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Varanasi blasts had a political agenda: Anti Communal Front, Uttar Pradesh

In a statement issued from Allahabad on 11th December 2010, Amaresh Misra, chief of the anti-communal front of the Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee (UPCC), condemned the perpetrators of the Varanasi Bomb Blast.

Mr. Misra blamed the Mayawati Government and the ATS working under her, as being responsible for spreading the canard that Dr. Shahnawaz Khan, Asadullah Khan and other absconding Muslim boys from Sanjarpur and Sarai-mir in Azamgarh were responsible for the blast. Mr. Misra said that Mayawati is perpetrating lies against innocent boys of the Muslim community just like the BJP or other Hindu Communal forces.

Mr. Misra said that the Varanasi blast carried a political agenda. Why did it occur at a time when the Mayawati Government is in the dock for the Rs. 2 Lakh Crore food grain scam, in which Mayawati is being held personally responsible for smuggling grain meant for the poor? Was the Varanasi blast meant to divert attention from the food grain scam?

Mr. Misra also condemned the demand made by BJP leaders like Vinay Katiyar and Surya Pratap Shahi for the arrest of Congress General Secretary Shri Digvijaya Singh. Mr. Misra said that the BJP is gunning for Shri Singh as he had visited Sanjarpur on 3th and 4th February 2010 and held a meeting at the house of Mr. Shadab Ahmed alias Mister Bhai, father of Dr. Shahnawaz Khan. Mr. Misra said that Shri Singh’s visit was organized by the anti-communal front and Ms. Rita Joshi Bahuguna and other Congress leaders also accompanied Shri Singh.

Mr. Misra said that Shri Singh had raised the issue of the fake Batla House encounter, and had demanded a fair trial in a special court for all the accused of Sanjarpur and other Azamgarh villages, who had been picked up and lodged in jails of 6 states all across India for various bomb blasts in 2008 said to have perpetrated by the Indian Mujahideen. Shri Singh had also asked for an enquiry by the NIA into the cases of the remaining absconding boys of Azamgarh, amongst whom Dr. Shahnawaz Khan and Asadullah Khan figured prominently. 

Mr. Misra said that it is known that the Indian Mujahideen was a fake entity created by communal, anti-national vested interests in the Indian security agencies and most boys from Azamgarh might have been framed. Given this scenario, Mr. Misra added, isn’t it strange that the ATS under Mayawati, instead of giving relief to Azamgarh boys, is hell bent on naming them in the Varanasi blast? Doesn’t this show the anti-Muslim bias of the Mayawati Government?

Mr. Misra further said that the actions of the ATS, the BJP’s statement demanding Shri Singh’s arrest, the silence of parties like Peace Party and the Ulema Council on the issue of Muslim persecution, shows the unholy alliance between Mayawati and Hindu and Muslim communal forces. This unholy alliance wants to politicize the Varanasi Blast in order to effect alienation of the Muslim community. Alienation of the Muslim community will lead to communal polarization and will harm secular parties like the Congress. So the aim of the BSP-BJP-Peace Party-Ulema Council nexus is to harm the Congress, the only secular force capable of defeating BJP, BSP and other sectarian forces in Uttar Pradesh.

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