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Urdu Diploma holders eligible as teachers: Allahabad High Court

Allahabad: Allahabad High Court’s Bench of Justice Sunil Ambwani and Justice K.N. Pande, while rejecting UP government’s petition, ruled that Urdu Diploma holders are capable enough for teaching and hence they have a right to be appointed as assistant teachers in primary schools. With this ruling the High Court Bench upheld the verdict of single judge bench of this very court in approving the appointment letter of Furqan Ali and another persons as Urdu teachers, and rejected UP government’s appeal against their appointment.

It may be stated that Furqan Ali and another Urdu Diploma holders had applied for the post of assistant teacher in a primary school but when they were not considered eligible for appointment by UP government officers because of Urdu diploma, they filed a petition in the High Court, saying that they have done Urdu diploma in teaching which is recognised by NCTE and this Diploma has been accepted as equivalent to Urdu BTC and hence, under section 8 (4) of UP Basic Educational Service for Teachers Act, 1981 they are eligible for BTC Urdu. The single judge bench had directed UP government to appoint them as teachers but UP government had challenged single judge bench’s verdict in response to which the 2-judge bench upheld the single judge bench’s verdict and rejected state government’s petition.