. Ashok Gehlot, the Rajasthan Chief Minister, feels that the former RSS chief Sudarshan’s diatribe reflected his bauklahat (rattled state of mind).

Pioneer finds holes in the ATS story. It claims that the manager of the Gujarati guest house, Aruna Jain, denied having made any statement to the ATS. It reminds that immediately after the explosion the ATS had made tall claims that HuJI was behind the attack and a madrasa teacher was nabbed in that connection. Accusing the Rajasthan ATS of over-enthusiasm, Pioneer wants us to believe that the cops went an extra mile to falsely implicate Indresh Kumar. It is pointed out that some hardliners (like Shyam Apte) did not want Indresh to approach Muslims and deviate from RSS policy. It has Rejected the contention that it was not Sunil Joshi who had booked the room in a false name (“Manoj Kumar”) but Indresh Kumar himself. It has hastened to point out that a person of his stature did not need a room because RSS activists stay in the office and nowhere else and even if he wanted to stay away from the office he could not use a false name because he was a well-known figure in Jaipur.

RSS’s so-called affection for the Muslims to form an affiliate organization i.e., Rashtriya Muslim Manch was a mask according to Tariq Anwar of Muradabad. It has been an age-old tradition that the Sangh keeps people duped in peace talks whenever it has a sinister design in mind. Even the Islamic Cultural Centre peace negotiations should be seen as a façade to woo some Muslims. His knowledge of the Qur’an endeared him to many. Waqf Chairman Salwat Khan had hosted a dinner in his honour. The loyalists of Rashtriya Muslim Manch may shout slogans to defend him. Either they are really ignorant or pretend to be so.

It will be worthwhile to review the march of events. It was in April 2004 during 12-year Simhastha fair that activists of Jai Vande Mataram and Abhinav Bharat met at Ujjain and decided to carry out blasts at Muslim crowds (religious places) to avenge Akshardham and other attacks on Hindu establishments. A meeting at Jaipur on 31 October 2005 was guided and blessed by Indresh Kumar who assigned the volunteers different tasks. A Shabri Kumbh was organised in Gujarat, Dangs areas, where Swami Aseemanand (Jatin Chatterjee) had been working among the tribals (11-13 Feb. 2006). The first successful operation was carried out at Malegaon on 8 September, 2006 which resulted in the death of 37 persons and injuring 125. Encouraged by their performance, the Samjhauta Express operation was successfully carried out on 19 February 2007 taking a toll of 60 Pakistani passengers. Assemanand not only provided them training in making bombs but also provided the much needed asylum after the blasts. After some meetings in Jharkhand and West Bengal a meeting was held in the RSS office at Mihimaj in March 2007. Immediately after this occurred Makkah Masjid (Hyderabad) blast on 18 May 2007. This was followed by the 31 October blast at Ajmer for which Lokesh Sharma had done recce. The Jai Vande Mataram and Abhinav Bharat activists comprising Sadhvi Pragya Sinh, Sunil Joshi, Sandeep Dange, Ramji Kalsangra, Devendra Gupta, Lokesh Sharma, Dhakad and Samandar visited Ujjain again and performed the last rites of those who were killed in the attacks (may be their own volunteers or others). Devendra Gupta was nabbed on 26 April, 2010 at Ajmer, Chandra Shekhar was arrested from Madhya Pradesh on 1 May 2010 and Lokesh Sharma was nabbed on 14 May this year.

The three accused wanted bail on the ground that the chargesheet was not submitted within 90 days. Rejecting their pleas, Justice PK Agarwal of District and Sessions Court fixed 2 November, 2010 as the date for hearing. On page 23 of Sunil’s diary occurs the name of Ram Madhav, the RSS spokesperson, alongwith his telephone number 9811567067 and office number 0145-2420706. Another name that figures in his diary is of Yogi Adityanath, former MP from Gorakhpur.

At the moment the Rajasthan ATS is working in co-operation with ATSs of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh and the CBI is also conducting its own enquiry. In addition to Ramji Kalsangra and Sandeep Dange who are absconding, the most important accused Aseemanand (Jatin Chatterjee) and Dr. Dev Haridwar are also being hotly pursued.

The Madhya Pradesh police has revived the file of Sunil Joshi’s murder which had been under the wraps for long (for obvious reasons). In the wake of the present exposure, Ram Madhav did not attend a programme at Lucknow scheduled on 24 October.

The chargesheet has also boomranged on Maulana Mahmood Madni, the RS MP, for his participation in the meting at the New Delhi Islamic Cultural Centre. He is accused of toeing to the RSS line of a peaceful solution of the Babri issue.

On 28 October, Shantilal Dhariwal, Rajasthan home minister, hinted that in addition to Indresh Kumar, a few more names are under the scanner. The investigating agency will decide its own schedule when and where to question them. Investigation agencies are processing the call details of the period to find out the frequency and exact timings of conversaions between Sunil Joshi and Indresh Kumar. Indresh Kumar, on the other hand, refused to be questioned by the ATS on the ground that since the chargesheet has already been filed he would face the court. Declaring the action as “vindicative and political,” “unscrupulous and sinsister conspiracies” with “mala fide intentions” to malign the Sangh, BJP and RSS are upset over equating it with banned SIMI which is “anti-national” whereas RSS boasts of its patriotism.

It will be worthwhile to see how much Muslims suffered during these trails of destruction in the last five years. In addition to the loss of lives, hundreds of Musilm youths were falsely implicated and lodged in jails to suffer inhuman atrocities to be released later because of lack of evidence while the real culprits not only roamed free but also planned their next operation smiling over their triumphant escape.

The first Malegaon blast (2006) led to the arrests of Salman Farsi, Farouk Abdullah Makhdoom, Rais Ahmad Nurul Huda and Shamsul Huda, Shabbir Bidiwala. In the Samjhauta Express case, Azmat Ali was arrested while the Makkah Mosque blast made 80 to suffer arrest and torture out of which Ibrahim Junaid, Shuaib Jagiradar, Imran Khan, Muhammad Abdul Hakeem were later released. The Ajmer Dargah blast led to the arrest of Abdul Hafiz Shamim Khashirullah and Imran Ali. After the Thane blast, the network got exposed with the arrest of Ramesh Hanumant Gadkhari and Mangesh Dinkar Nikam. The second blast at Malegaon led to the arrest of Pragya Sinh, Shrikant Purohit and Dayanand Pande. Devendra Gupta, Chandra Shekhar and Lokesh Sharma could be arrested only after the Ajmer blast. Sandeep Dange, Ramji, Aseemanand and Dr. Dev Haridwar are still at large.