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My name is M. Omar Sheriff and I am from Coimbatore. I used to read many magazines and newspapers which are available. I am especially interested in Islamic and Dalit news. To be frank, I am very sorry to say that i haven’t seen a single issue of Milli Gazette in our city due my previous news hunt. A pleasent news is that I got an issue of MG from Mangalore and I am very much surprised to see a bulk of mind blowing news in it. So, immedietely I want to be an MG reader as well as taking it to other brothers, including non-Muslims without wasting any precious time. Either please let me know who is the distributor for Coimbatore or help me in finding a way to give knowledge through MG to he society. M.Omar Sheriff II Allah Aap Ko Barkath Dey, Aur Aap key Kam meyn Madad farmaye. Aamin. Muhammed Ishaq Shabandri Bhatkal, Karnataka   Modi worship “Is Modi-appreciation a barometer for liberalism-modernism of Indian Muslims?” Arfa Khanum, New Delhi   Interest lying unclaimed Apropos of “Interest Lying Unclaimed” by NA Ansari (MG 16-31 July), every successive Muslim generation is faced with the challenge of giving new dimensions and a fresh economic meaning to this term( interest) which, for want of better word, may be rendered as usury. So the pressing question: Are Muslim scholars dynamic in reinterpreting the concept of interest in order to find solutions to the problems arising in the modern contemporary world of advanced monetary economics? More knowledgeable Alims who have been well trained in both Islamic jurisprudence and in economics should come forward and try hard to intellectualize the banking and insurance issues of the minority Muslims of India. Please bear in mind that Indian Muslims are not governed by Wilayat-al-fiqih, but are governed by compromising secular laws; hence we cannot apply Islamic jurisprudence in their finest details in absolute terms. Why we make an illogical ruling on insurance or buying homes on mortgage and similar interest based contractual financial transactions, and put the Indian Muslims at a very big economic disadvantage when their standard of living and per-capita income are several degrees far below the national average of the majority community. So my assertion is that, until we are ready to set up clean and excellent financial institutions (Shariyah friendly),comparable to that of Singapore and Hong Kong based ones run by non-Muslims, there is no meaning in making a firm stand preventing Indian Muslims receiving interest from their bank deposits. P.A.Mohamed Ameen(via email)   HRD ministry and probe in AMU I have read the letter of Dr. Hashim Kidwai, ex-M.P. captioned “Dismal performance of HRD Ministry”(MG; 16-31 JULY 2011) with rapt attention. Assessment of Dr.Kidwai is apt and correct in regard to performance of HRD Ministry led by Mr. Kapil Sibal. The way HRD Ministry is shielding AMU Vice-Chancellor, despite ongoing inquiry into allegations of misappropriation of university funds, is deplorable. Mr.Sibal himself is responsible for protecting a VC facing serious corruption charges. The conduct of Mr. Sibal will jeopardise the prospects of Congress in forthcoming UP elections if not checked by Smt. Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister at the earliest. AMU VC must be asked to go on leave during inquiry if Congress really stands against corruption Syed Khurshid Anwar, Allahabad   Vastanvi victim of internal politics Ultimately, Mr.Ghulam Mohammed Vastanvi, an influential religious leader of Deobandi Sect has been removed from the Vice Chancellership of Deoband Darul Uloom, UP. As a seasoned person, Mr. Vastanvi should have not have made any comments for Modi or for the development of Gujarat state under the present dispensation. Development is a continuous process. Certain Muslim business communities such as Dawodi Bohras, Khojas, Memons and few other small communities were financially sound for more than two hundred years. These communities have not developed overnight or in other words I can say that they have not developed under the present regime of Gujarat. So, the present ruler of the Gujarat state (whose name I would not like to mention because of my strong aversion to him) cannot take the credit for the development of Gujarat. So, anybody who praises the present regime should be condemned in the strongest possible terms and punished or penalised severely so that nobody can dare to speak in favour of anti-Muslim elements in future. I congratulate the Governing Body of Darul Ulooom Deoband for showing the place to Mr. Vastanvi, where he deserves. As a Gujarati Muslim, I feel ashamed when someone from Gujarat makes anti-Muslim statements Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot, Gujarat   Accused without any evidence