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Jamia students campaign for Sachar implementation

New Delhi: Fed up with tall claims of politicians to get the recommendation of Sachar Committee and Rangnath Mishra Commission implemented and also with community leaders’ various fruitless conferences on the issue, the students of Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, held a meeting with innovative and thought provoking ideas to chalk out a strategy to get the recommendations implemented as soon as possible. The meeting was held on 3 November under the open sky in the university campus.

The students discussed wide ranging issues concerning backwardness of Muslims in India particularly, in the context of the Sachar Committee and Ranganath Mishra Commission reports. The agenda of these enthusiastic students consists of socio-economic backwardness of the community, politics being played on it, its repercussions and diversity of the community on this issue.

The meeting was first of its kind as an initiative by the students of this university, which turned 90 on 29 October. The worth pondering aspect of the meeting is that it was not held under the banner of any political party or social organization. A group of students from different department established a forum to get implemented the recommendations of Sachar Committee and Rangnath Mishra Commission, and this was it first meeting. This session was aimed at providing a platform to the students to express their views on the issues they were passionate about.

In this meeting, some students expressed the need to focus on the backwardness of the community as it has been highlighted in the Sachar Committee’s report. Some others said that the committee’s report should be used as a launching pad to go among the backward areas of the community. Some were of the view that Okhla should be taken as a case study to create awareness about the development activities.

The forum will soon organize more meetings with broader vision of the initiative. Many students, including Sajjad Kargili, Ali Akhtar, Asad Ashraf, Badre Alam, Sandeep, Zain Sher, Iram Fatima, Saira Mujtaba and Adnan Mahmood Sher attended the open sky meeting.