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Anna phenomena
  Team Anna met senior BJP leaders, including Advani and Arun Jaitley in the capital on 25 August.  Team Anna is now more or less reduced to Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi. Swami Agnivesh has left the group after being insulted eight times. Hegde's discomfort with the team was apparent from day one. He skipped the very first meeting of the joint draft committee. We all see Prashant Bhushan standing in attention while Kejriwal with the mike in the Left lambaste the government. About the substance of the discussion what LK Advani has to say is this. "I know the flaws in the provisions of the Jan Lokpal bill due to which it may not get passed. And this, I tried to explain to them (Team Anna) yesterday". How did Kejriwal react to this? Did he assure the senior politician that his misgivings will be addressed? Kejriwal is on record telling Karan Thapar in Devil's Advocate that his bill is open to suggestions. What he said in response to Advani's suggestions was that that the BJP "broadly agreed" to their version of the anti-graft bill. Draw your conclusion as to which of the two is misleading people. Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054 II Corruption is rampant from top to bottom in India. Corruption is in politics, legislature, executive, media and even judiciary. There are corrupt people in all the political parties. They have been amassing illegal asses and wealth. They must be prosecuted and awarded stringent punishments. Corruption, particularly in high places, will destroy not only democracy and constitution but would endanger India’s unity and integrity. Hence president of India, Prime Minister, Chief Justice of Supreme Court etc., should be brought under Lokpal Bill. More over preaching of full faith in Almighty, Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent God and accountability before Him is very essential to get rid of corruption and other evils. G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (M.S.) – 441904 III India's democracy as Stephen Cohen said was "Swiss cheese democracy". It is not perfect but is not dysfunctional either. At times it may need some booster mechanism like Anna Hazare to take it forward. The parliament did look diminished when the ruling party and the opposition hastened to pass the resolution with three demands of Anna Hazare included as the guiding light for the proposed Lokpal bill. The popular perception that the political class would have sat on the bill indefinitely got legitimacy. For the Manmohan Singh government, it was like a tragic-comedy.First Anna Hazare was assured that the government meant serious business on the legislation. Then like a bolt out of blue, he was piled with accusations which were below the belt. Muslims looked at the unfolding drama in Ramlila maidan with a degree of diffidence. Their thin participation was not entirely for Ramadan. They feared the huge gathering and the prospect though dim, of its going overboard. In such an event they would have been natural scapegoats. Though Anna is no Hitler, but one cannot forget Nazi torch light rallies at Nuremberg and systematic targeting of Jews. An indoctrinated crowd knows no bounds. Some groups mingled in the crowds with their own agenda as Justice Hegde said. But the great congregation of people spiked their blueprint of mischief. They were left to paddle in their dirty poodles. Yunus Chitalwala-Dhoraji-Gujarat IV The Hindu society is unable to understand the true ideal person but they have great urge to find it out.  Any person who has some political background and some record of social service becomes a hero and mobs very easily gather around him. Any minor successes in his efforts become a great achievement. People make it hype of that achievement. They boost the personal image of that hero. It is not due to the material gain of that hero but it is the need of the hour Anna Hazare’s personality has proved a so called ideal person. He need not prove all the characters of an ideal personality. Mr. Anna Hazare did some good service to his village and did some sacrifices for the residents of his native place and had some connection to late freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi which gave him an additional tag. With these characters he became the hero of our countrymen. Corruption was his main agenda. People are in the wrong impression that if Jan Lokpal bill is passed in the parliament the total corruption will be scraped from the society. After passing only a resolution in the parliament. Anna broke his fast and left the Ram Lila Maidan as if the whole corruption has finished from the society. It is just an illusion of the leader and the masses Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad V Irom Sharmila is fasting for scrapping a law which is draconian. Anna Hazare was fasting to bring in a law which in the opinion of the many may prove to be draconian. Irom Sharmila is fasting in an unknown corner of the country and hardly anyone is aware of her fight. Anna fasted on an event-managed stage, in the glare of the 24X7 TV cameras.  The Indian democracy had to bow down to Anna. Why? No one is listening to Irom Sharmila. Why? Because if Anna dies, there would be mayhem in India. If Irom dies, she goes unsung.  