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Is it a real victory of Libyans? Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has clearly lost power, it is not certain who has gained it. The anti-regime militiamen that are now streaming into the capital were united by a common enemy in Gaddafi but not much else. The Transitional National Council (TNC) in Benghazi, already recognised by so many foreign states as the legitimate government of Libya, is of dubious legitimacy and authority. There is another problem in ending the war. It has never been a straight trial of strength between two groups of Libyans because of the decisive role of Nato air strikes. The insurgents themselves admit that without the air war waged on their behalf – with 7,459 air strikes on pro-Gaddafi targets – they would be dead or in flight. The question, therefore, remains open as to how the rebels can peaceably convert their foreign-assisted victory on the battlefield into a stable peace acceptable to all parties in Libya. What happened in Afghanistan?  The anti-Taliban forces in Afghanistan won military success by foreign air support. They then used this temporary predominance arrogantly and disastrously to establish a regime weighted against the Pashtun community. In Iraq, the Americans – over-confident after the easy defeat of Saddam Hussein – dissolved the Iraqi army and excluded former members of the Baath party from jobs and power, giving them little choice but to fight. Most Iraqis were glad to see the end of Saddam Hussein, but the struggle to replace him almost destroyed the country. Will the same thing happen in Libya? In Tripoli, as in most oil states, the government provides most jobs and many Libyans did well under the old regime. How will they now pay for being on the losing side? The air was thick yesterday with calls from the TNC for their fighters to avoid acts of retaliation. The TNC has produced guidelines for ruling the country post-Gaddafi, which is intended to ensure that law and order should be maintained, people fed and public services continued. It is far too early to know if this is a piece of foreign-inspired wishful thinking or will have some beneficial effect on developments. We hope many of those celebrating in the streets of Tripoli and cheering the advancing rebel columns will expect their lives to get better. They will be disappointed if this does not happen. Kodimirpal via e mail     Death of RTI activists Sahela Masood The mysterious death of Sahela Masood an RTI activist must be condemned by civil society members and general public. While RTI seems to have proved damp squib, Lokpal bill catches media attention across the country, besides passing buck between the govt and the civil society. The way RTI activists has fallen prey to anti social element, it appears neither Lokpal nor Lokayukt will prove effective unless society is preached values and ethics. Will Anna Hazare do any thing to get the killer penalised? Wakeel Ahmad Gaya     Muslim taxi driver a terrorist in the eyes of police Mumbai police captured Ghulam Sarwar Hashmi a taxi driver of Faras Road, Nagpada area of Mumbai claiming him to be a terrorist. While on fast Ghulam Sarwar Hashmi was treated like anti social element and harassed without any proof. A lady passenger informed Tardeo police station about Ghulam looks like terrorist and listen to Jehadi speeches. Police caught Ghulam on 19 Aug. Abu Asim Azmi leader of S.P. informed the persecution of police to innocent Rozedaar Muslim taxi driver and wrote a letter to ATS Chief Rakesh Maria. In fact, Muslims are made sacrificial lamb in the season of terrorism to be showcases as culprit of terror and security departments including intelligent wing would put their face to public in the name of fighting terror. S. Haque, Patna     Monaticism and Islam There is a long tradition of monasticism in the history of world religions. There is obvious practice in Christianity. Monasticism is very much in vogue in Christianity. In some period even the marriage was not allowed. The institute of marriage was dispensable for the continuation of human race. Christians felt that their progeny will stop if they don’t marry. Therefore they allowed as indispensable sin. In those days wordiness was so sinful that monasts hate to take bath. There were number of monasts who did not take bath even once in a year. Several of them were abstained from taking bath till their death. Such monasts were considered to be the high ranking monasts. In Hinduism the concept of sannyas is pretty old. In Hindus particular sect had to adapt this concept. The superior castes of Hindus are Brahmins; among Brahmins the Suryawanshi Brahmins are superior. They are recognized as highly spiritual sect. They are authorized to comment and explain the Holy Scriptures. The history of religions except Islam, they were meant for particular religion and their area of operation was limited. For example, Hinduism did not cross the geographical borders after the laps of 6000 years. Buddhism crossed Indian borders as a compulsion. Brahmins viewed Buddhism as an insurgency and it was ousted from the centre of Hinduism. Therefore, Buddhist left to other places. Christianity was meant for a particular period. It was vitiated after the advent of Islam. The religions excluding Islam were not comprehensive. They were limited to certain age and area. With the result, they were divided in pieces. For them it became easier to adopt Monasticism. Dr Maqdoomi Hyderabad     Spiritual and moral values need of the hour Corruption, scams, scandals have become order of the day. These are symptoms of the malady of materialism and moral and spiritual degradation. No doubt misuse of religion for political purpose is disastrous for country. But we must realise that religion means humanism and morality and these have nothing to do with communalism and narrow mindedness. Material advancement without moral and spiritual progress is tragically meaningless. The tragedy of economically advanced countries of the world bears testimony to it. Their materialistic ideologies have spoiled their social and family life. Lack of peace of mind, horrible number of suicides, juvenile delinquency, drug addiction, frequent divorces, mental disorders, ghastly crimes, sexual anarchy etc. is some of the fruits of materialistic ways of life. A new socioeconomic political order based on spiritual, moral and humanitarian values is the need of the hour. G. Hasnain Kaif Bhandara (M.S.) 441904       No Muslim freedom fighter! It is really sad and matter of deep anguish that Indians do not know Muslim freedom fighter.  