Reservation & Caste Hindus

By Tej Singh

The provision for reservation of 22.5% to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes are there in the Constitution of India which came into force way back in 26 January, 1950. Since then the Government remains in the hands of Caste-Hindus (Brahmins, Kshatriya & Vaishyas) but they were not honest to implement the reservation policy so as to fairly distribute national wealth and opportunities amongst all including the SCs & STs, Instead, they pursued the policy of “Not Available & Not Suitable” for these past six decades. With this policy of “Not Available & Not Suitable” and methods of de-reservation, they continue to enjoy and eat away the share of the SCs/STs. Baba Sahib Dr. Ambedkar has become the leader of the so-called affluent class amongst the SCs/STs by joining his struggle, leaving their ancestral occupations and imparting education to their children so as to enable them to have their due share in the governance of the country.

On the other hand, the remaining marginal communities amongst the SCs/STs who were hoodwinked by none other than Gandhi who poisoned the ears of these marginal communities and advised them to stick to their ancestral professions. Thus Gandhi was successful in his scheme and caused a sharp divide among the whole lot of the SCs/STs against the will and wishes of Dr. Ambedkar. The result is obvious: the Caste-Hindus though micro-minority are successful in their mischief of “Divide & fool to rule” so as to remain at the helm of the affairs and enjoy all fruits and juices of free India. The cunning Caste-Hindus have since been enjoying everything by grabbing land, wealth, polity, judiciary, educational and banking sectors and other commercial institutions. The mischief of M. K. Gandhi, who was the representative of the Caste-Hindus, has since been continued and carried out by his progeny through their mother organization, the RSS. The SCs/STs are still enjoying their abject slavery and virtually have become diehard enemy of their own people. The pity of the marginal communities is that they are opposing tooth and nail those of their own who are struggling to win their due share in the land, wealth, governance, judiciary and also their due share in the educational, banking and other commercial institutions in their country.

Not only the SCs/STs are their target but also the other Backward Castes, the erstwhile Shudras of the Hindu hierarchy who used to enjoy their slavery by happily offering all types of services to the Caste-Hindus. They were used and misused like anything without giving them anything except their residue. The Caste-Hindus were instrumental in not allowing the implementation of the Kaka Kalelkar Commission report, meant for the welfare and uplift of the Backwards Castes. These same Caste-Hindus were instrumental in appointing another Commission (Mandal Commission) in 1977 instead of getting implemented the Kaka Kalelkar Report. Mandal Sahib submitted his report to the Government but it was again stalled by these Caste-Hindus. It was late V. P. Singh who was compelled by Kanshi Ram, who raised the slogan “Mandal Commission Laagu Karo, Varna Kurshi Khaali Karo,” to make an empty announcement while trying to  stall it by instigating Caste-Hindu students to go in for agitation against the implementation of the Mandal Commission report. The height of everything was that the small bunch of the Caste-Hindu students was putting buses and other state property on fire and a large contingent of the police and para-military forces were mere spectators! If V. P. Singh was honest enough, he should have declared the lists of the beneficiary backward castes and gazetted it in the newspapers and should have also made due announcements through radio and TV. If he had done so, poor Backward Caste students may not have joined the anti-Mandal agitation.

The Caste-Hindu were not content with instigating the anti-Mandal agitation but found a device to deprive the Backward Castes of the benefits of the reservation by innovating a new trick of “Creamy Layer” as a means to deprive the educationally deserved amongst the Backward Castes whereas the educationally undeserved are not suitable for any jobs and thereby grab the vacancies meant for Backward Castes. The curse of the “Creamy Layer” is quite visible. It allows the Caste Hindus to eat away the share of the Backward Castes.

The Caste-Hindus did not remain content with eating away the due share of the SCs/STs and Backward Castes in governance and judiciary. They found tricks and devices to further deprive the Backward Castes by manupulating the administrative and judicial powers in their hands. During the past six decades of the so-called Independence, they have virtually divested the Muslims and other minority communities of their livelihood. It may be pointed out that at the time of the transfer of power to these Caste-Hindus, Muslims were occupying 35 percent of higher positions in government and judiciary. Nothwithstanding their love and affection to the Congress (the main Hindu political organization), Muslims were reduced to abject poverty barring a few of their so-called “leaders” from amongst them. Muslims were not only reduced to zero in every walk of life but also made very soft target to be eliminated physically on the pretext of riots and nowadays through the weapon of terrorism.

Two reports meant for the welfare of the Muslims and other minority communities were not even discussed in Parliament. The Ranganath Mishra Report and Sachar Committee Report appear to have been dumped into the dustbin. The Sachar Committee has very distinctly mentioned in its report that the position of the Muslims is worse than the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes and other Backward Castes in India. The final report of the Ranganath Mishra Commission was submitted to the government in May 2007 but it was not tabled in Parliament until it got leaked to the media. Finally, on the pressure from the Muslims and other minority communities, the government was compelled to put it in Parliament on December 18, 2009 but it has failed to implement it. The Mishra Commission has recommended 15% reservation to the Muslims and other minority communities in the educational institutions and government employments.

The increasing political influence and understanding amongst the SC/STs and the Backward Castes and even the Muslims is a cause of concern for the Caste-Hindus who are trying their best to cause a rift between the original inhabitants of the land. The whole world knows that these Caste-Hindus have denied the dues of their women for centuries going to the extent of torturing and burning them alive. Their so-called religious scriptures are filled with abusive language against their womenfolk. The sudden emergence of love and affection (Women’s reservation) in their hearts is very surprising. This love and affection for women is nothing but a vicious trick to grab the majority seats in Parliament and state legislatures in the guise of “women’s reservation” without offering the due share of the women from the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes, Backward Caste and the Muslims and other minority communities. The exercise in garb of “Women’s reservation” is nothing but allowing the Caste-Hindus to remain at the helm of the affairs in our land in order to exclusively enjoy all the fruits and juices of the country depriving its original inhabitants.

We must be aware of the tactics and tricks of these Caste-Hindus and never allow them to divide and fool us to rule. We must concentrate on as to how to get the country liberated from the clutches and dominance of these Caste Hindus so as to enable our people to live freely and enjoy the fruits of their land. Let the affluent and intellectuals from amongst the SCs/STs and other Backward Castes come out of the intoxication of TV, Bibi and Sheeshi to discharge their debt to the struggle of Baba Sahib Dr. Ambedkar. The indifferent attitude of this very section of our society has allowed the Caste Hindu leaders to flourish and prevail.
The author is President of  Ambedkar Samaj Party -