Anna has nuisance value. Irom has no nuisance value. Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054                  VI I would to suggest Anna Hazare to study the like history of Umar bin Abdul Aziz, especially his asceticism before he wages his war against corruption. For instance, It was Umar practice to be abstemious about himself and his family, but in order to keep them from corruption or bribery, he paid his governors a generous salary. So profound was his sense of caution that when he would deceiver fragrant ambers or musk in taxes, he would be afraid of even smelling their fragrances, lest he should be held accountable for taking unfair advantage of his position. Similarly, he was afraid to use the public oven to heat up his water for ablution. Once on a cold night when his servant heated up his water for his bath, he refused to bathe in it. His servant insisted that he must use warm water on such a cold night and that he could pay the Treasury for using the public heat, a solution to which he finally agreed. How far a cry is this from what Muslims and non-Muslims experience in their leaders today, East and West. All of us wield power or authority in our lives, and to the extent that we are given authority, we are at the risk of abusing it, and we must therefore be vigilant over ourselves. Not only must we be scrupulous and self-critical, but we must also allow and encourage others to critique us. But none needs careful vigil and criticism more than one who wields power in government over others, as the times we live in so manifestly attest. Dr. Shaan-e-Kareemi, Hindalgah Jail, Belgaum, K.S. VII Mahatama Gandhi swore by the great principle of ahinsa or non-violence which meant not only non-violence in actions and deeds but even in one thoughts and he practised it throughout his life. He never uttered any harsh or abrasive words against anyone even against his enemies while this is not the case with Anna Hazare who is projected as the second Gandhi by media. He calls the UPA Govt. a mob of liars) and he slams Union Home Minister as a real khordsal (mischief monger) what a great difference between the Mahatma and Hazare. One of the noted devotees of Gandhiji, Prof. Bhansali went to the extent of sewing his mouth when his remarks against someone displeased the Mahatma and vowed that he would not speak because his tongue had displeased Gandhiji and for months he did not speak. By his ungandhian methods means Anna Hazare cannot get a place among the last line of Gandhi bhagats. Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, Ex-MP Mayur Vihar Delhi-91 VIII Corruption has become a cancer of the society. Every individual who takes bribes or had to give bribes is a victim of corruption. Corruption led Anna Hazare to agitation for a bill to crush this evil element which is hollowing economic of the country as white-ant eats not only woods but also everything. This time so many ministers and businessmen are languishing in jails due to corruption. Indeed, corruption is not a problem. It will die its own death if sources of corruption be eliminated. What is happening on the ground is that every one of us talks about the symbols of corruption. We think if involved persons to be hanged, the corruption would get its own death. It is a negative thought that has 100% chances of failure. Without addressing the sources of corruption, hoping of rooting out the corruption is just a dream. Government system, education system, educational institutions, syllabus which is being taught in pre-nursery to high level institutions we just read and study how the money to be made and from what sources. Film industries and stories of TV serials turn round the money. They give a dream to every individual of becoming a billionaire overnight. In short word, materialism has been permeated and infiltrated into our society where every time and every moment we discuss only about money and want to learn more tactics and tricks to enhance more sources to get more money. Everyone of us wants a shortcut way to be enlisted in the list of billionaires. This materialism is a great source of corruption which cannot be removed except hard work and some constructive efforts. Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadwi, Jedda:- 21484, K.S.A   IX

Big questions:- 1. Can Muslims, being the second largest majority, ever think of such an agitation to push for our legitimate demands for the implementation of Sachar Committee Recommendation, Sri Krishna Commission report, strong anti-communal riots bill, law against fake encounters and implication of innocent youth in terrorist activities. 2. Do we have a reliable leader of Anna's stature? Or can we make somebody our Anna? 3. Can our leader sustain hunger for 12-15 days or more if required? 4. Can our 50-70,000 youths & women sit with patience peacefully at Ramlila ground for two weeks? 5.  Not more than 5 million people out 1.2 billion populations would have physically participated in Anna's movement with candle light march all over the country.  Can our 3-5 million people out of 200 million or more come out on the street all across the country in support of the movement? 6. Do we have media to support our movement? 7. Last but not the least, do we have a civil society within the community? Think about it. The world is changing. It will happen sooner or latter.

