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MG   MGhas to reach everyone. Dr.  Md S.N. Attar, Bijapur - 586101   II Hats off to Zafarul Islam saheb and Milli Gazette for being so bold and honest. Mashallah, you have very well rubbished the wrong claims of pseudo nationalists.(I am referring to your article on front page in the last issue where you did wonderful operation of the book The enemy within). Since long, Muslim community is being humiliated in the name of terror. The helplessness of Muslims in confronting these allegations has frustrated common man. Alhamdulillah, Milli Gazette is the beacon in the darkness of oppression. Please keep your wonderful work by presenting the truth. I am with you. Feel free to take my help in any form. Jazakallah. Khurshid Imam, Bangalore   III This is with reference to the letter by M. Omer Sherif in MG 1-15 Aug. 2011. He may get the Milli Gazette directly from MG office in Delhi, by sending the M.O/Cheque of Rs.240 and get copies by post to his residence directly. We need not search for a distributor or an agent ,who may not supply copies in time. I Congratulate the Editor-in-chief for publishing fantastic articles on Islam and making MG available to readers without any complaint. I am a regular reader since last 12 years, getting my copy regularly, alhamdulillah. Mohammad.Azam DEO Rtd, Karimnager, Telangana   IV You will be glad to know that we are planning to introduce your paper in every hostel of our university. Imran Kichloo, AMU, Aligarh

MG Editor: Thank you very much for your gesture and initiative which is the first of its kind from our community in our 12-year-long history. It is our tradition that we weep and cry that Muslims have no stake in media and when a serious and honest effort is made, no one whatsoever comes forward to support it except to ask for free copies and free subscriptions. Not even those who had been consistently presurrising me personally, long before The Milli Gazette was launched, that I should take the initiative due to my previous experience and aptitude.

The simple fact is that our community is NOT buying the Milli Gazette and not advertising in it too. Even AMU, whose activities and issues get a lot of coverage in The Milli Gazette, does not think it necessary to advertise in The Milli Gazette. Our numerous letters over the years to AMU VCs in this respect have gone unanswered. Jamia Hamdard started advertising in theMilli Gazette years ago but when the VC changed, advertising too stopped and it has not been resumed despite our reminders and meetings of our representatives with the concerned authorities there. They promised to restore but never did.

The Milli Gazette tries honestly to put across the Indian Muslim communities' news and views to the general public in the country, especially to the government and other important segments in the society in a language they read and understand, but it is the Muslim community which should come forward to support it by buying it and adveritising in it; others will not do it. Our problems will be over even if every student in AMU starts buying his copy of The Milli Gazette.

I thank you for your gesture and initiative but would like to take this opportunity to warn you and others who care about our voice in the media that they should not be surprised if the Milli Gazette folds up (like Muslim India did before) as the losses keep piling up and we do not see how we can survive for long in this way.   Website link(continued from the previous issue) Thanks again for the reply. I very much appreciate the fact that its an advertisement and not promotion. Meanwhile, I dont even have an issue if someone promotes their version of religion. However, I have a great respect for what the Milli Gazette stands for and appreciate the bold efforts that your organisation/ publication is making for the wholesome good of the Ummah. What prompted me actually to actually write was some of the things written/ advertisement on the mostmerciful that can sow seeds of confusion to ordinary muslims who are not that expert in Islam matters- for instance, a banner talking about Chirstianity without trinity/ existence of human race before Adam (A. S). A respected website would be very cautious in writing matter than can cause cracks in the Imaan/ faith (very less degree in today's times). Also, I may not have rightly interpreted what the above instances of info on the mostmerciful wish to convery. May be my initial email to you was too broad to generate conclusions that I didnt intend to. Anyways, Jazakallah. Iqbal Javeed MG Editor: Thank you for your reply. I do not think that there is anything so dangerous or alarming in what you mention. The two specific instances you mention (Christianity without trinity and existence of human race before