Sometimes ago an article under the caption ‘Accused without any evidence’ had been published in the Hindu. It was a mirror that really reflected feelings of Indian Muslims with their experience at the cruel hands of highly biased Law-enforcing agencies. If any bomb blast occurs anywhere in the country, police considers that it is work of Muslims. Because of highly deplorable inhuman atrocities of Police, Muslims have lost faith in the police. Detention and arrest of Muslims in terrorist activities has become a natural course of action. Police tries to justify it by hook and crook. It is really heartbreaking to see Muslims suffering at the hands of Police. Innocent Muslims youth are victimized by police on charges of being involved in terrorist acts. In fact the perception of police is that most of the Muslims are hardliners. Unfortunately, most of media and TV channels take a cue from the inefficient and highly biased police. Police has made the habit to prey on Muslims while it has failed to find the real culprit. The Hindu deserves praise for highlighting the plight of Muslims and for providing dilution in the otherwise overcast for Muslims in India. The act of terrorism overt and covert does not necessary meant to be seen through) tainted-glass of FIR against suspects. It is highly regrettable that Muslims are presented as “terrorists”. DR. M.H. Kidwai, ex-MP, New Delhi   Muslim news group I have been running a Muslim news group for last 3 years. Name of this group was selected taking inspiration from your previous magazine MUSLIM INDIA. It is the biggest news SMS group of Indian Muslims. This group is running through I send news in Urdu (Roman script) with a view to spreading awareness among common Muslims as most of them do not know English. Anyone can join this group. To join this group write SMS in your mobile, ON MUSLIMINDIA and send to 9870807070, leaving one space after ON. (Molvi) Iqbal Husen, Godhra   Importance of Islamic finance It is astonishing to realize how far and fast Islamic finance has come and how well it has managed to meet the challenges it faced in just two decades. It was not possible to implement the idea of Islamic banking before 1983.During the eighties Iran, Pakistan and Sudan declared that they would adopt a system of Islamic banking and finance. The challenge was to show that such a system was first theoretically and analytically a viable financial system; second, it had to be shown that such a system was empirically workable as a whole and financially viable for each of its parts, meaning Islamic banks and financial institutions. The Islamic financial industry has held itself back and not fulfilled its true potential, partly due to its relative infancy on the international stage and the different flavours and perspectives applied across the various regions. However, we are now witnessing the next stage in the evolution of the industry where greater interaction and discussions are bringing all global players towards a common ground. This will help the industry achieve the next quantum leap and will allow us to take advantage of strategic opportunities arising in emerging and developed economies. Islamic banking is no longer a novel experiment. When the concept of Islamic banking with its ethical values was propagated financial circles the world over treated it as a dream. There are considerable disagreements among scholars as to which institutions and instruments are religiously acceptable. Nazneen O.Saherwala (Surat, India).   Ishrat fake encounter and HC worry News appeared on 15 July that Gujarat HC is in deep worry as six witnesses have turned hostile. This is not a matter of worries if witnesses turn hostile, book them under different I.P.C. rule. Few months earlier SC has also announced stringent actions for hostile witness. HC Ahmadabad appointed J.V. Ramadu (I.P.S.) head of SIT to probe Ishrat Jahan fake encounter on 15 July 2011 but on the very next day Ramadu refused to accept the assignment entrusted by HC on health ground. Now court will be in deep worries to search “Man of Integrity” as “Chief of SIT” so that justice is achieved. S. Haque, Patna   Mumbai blast is a maniac act It is very much clear that the three blasts were done by Hindu communal elements to blame Muslims. In Mumbai they have support of police and bureaucrats. Now it has become their faith to blame Muslims and Pakistan. They think this is the way to safeguard Hinduism. But the people of Mumbai the business doing Hindus and Muslims are closely related. They will neglect soon and lead their normal life. They don’t believe in communalism. They think Muslims are asset to the country not liability. The culprits are influential therefore they can not be caught and punished. They are not safeguarding Hinduism but deteriorating it  Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad II Another Bomb blast in Mumbai, despite all intelligence and efficient machinery, the city is being targeted time and again raising question marks before the state function and governance. Mumbai which happens to be the economical hub of India is being targeted once again cornering the security systems. Such acts of terror is nothing but a criminal and coward act by anti social and anti human elements who thrive in the name of eliminating human race just for their own vested interest. The most ironical part is our police or intelligence of the state machinery though would be seen active for a while and again return to their deep slumber by releasing some sketches and some hypothetical statements, however, the real culprits behind these heinous acts would be still untouched till they plan and implement another bomb blast. How long this would trail, its time now the sate machinery rise up and nip the bud on the real perpetrators rather firing the target in dark. Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur - 440013 III The beastly Mumbai terror strikd the gun yet again, blaming certain organizations as the probable perpetrators, even before the Home Ministry issuee on the 13th July is condemnable in the strongest words. The law enforcement machinery should not leave any stone unturned in bringing the cowards behind it to justice. However, some sections of the electronic media have jumped any statement on the subject. The media should show restraint and never resort to sensationalise a tragedy – as this could only distract the investigations. On many a case in the past, the needle of suspicion was wrongly pointed. The terrorists cannot be ascribed to any religion, as no religion permits the use of terror as the means of achieving a purpose.    Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P) IV Within ten minutes of the serial bomb blasts in Mumbai that claimed more than eighteen lives and injured close to hundred, Indian Media, heavily obsessed with majoritarianism, even before investigation agencies reached any conclusion, started blaming IM. No Indian Muslim, unlike their Hindu brethren, can afford to have any sympathy towards terrorists. When late Hemant Karkare, taking on the might of the Indian System and going against the set norms, unearthed the ‘Real Face of Terrorism in India’, not only his credibility was taken to task but surprisingly, a senior politician like L. K. Advani went to the extent of approaching the PM to consider the case of Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur Sharma ‘favourably’. Was it not audacious enough and a mockery of the law on the part of majoritarianists to shower thousands of flowers on Lt. Col. Purohit Prasad, prime accused in Malegaon blast, when the latter was brought to the Nasik Court. Recently NIA, not only filed chargesheet against Hindu Terrorists in Samjhouta bomb blast, apparently international terrorism, but shared the inputs with Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry. In all the bomb blasts that took place during 2006-08 Indian Media unequivocally blamed IM, supposed to be a figment of imagination and a non-existing organization and conveniently ignored the role of their ‘Co-Religionists’. But the TRUTH, the toughest survivor, ultimately came out and came out with bang. And so the truth of Mumbai blast, despite Media’s reluctance and denial, will eventually come out. Mushtaque Madni, Pune (via email) V Really shocking news came of 13th July about terror attack on Mumbai. At least 18 innocent people killed and nearly 200 injured. 13 July in birthday of Kasab who is a terrorist attacked Mumbai. He is foreign terror module. A debate started when Chidambaram said it was not intelligence failure. It is certainly intelligence failure. Our intelligence agencies are very ineffective and habitual failed agency. Our country’s intelligence always failed that is why more than 37000 anti Muslims riots took place. Intelligence Agency could not cautioned country about anti Muslim riot during Babri Masjid demolition, or anti Muslim riots the intelligence agencies failure did not disturbed our country system why? Incessant intelligence failure during riots made Intelligence Agencies habitual ineffective. S. Haque, Patna VI Why suspect only Indian Mujahideen and why not RSS, Sangh Pariver who were involved in recent blasts all over India. Malegaon-Sadhvi, Mecca Masjid-Swami Aseemanand, Margao Diwali eve blast- Sanathan Sanstha (To tarnish the Muslim Image). Nanded Blast - Sangh Parivar, Ajmer blast-Sangh Parivar, Then why not suspect Hindutva terrorist organisations. Why only Indian Mujahideen? Does Indian Mujahideen really exits or created by Media and Fascist (Terror) Organisanitions like RSS, Sangh Parivar Umran Khan