Hindustan Times G.K. carried out in 12 cities and interviewed 1233 respondents between the ages of 16-25 yrs. To know name one or more freedom fighters other than Gandhi and Nehru. H.T. (15 Aug. 2011) published the result 21 names (Bhagat Singh to Anna Hazare) but no Muslim name appeared even Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Saifuddin Kichlu, Md. Ali Johar, Rafi Ahmad Kidwai and even Batakh mian who save Gandhiji life etc. are forgotten? Lakhs of Ulama who were hanged like Ashfaqullah without Muslim sacrifices freedom was impossible. S. Haque,Patna     Experiment with language With technology taking a central part in our lifestyle, today our teenagers are avoiding the use of broad vocabulary and complex words and favour abbreviated words. The main concern is that school kids are so used to using alphanumeric characters instead of full words, that they use the same ‘short’ language in the examinations. Thus we see an overall level of the language which has fallen drastically; and teens are now devising their words and language. Teachers can see an increase in the number of students using ‘u’ for ‘you’, ‘r’ for ‘is’, ‘b4u’ for ‘before you’ and many more. The proof of the usage of text messaging language in exams increased after a student handed an essay written completely in text message shorthand, much to the bemusement of the teacher. Though such usage of words are seen quiet rampant in our society, however, the linguistic experts feel that such a move would spoil the pleasure of reading, having to work out all the abbreviations, and would be aimed just at the teenage markets. Thus we see protests from language-lovers all across the globe, who feel that word limit on various social networking sites along with incessant testing has hampered the comprehension skills of the students. Lastly, with technology here long to stay, experts need to work on this issue and device methods which can stop people ruining their language while they write. Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur – 440013     Riot deaths record The Kashmiri Pandit Sangharsh Samiti (KPSS) has demanded CBI inquiry in the Kashmiri Pandits killing and as per record collected by KPSS 399 Kashmiri Pandit lost their lives since last two decades. (MG/1-15 August 2011/page 4) In media we see records of persons killed in terror events. Even media present how many persons and police personnel killed years wise in terror events. But no authentic records displayed in media that how many persons killed in riots and how many riots/year wise took place. Minority Commissions NGO’s and Muslim groups must collect such data and the cases registered and cases closed by police. These records would help to fight for Justice. S. Haque, Patna     Aarakshan By giving reservation to certain community is at the same time certifying it is low in all respects. It tantamount that the youths of that community are genetically lacking the talent as the youths of other communities has got. This reservation policy is indirectly supporting the worn Ashram belief of Hinduism. The Dalit youths who are favouring reservation at the cost of their self respect, are forgoing the honour and dignity of their community. Rather they have forgotten the credit of self respect. Their equality is imperfect in financial matters and has only in political field. The builders of constitution wanted reservation for about ten years or so but it is continuing till now. If Mr. Ambedker had been alive he would not have favoured the reservation policy. Our political parties want political gain but they are not worried about the disrespect of a large community. If Ambedker would have embraced Islam, Dalits would have enjoyed equality in the Muslim world. But he accepted Buddhism. His followers though got out from Hinduism but could not gain equal status in the society.  If the film Aarakansan has impressed on this point it was good. But being a man of high caste he may not have pointed out this angle of vision. This reservation policy has made crores of Dalit youths to suffer with inferiority complex which in turn make them handicap in all branches of science and technology. I think there is need of another Ambedker who will bring this change in the mindset of Dalits not a film. Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad     Why an IPS and SC famous lawyer need a face Sanjeev Bhatt and Rahul Sharma are the IPS officers who challenged the oppressive power in Gujarat. Mr. Kiran Bedi the first lady IPS and winner of many awards have launched agitation against corruption with leading Supreme Court lawyers Prashant Bhushan under Anna Hazare. What are the reasons behind such persons like Kiran Bedi and Prashant Bhushan needed Anna Hazare? Indians are puzzled to solve this mystery? Are they are using Anna as face to lure people or there is a deep conspiracy behind the scene? Muslims must know answers of many such questions before supporting Anna agitation. S. Haque, Patna     A sad ncastle