Adam 'alaihissalam) do not mean much to me. As regards Christianity without Trinity, that is the stand of Islam, that Trinity was later invented and added to the true religion propagated by Jesus 'alaihissalam. As regards, the presence of the human race before Adam, the idea is not alarming either. Our belief is that Adam and his progeny are Ashraful Makhlooqaat (the best of Allah's creations) which means that the human race from that point of time became Ashraful Makhlooqaat and accountable for its deeds when it was chosen by Allah ta'ala as such. As regards the presence of human-like inhabitants on earth, there is plenty of scientific and archeological evidence that such people (homo sapiens, homo erectus, Neanderthals, etc) existed for hundreds of thousands of years, if not more, on earth while the available evidence, anthropology and the geneology of Adam and his progeny in the light of Bible and Qur'an barely show that Adam existed some 6000-7000 years ago only.   Anna Hazare movement Anna Hazare’s fast against corruption has taken the country by storm. In fact it has crossed the borders and has reached offshore. While his crusade against financial corruption is laudable, but his silence on moral corruption and criminality in politics is baffling. Many would like to know why he or his team is silent on the following issues.   1) Why Anna and his team has not criticised Modi and his government for the Gujarat riots which were the worst riots in independent India’s history. Their silence is more baffling since now many brave police officers like sanjeev Bhatt, Sreedharan, Rahul Sharma have started speaking the truth.   2) Why Taem Anna is silent on Gujarat Govt recent decision to appoint a commitee to look whether lokyaukta is required in Gujarat or not. Since last 10 years there is no lokyaukta in gujarat but team anna is not raising any hue and cry in Gujarat.   3) A few days back a RTI activisi Shehla Masood was brutally murdered in Bhopal when she was going to attend a meeting in support of Anna, but Neither the 24x7 media is highlighting it nor Team Anna has criticised it. 4) Corruption is prevalent since independance then why Team Anna is raising this issue now when India is on the verge of becoming an economic superpower whereas USA and europe; s economy is in doldrums.. Does team Anna know that his agitation will destabilise the country and slow down the economy? The timing of this agitation needs to be noted.5) Why Team Anna is silent on Ramdev’s deputy Balkrishna fake passport issue? Team Anna’s silence on above shows his sympathies towards BJP run governments. Corruption is a complex issue and it cannot be solved by a single law. If we are all serious about removing corruption then all of us should take a resolve neither to take bribe nor pay bribe to get our work done, rather than outsourcing the fight to a 74 years old man. Ahmad Subzwar,  Hongkong   II I must register my deep appreciation that AIMMM had organised an especial meeting to deliberate on the issue of Jan/Lokpal bill and Anna Hazare’s agitational role that has unfortunately become the MAIN issue with some of our esteemed elders. On the other hand, general feeling among the hapless populace is that the established system of governance has failed miserably and is not capable of redressing itself without some revolutionary measure coming on the scene. The proposed legislation of the Lokpal bill has been pending for last over 40 years and given the vested interests of the political parties, it would be impossible to imagine, a day would soon dawn when our conscientious legislators would voluntarily pass a Lokpal bill that will be instrumental in ensuring an independent prosecuting mechanism being imposed on their prerogatives and privileges. We therefore must acknowledge the contribution Anna Hazare has made in breaking the logjam. This development was all the more welcome, as the size of corruption, especially in government and ruling party circles, has assumed mind-boggling proportions, while aam aadmi’s very survival in these inflationary times has become a continuing nightmare. The worry that ANNA’S move is a threat to democratic order in our nation, is at best one among the many academic issues that has been engaging our intelligentsia. It is none the less a major achievement for AIMMM that so many prominent Muslim organisations have find it convenient to attend a Mushawarat meeting on a subject that had become a test case of where Muslim community stands on national issues. The Millat, no doubt, will be grateful for their united stand and their enlightened guidance that they have and would continue to provide to a very disoriented community . Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai   III Bring President, P.M., C.J., under Lokpal Bill Corruption is rampant from top to bottom in India. Corruption is in politics, legislature, executive, media and even judiciary. There are corrupt people in all the political parties. They have been amassing illegal asses and wealth. They must be prosecuted and awarded stringent punishments. Corruption, particularly in high places, will destroy not only democracy and constitution but would endanger India’s unity and integrity. Hence President of India, Prime Minister, Chief Justice of supreme court etc., should be brought under Lokpal Bill. Moreover preaching of full faith in Almighty, Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent God and accountability before Him is very essential to get rid of corruption and other evils. G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (M.S.) – 441904   IV Udit Raj, very straightforward orator, thinker and great Dalit philosopher objected media’s propaganda “whole country is with Anna” that those people collected and photo say candle lighting people are whole India, he had organised bigger rally than this so-called civil society rally, if the whole India was with Anna then win all 540 M. P. and legislate whatever they wanted. Where were Muslims, Dalits, S. T. and B. C. It was media created tamasha (Star News 5-30/21 Aug. 2011). Exactly the timing of Jan lokpal Bill/Agitation is very mysterious because the tremblings of saffron brigade upon anti riot bill, Government approach in exposing the real terror culprits and terror groups, the idea to give justice through reservation to Muslims. S. Haque, Patna   V Regarding the recent political drama created by Anna Hazare, it seems that his demand is somehow genuine but the means which he has adopted is, undoubtedly, unconstitutional. These sort of pressure techniques were adopted by freedom fighters of India, specialy Gandhi, when we had no constitution. Anna's protest clearly reflects the disbelief of some section of society on democratic institutions. It is a matter of common sense that in parliamentary democracy citizens cannot force the government to pass a particular law within a specific time period. it is a challenge to the sovereignty of Parliament which according to our constitution is a sacrosant institution. Imran Ahmad Kichloo, AMU   VI Anna Hazare though is getting an overwhelming response for his anti-corruption crusade with extensive media coverage with many people in their country thinking to replicate the same in their country; however seems to have an impractical approach about having and implementing of the Lokpal bill to curb the corruption. The proposed said bill is likely to increase the complexity in the already complex governance eventually leading to continue the corrupt practices. However, corruption can be regulated if the agencies like the CBI, CVC and CAG are made more independent. Secondly there is a politicization of any issue which we often see in the media by the politicians, same can happen with the Lokpal bill with things rather improving can head from bad to worse. The fact is the proposed Jan Lok Pal bill is just one of those many things from the government and if we are going to do something about corruption, we have to do it in a much broader manner. Will this Jan Lokpal Bill prevent the basic-level corruption seen in making a ration card or driving license  which poses a greater threat to the common man than the big-ticket corruptions such as 2G scam and the CWG which the common folks wouldn’t even understand? Hence despite all the support for Anna, I beg to differ with him and call his movement wrong in his approach though not in his intentions. Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur 440013   VII While the country is facing chaos and confusion engineered by self proclaimed spokesmen of civil society, it is expedient to scan the issue with care and circumspection. In fact upper caste media has deliberately devised middle class upper caste support to this Anna’s drama as media is only interested in TRP if its class interest is not hurt. Prominent newspapers are either owned by big industrial houses or sanghi id...eologues.It is true that some people are mistakenly supporting Anna as if after Jan lok pal bill prices will come down. Price rise as well as corruption is the result of economic policy which has allowed the multi national companies and industrialists to make profit to any extent. Laws have been framed convenient to capitalists. Basic amenities of the modern world like education, health and shelter have been opened for commerce. Market forces are controlling even these sectors in terms of quality as well as price. Salaries of govt servants particularly in higher ranks have been raised indiscriminately following sixth pay commission. Big fishes are allowed to do speculative business. Inflation