Train blasts case: ATS story flops

Mumbai: The investigation agency suffered a set back when during a court hearing a key witness turned hostile. The witness did not corroborate the police version and hence prosecution asked the court to declare the person hostile.

Jamiat ulama-e-Hind (Maharashtra) is defending a few accused persons in the blast case. Its advocate Khan Abdul Wahab told Inquilab that the police had claimed to have recovered chemicals at Sabu Siddique Hospital in South Mumbai from the lockers of Dr. Tanveer i.e., Astium (?) Hydrogen Peroxide, Sodium Chloride (common table salt). According to police these chemicals were seized in the presence of the witness. Whereas the witness stated that when the police had arrived at the hospital she was busy in treatment of a patient and she did not know whether the chemicals were seized from Dr. Tanveer’s locker or not. Police had simply shown her a few bottles which, according to police, were recovered from the locker. Her statement was recorded a few days after the raid. She further added that the said chemicals are quite commonly used in any hospital and are easily available. She apprised the MACOCA judge that one day prior to reporting in the court for hearing the police had telephonically briefed her about what was to be said in the court. Prosecution counsel requested the court to declare the witness hostile which the judge accepted. Statement of another witness, the owner of Meera Road house from which the explosive (?) was seized has also been recorded.