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Expectation from the new law minister A newly married man is arrested on suspicion of a crime before he has the time to father a baby. He is languishing in jail for more than five years. His wife is denied motherhood. He is an undertrial and his trial is not scheduled any time within next one year. He is one of the lakhs in Indian jails. According to a former Chief Justice of India sixty per cent of the arrests made in India are needless. Seventy per cent of our jail population consists of under trials, who may be innocent. Many of them have spent more years in jail than the quantum of sentence for the crime for which they are in jail. It is great injustice and gross violation of human rights. The former law minister Veerappa Moily had embarked on elimination of backlog in court cases and a large-scale granting of bail. He was inexplicably shifted to another ministry. His successor should pick up the project with equal enthusiasm. Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz west, Mumbai 400054     Oslo massacres bear the imprint of Hindutva nationalism Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik’s right wing Islamophobic manifesto and Hindutva nationalism have to be clubbed together with Al Qaeda’s doctrines as three hate-based supremacist ideologies. In this connection, let me mention that Israeli websites and Hindunet have had lengthy discussions on Ghazwa-e-Hind, an alleged Hadith forecasting Muslim conquest of India and establishment of Muslim rule all over India. This must be very offensive and threatening to our Hindu brothers. I do not see any prominent Muslim voices denouncing this foul thesis. Muslim leaders and Muslim media must reject such an obscurantist and obnoxious hypothesis and declare it as false. If any Pakistanis enunciate such a dogma, they must be condemned. Ghulam Mohiyuddin, New York 12804 USA (via email)   II As an ordinary Muslim, who became accustomed to the hate rhetoric–’Islamophobia’, ‘Islamist terrorism’ and ‘Islamic fundamentalism’–I shudder to imagine, as to how the global media and the world leaders would have construed the terror in Norway–had Anders Breivik stopped his act just by exploding the government buildings – and not continued the havoc by spraying bullets on civilians after a few hours. Some big Western media houses had jumped to the conclusion within minutes after the bomb explosions in Oslo that–Ansar al-Jihad al-Alami, a new Islamic terrorist organization is a prime suspect. The lesson which we Indians should learn from the Norway terror attack is–we should stop seeing terrorism only through the prism of Islam, Hinduism or Sikhism et al. S.Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa     Condolence of Dr Faridi I condole the demise of Dr Fazlur Rahman Faridi Saheb one of the most able and genius man of millat–e-Islamia. His services as Islamic and economic scholar will benefit the cause of enforcement of Islamic laws in Muslim and non Muslim countries of the world. They will bring him great reward in the life hereafter. He was also a great ideologue of JIH and was found ever ready to give the satisfactory replies of all pertinent queries about Islam and Jamaat. Allah may place his soul in heaven. Dr AH Maqdoomi, Gulbarga     Salute to NHRC The NHRC issued notice to Bihar government seeking a report within four weeks regarding Panchayat decision to set free rapist by just imposing Rs. 1 lakh fine. The NHRC took congnizance on media report in which village panchayat decided to hush up a case of gang rape by asking them merely pay Rs. 1 lakh fine. NHRC asked D.G.P. to fine detailed report. The panchayat forced to victim to seek talaaq from her husband. The NHRC has set example for minority commission. S. Haque, Patna     Let there be a stable government The reshuffle of the cabinet on 12th of July 2011 highlights the uncertainty of the stability of a coalition government. The coalition government cannot function with any efficiency if it has to be constantly concerned about its own survival. The prime minister who is answerable to the nation on all matters of governance and on behalf of all ministers has a ready alibi, “coalition compulsion”. Since coalition governments are unavoidable in our multi-party democracy an antidote to this noxious state of affairs is necessary. There should be a solemn agreement among all political parties forming a coalition government which may have the following clauses. 1. The leader of the largest party places on the president’s table a written pledge of all the supporting parties while staking a claim to form the government. More often than not, the President has asked the leader of the largest party to first form the government and then show the majority on the floor of the house. There is history of one central government falling before even facing the house while yet another had a life of thirteen days. Such situations have to be avoided. 2. The Common Minimum Programme of the coalition, the basic frame-work of the cabinet formation, the proportional representation of the partners and all such contentious issues should be thrashed out before the smaller parties pledge their support. 3. At this very stage the largest party wanting to form the government with the help of other parties will deem to have “paid the price” of the support. This way the coalition government formed at the beginning of the term will survive its entire term. No coalition partner would blackmail the government into submission to their will. Once all the parties know that they have no sword to dangle on the government’s head they would be focussed on their accountability to their own constituencies. The prime minister will not have an alibi of “coalition compulsion”, which has been heard all too often lately. Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054     World Food program According to UNO World Food program reports East Africa is passing through worst drought of its history. Five countries are worst affected and more than ten million people are urgent need of food and water. Drought considers worst in last sixty years due to lack of rains and water people have lost everything and now migrating to other countries. Somalia and Kenya are worst affected from recent drought and things are going bad to worse every day. Four hundred thousand people have already migrated from Somalia to Kenya and now living in camps without any necessities of lives. Due to worst peace situation and continues fighting between government and Alshabab fighters aid agencies are not able to reach and provide and help to drought affected people specially in Somalia. Women and children are worst affected from recent drought and every one child out of five is facing risk of malnutrition and death. Some people walked four hundred kilometres for search of food and water. According to UNO World Food program after worst drought of sixty years world response is very slow and things are going bad to worse every day due to lack of funds and worst peace situation aid agencies are not able to reach drought affected areas. World modern countries, UNO, G8 are still sitting silent and doing nothing to bring any relief to dyeing humanity. UNO Security Council is shedding crocodile tears for US and French embassies that were attacked in Syria but doing nothing to provide any relief or aid package to ten million drought affected people in Africa which is very unfortunate. Khawaja Umer Farooq, Jeddah 21472     Cabinet reshuffle The new reshuffle must not prove eyewash or merely a defensive step against myriad of public and opposition woes. PM’s new team has to deliver amidst opposition’s labels like ‘old wine in new bottles. loyalists have been rewarded, laggards go unpunished, etc, therefore it must not be altering deadwood and change of few people but the birth of a new ideology, daring and energy to look into public friendly issues, overthrow the tainted, handle alarming corruption, probe scandals and other human issues. The job may be tough but not impossible and just reshuffle is not enough but drawing a fresh framework to tackle major issues is the need of the hour. Adfar Shah, New Delhi-25   II In the recent Cabinet reshuffle, with the top four ministers holding key portfolios left untouched and the pound of flesh yet again offered to the coalition partners on a platter, Dr.Manmohan Singh has proved the maxim that he “never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity”. One hoped that, this time round, when the UPA government is battered with a series of scams, the prime minister would overhaul the image of his administration, by bringing in talented and fresher faces into his cabinet. Contrary to this, Dr.Singh has proved to be a week-kneed politician who wanted to play it safe, rather than the one, who dared to take the bull by the horns. Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa     Who is the head in the UPA? Time and again the UPA government face this questions as to who is the real head of India, has the UPA chair person- Sonia Gandhi become an extra-constitutional authority with a remote control of India. However, in a recent interaction on June 30 with the media Manmohan Singh send a message loud and clear. He asserted that he is not helpless and is not a lame duck. But despite all his remark there still goes a signal loud and clear that Mrs. Gandhi has proved herself to head the UPA govt and that the Prime Minister having a clean image has become nothing but a puppet in her hand. Also, it’s seen that other calibered ministers and party workers like Mani Shankar Ayyar and Shashi Tharoor are getting sidelined despite having all their skill sets just because they do not belong to Gandhi clan. Therefore, it’s high time now when the Congress party gets rid of the cult of Gandhi family, and prefers performing rather than getting into the trap of dynasty politics. Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur – 440013     Creating a room for suspicion and distrust Amar Singh’s questioning by Delhi Police could hardly raise one’s eyebrows, as the country has witnessed a series of such developments in the recent past. Custodians of democracy have left it in lurch. Public exchequer has been repeatedly used and misused by them. The developments are more troubling because it diverts government’s attention from issues which need more attention. Such leaders are not only inviting fresh troubles for themselves but also creating a room for people to view the other naïve leaders with the prism of suspicion and distrust. Shafaque Alam, New Delhi-25     ‘Food Security Bill’ The draft of the proposed ‘Food Security Bill’ has exposed the UPA government’s half-hearted efforts to address poverty and hunger. Far from achieving the idea of universal-PDS, the measures suggested in the bill, like capping the number of BPL beneficiaries, almost excluding APL households, shifting from the present PDS system of 35-kg food grains per household to individual-based 7-kg per person, shifting the onus of implementing the PDS totally on the States and espousing a new system of cash payment in lieu of food entitlements, would further weaken the existing Public Distribution System. Similar to the Right to Education Act which has so far proved to be a failure the Food Security bill would be a mere eyewash unless all the World Bank prescriptions in the bill are spurned. Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P.)   Lokpal Anna Hazare must be made to understand by its highly educated team that the UPA 2 has gone out on a limb to accommodate Anna Hazare. Much under duress the government adopted an extremely bad precedent in agreeing to take on board five “nominees” of a single person on an extremely important law-making committee of ten. In itself it is a highly unconstitutional action. Perhaps the only reason the BJP did not haul the UPA over the coals was that in the political weather of May/June 2011 it was not expedient for it to do so, what with India Against Corruption et cetera. Such participation by an extra-constitutional individual or a group in the law-making process is likely to be repeated in future and the next time it may not be for the noble purpose of fighting corruption. Also the government has agreed to table two versions of certain clauses of the bill on which it differed from Anna’s for the parliamentarians to debate on. Anna has accepted the supremacy of the parliament and he should place faith in people’s representatives and let the democracy take its course. He should not expect any stay from the Supreme Court on the government doing its duty in the event he undertakes the fast and the government anticipates a law and order problem. Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz west, Mumbai 400054   Police investigation death of Usmani Faiz Usmani milk trader was picked by ATS and within 3 hours he was hospitalised and within few hours Faiz was declared dead. With the Faiz death news media explained police denied any torture, hospital authority said there was no external marks on the Faiz body and P.M. report revealed that it is natural death. What a innocent our media is? All the TV channels did not mention “Mental Torture”. Till 17 July police was clueless but our media divulged hundred Muslim names as responsible for July 13 Mumbai explosion. As BJP M.P. Shahnawaz replied to Digvijay Singh’s remarks “RSS. hand cannot be ruled out” that what Digvijay had proof? S. Haque, Patna     More Hindu and less Hindu While replying a query of BJP leader Congress general secretary Mr. Dig Vijay Singh has claimed that he was more Hindu than the PJP leader. With this remark Mr. Digvijay Singh has started one controversy. Of being less Hindu and more Hindu. Persons like me are under confusion what is the reality? And what is the difference between the two Hindus. Hindus are there in the Congrss, BJP,and communist parties .According to the parameter how we can asses the faith of the leaders. Is there any demarcation between the two schools of thought? In Islam there is provision of practice. .There are two types of Muslims according to their faith and practice 1) Stanch Muslim and a mediocre. .The staunch Muslim pray five times collectively. .It is FARZ or obligatory. .There are other prayers which are optional known as ISHRAQ ,CHAST,AWWABEENand TAHAJJUD. .Tahajud is performed in the late hours of night say 3to 4 am This is a physical mode in financial mode he pays Zakat which is Farz apart from it he helps the poor persons in many ways. He keeps himself away from Haram or forbidden deeds .while going to Mosque or Bazar he never gaze towards alien girls and ladies. .If by chance a lady comes in sight he immediately turns his sight It is said if a Muslim abide this instruction Allah will cause him taste the sweetness of belief. Dr Maqdoomi, Gulbarga     Changes in the nuclear liability law This refers to the report that CPI(M) has asked the Centre to reject the U.S. demand for changes in the nuclear liability law. While one should commend the Left party’s morals to call a spade a spade, it is not understandable as why the ruling Congress and the main opposition party BJP should be tongue-tied over such an important subject. Shouldn’t they tell in one voice to the visiting U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – that the Nuclear Liability law was enacted in the Parliament after a thorough debate over the issue – and no meddling in the provisions of the law is acceptable? Can’t they see the intention of the U.S. to absolve the suppliers from the onus of compensating the victims in case of an accident? In the milieu of the Fukushima disaster, it is time, all democratic forces in India are united – that section 17(b) which provides for foreign supplier’s liability is the backbone of the nuclear liability law. Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa     Approval of EPRs As expected the four member committee set up by the AEC [atomic energy commission] after visiting Finland have approved of and sang paeans in favour of the EPRs [evolutionary pressurized reactors] which are slated to be installed at Jaitapur. The government of India seems to be rushing full throttle disregarding the protests of the local people and the opinions of the vast sections of the civil society, scientists and all the anti-nuclear activists and the NGOs. S. Bannerjee, the chairman of the AEC, atomic energy commission that has set up this committee claims that the committee is an independent body. The fact is all of the four members are sarkari scientists who have been associated with government bodies and whose bias cannot be but in favour of nuclear energy. Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz west, Mumbai 400054   Education In our country we see the trend of parents aiming high for their children right from the day of birth and educate them the best. However, they tend to forget at this juncture that they are nothing but overburdening their child with their personal incomplete goals they had in their lives. Parents deliberately tell and direct their children to study hard and get high percentage in all their examinations so that they can get admission in a reputed university that will shape their career and fetch them a profitable job. Though to some extent, one may believe in the idea of only studying in a good college can provide children with a good job and respect in the society. However, this is not always the case, we can cite out ample of examples wherein average students from government run schools make good career, work in multinational companies, whereas people from good institutes sometime had to struggle to get the same position with lots of hard work. Amidst this situation, we need to take a pause and think over this plight, whether we are we just putting our unfulfilled ambitions on our children and want to produce world class professionals at the cost of their childhood thus entering into the rate race of cut throat competition which exists in the outside world or want to pursue the dreams of the child as per his or her aptitude. Are we merely lured to idea of making money and getting lucrative jobs or really want to shape our children into good human beings. These are the basic questions, we as parents need to think over. Farzana Nigar, Ranchi, Jharkhand      Bomb-blast-barbaric and condemnable The recent triple bomb-blasts in Mumbai which killed 19 persons andinjured 129 are barbaric andhighly condemnable. It is an attack onpeace, communalharmony and national unity. No religion allows killing of innocentpersons. Islam means peace and submission before all mighty God. The Qur'an says that murder of an innocent amounts to murder of the entire mankind. Islam stands for peace, harmony and human brotherhood. Islam abhors terrorism, violence and shedding blood of innocents. Inspite of these religious teachings there are terorists in Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Christians. Terrorists of all faiths deserve deterrent punishments. After impartial enquiry and investigation people responsible for these bomb-blasts be awarded death punishment. G. Hasnain Kaif Bhandara (M.S.) 441904