and price rise are the bye product of pro capitalist policies. It has generated relative poverty and absolute poverty as well in the country. This scenario has widened the gap among citizens creating greed and temptation to acquire and accumulate money through any means resulting into corruption. Corruption can not be tamed unless economic policies are revisited. Unfortunately, no political party of substance is committed to change in economic policies. There is political consensus in support of so-called economic reforms which in fact brought about economic deformity. Anna Hazare is a recipient of award conferred by World Bank the most mischievous promoter and supporter of so-called economic reforms. How can Anna be a well wisher of poor people of this country and World Bank supported MNCs. Syed Khurshid Anwar, Advt, Allahabad.   VIII Lokpal Bill, the government must act. Anna should withdraw. Can Anna’s Jan Lokpal bill reduces drastically if not get rid of corruption?  Can government’s bill address the problem of corruption? No. Can Anna’s bill, if passed into an act, do any damage? Its implementation may become chaotic. It may require numerous amendments with the passage of time. Can government’s bill, if voted into an act, do any damage?  Half of the complainants who dare to invoke the act will land in jail. This bill exposes whistle blowers to the risk of heavy penalty and imprisonment and can prove to be a big deterrent to reporting of the crime. The bill provides ample loopholes to the corrupt to escape conviction.  There is so big a chasm between the two bills that one wonders what transpired in the meetings of the joint draft committee. Perhaps, what the groups of ministers in the committee did was bulldozed Anna’s bill, as alleged by Anna’s team. It also appears as if no politicians are interested in an effective law against corruption. Anna’s team has knocked on all doors. If even a single parliamentarian -let alone a party- had thrown his weight behind Anna’s bill, he could have introduced it in parliament. If politicians have been ever serious about seeing the end of corruption they only had to see the present laws enforced seriously and honestly. Today, if Anna Hazare is sitting with the gun on the government’s head the blame goes entirely to the likes of Kapil Sibal and P. Chidambaram. They may have taken numerous clauses from Jan Lokpal bill. This has invited the second round of fast. However, as on today, the 9th day of Anna’s fast, one can safely say that an effective bill is on government’s mind. Anna must withdraw now. One can imagine the map of India lying supine on kegs and kegs of gun-powder which can blow up on a single mischievous spark. God forbid, if that takes place. Anna’s language in the last few days – gherao MPs houses, gherao sadan- will be held responsible. Dr Mookhi Amir Ali Mumbai IX Corruption a syndrome There is a point to ponder over the movement eliminating corruption from Indian society manned by Anna Hazare. Now the word corruption has become a comprehensive term including all the social evils which has been deeply set in the Indian society. All these evils have started from getting freedom from British after the laps of 65 years they have grown up into a strong tree and giving bitter fruits. The roots of these trees are deeply em-bedded in the earth. Mr Hazare and his aides want to cut the braches of these trees to stop the production of poisonous fruits. This temporary arrangement is timely and is not a permanent cure. Every Indian is coming across the foul smell and bitter taste of the trees. Anna has taken this Herculean task to remove all the poisonous trees from the country. The government is against this reformation as the politicians and the bureaucrats are against this movement as they have vested interest in watering the forestry. This social ailment has the spiritual aspect. This particular mode of treatment still not known to Anna Hazare and the parties joined his movement.  Mr. Hazare no doubt has big dispensary to treat the patients but could not diagnose the actual ailment in addition to this the government has become a stumbling block in the way of Anna.. The patients who are suffering are becoming more serious and challenging Anna Every one including the government want the correct mode of treatment but they lack the knowledge of the medicine. The only medicine to this ailment is the strong faith in God and feels that we are in perfect vision of God and every man is answerable before Him Dr Maqdoomi Hyderabad   X This [AIMMM statement] is a good move.Muslims must voice their concern on all vital issues confronting the nation, .poltical isolation has pushed the community to the wall.Muslims must play a positive role in public opinion building. Nasir Hussain Peerzadah, Srinagar, J&K