A scene that is repeated every summer at the beach is a child building a sand castle with his bucket, his plastic shovel, the rake and over all with its hands. Perhaps on their way to the beach he was thinking about how it  would be : with towers, battlements, doors, windows, a moat and an outer walls. With his intelligence and imagination he formed an idea, a project design. Then, on the beach, that design became a reality in reality and it was the admiration of his family and others who were walking on the beach and were amazed at the art work. But this castle was not built alone. It took intelligence, design, hands, tools and a job excited. Neither the universe nor the wonders of nature have been done alone. Scientists increasingly advocate the need for a higher intelligence and a previous design that is the cause of it. Although other scientists, usually atheists, argue that everything has been produced by the forces of nature and chance.

But the reality is stubborn. The winds and hurricanes have never built a castle with sand. In the sandy deserts, dunes are built for the wind, but nothing more. Earthquakes can destroy homes, apartment buildings and bridges but have never built a castle sand with towers, battlements, moats and ramparts. What about volcanoes? Can be tremendous clouds of toxic smoke and lava can bury with an entire city. 

But it is clear that the winds, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes and other forces of nature can destroy many things, but not to construct any  piece of architecture, painting, music, even a sand castle they do every summer thousands of children in all the world's beaches.

The universe is a wonderful building, millions of stars, planets, satellites and other bodies rotating at high speed along their orbits, with a precision that amazes us how much more we know.

For some scientists has been formed and is maintained by the forces of nature alone and by chance, by chance and random play. But other scientists these reasons do not prove anything. One of those most distinguished scientists of modern science such as Albert Einstein wrote: "Chance? - I will never believe that God plays dice with the world " Arturo Ramo, Spain     Bihar Government starts action against irresponsible probe officials of Bhagalpur riots

Muslims badly suffered due to police, politicians and press (3-P’s) why our police has become like this so that S. C. has to rap Delhi police for callous probe in cash-for-vote scam (15 July 2011), S. C. has to pull up Delhi police for Ramdev crackdown (11 July 2011). We don’t think that why S. C. had to tell to hang cops involved in fake encounters (08 Aug. 2011) why S. C. were bound to tell that how long forces would escape after community rape and killings (16 June 2011)

Why our police and security agencies reached the lowest level so that S. C. has to take serious not of their character? We are not ready to think over this? Because we spoilt our police and security agencies character when police fired upon innocent Memajis in Moradabad Eidgah we patted them. When police killed 48 Muslims on the Hindon river bank those were picked for interrogation we did not take any action against killer cops. When police played silent spectator role during anti Muslim riots we parised their irresponsible behaviour. Now the result the nation has face.

But now Bihar govt. has started action probing officials of the cases of Bhagalpur anti Muslim riots those who closed the riot cases without proper investigations. The police department started departmental proceedings against 22 investigating officials of the riot cases who submitted final reports recommending sure of cases without proper investigation.

If the severe punishments are given to irresponsible investigating official would certainly make officials to think to be dutiful as S. C. said hang those involved in fake encounter. S. Haque, Patna     Peerzada Saeed Husain Khan The whole AMU fraternity is going to miss Dr. Peerzada (MG, previous issue) , an embodiment of the True Culture of Tahzeeb and electric Mix of Lucknow and A.M.U spirit. I had been a part of his condolence meeting on 31st July @ Lucknow , Where i was educated about his contribution towards Alma mater and was a leading scientist of his times in the field of plant pathologist and seed morphology. His contribution in various books on the subject of plants in Quran & Medicinal plants needs special mention. His Milli approach makes his true torch bearer of Aligarh Mission.  Lets do dua-e-maqfarat for the departed soul and hope his family members and friends carry forward his work  Ameen ! Ahmad (on MG website)