Ham dekhenge; laazim hai ke ham bhi dekhenge woh din ke jiska waada hai; jo lauh-e-azal pe likha hai; ham dekhenge jab zulmo sitam ke koh-e-geran rui ki tarah ud jaayenge ham mahkumon ke paaon tale yeh dharti dhad dhad dhadkegi aur ahle hukum ke sar upar jab bijlik kad kad kadkegi ham dekhenge; laazim hai ke ham bhi dekhenge jab arz-e-khuda ke kaabe se sab but uthwae jayenge ham ahl-e-safa mardood-e-haram masnad par bithaye jaayenge sab taaj uchhale jaayenge; sab takht giraye jaayenge aur raaj karegi khalq-e-khuda; jo main bhi hoon aur tum bhi ho Murshid Kamal President, JMI Alumni Assoc., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia X As NGOs are generally opposed to the government, would it be right to give this government (Center & states included ) who were involved in jailing many award winning peaceful activists like Binayak Sen branding them Maoist accomplices & many a fake encounters & tortures, even persecuting the high police officers speaking up against Modi ... in now going after Baba Ram Dev , Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi & Om Puri for the flimsiest of reasons more tools? There is enough evidence that the state needs no real reason or evidence to go after a citizen that it thinks is threatening its interests. On the contrary we have seen about a dozen RTI activists & whistle blowers killed in the past few years, There is no list of those threatened with grave consequences should they pursue the vocation of exposing the gigantic fraud on people the governance of this country qualifies as. Would be quite a few hundreds of names long if records were kept. Why do not these people writing articles to make it easier to prosecute NGOs see the killing fields they work in & work towards a better governed, democratic India? Laws need to be made based on the reality of our country & the real crying need is to protect such activists & NGOs as urgent priority. Why the big priority of the government & its co-conspirators posing as intellectuals, writing, blogging, talking on TV to make it easier persecute activists & NGOs? Don't they already face enough dangers from the ruling mafia nexus? We have the highest custodial deaths in the world , so our police is already quite apt at torturing citizens. It would seem to me that the government has enough tools to deal against the citizenry with the police with CVC, CBI, IB all under its control, what more does the government need? Only an excuse to go after you that these new laws are supposed to make it easy to provide . The words & attitude of people like Digvijay , Kapil Sibbal , Chidambram on Anna, his team & the JLP Bill should be a warning to us all. We should not become sarkari collaborators in making life even tougher for the brave citizens battling the big government & fighting for our rights .   Pandya murder case The recent acquittal of eight Muslim suspects in the Haren Pandya murder case has intensified the mystery surrounding the case. The former home minister of Gujarat was assassinated in broad daylight eight years ago but the investigating agencies seem to be back to square one with recent release of 12 suspects. Will they have to start from the scratch? the slain minister’s courageous wife vows that she will leave no stones unturned in ensuring that the guilty is brought to book.Narendra Modi must be questioned by court.  A.M.Lakhani, Ahmedabad II The premier investigation organisation CBI is boldly misused by ruling parties at the Centre. Now court says, CBI botched up the case of Haren Pandya murder case. CBI illegally implicated 12 innocent Muslim youths. Haren Pandya was killed on 26 March 2003. His father and wife have been saying that Haren murder was politically motivated. CBI court convicted these Muslim youths but Gujarat HC tore the CBI theory and said CBI botched up Muslim youths who are kept in jail for 9 yrs. without any fault. HC said that for such shoddy investigation, the investigating officers should be held responsible. This type of version cannot check injustices in recent year’s courts version widely appreciated but is it sufficient? S. Haque, Patna   Violence in the DNA of Narendra Modi Narendra Modi has recently said that the anti-corruption movement headed by Anna Hazare has reinforced confidence in the strength of non-violence. He further said that past and the present proves the fact that non-violence is in the DNA of Indians. In fact Narendra Modi was the mastermind of horrible Gujarat violence. Anti-Muslim dance of death and destruction was a well planned conspiracy of Modi, his Govt. and party. A 9-member high level tribunal of retired Supreme Court Judges, eminent Journalists and Human Rights Activists held Modi, his Govt. and party responsible for Gujarat violence and genocide. They had demanded arrest and prosecution of these criminals. Tribunal 600 pages report titled Crimes against Humanity was released by Justice P.B. Sawant at the Press Club of India, New Delhi. It was submitted to president of India A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. In his address to the nation Prime Minister A.B. Vajpayee had called Gujarat violence a blot on the fair name of India, and matter of national shame. All this prove that violence is in the DNA of Narendra Modi. G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (M.S.) 441904   Murder of RTI activist Shehla Masood On the 1st of September 2011 BJP MP is all praise for the slain young RTI activist Shehla Masood in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He has admitted that he knew her as a brave activist and a very good friend. He said, it hurt us deeply to know about her murder. We want justice for Shehla. All this when the CBI has knocked on his door, on finding that he had talked to Shehla the day she was murdered. He did not find it necessary to volunteer this information to the police. He also did not find it necessary to react when the MP police took the first step in hushing up the murder. Within hours of the shooting the MP police had floated the suicide theory. Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054                    Factors affecting Muslim unity A particular sect among Muslims now for many decades has been resorting to extremistic, obscurantist and parochial stance. They have been damaging the Muslim unity. Their influence can be felt from local level to global one. The righteous ulema have always rejected them. The worst manifestation of this movement has been that it belittles the spiritual and tolerant aspects of Islam. The propagandists of this movement mislead the masses by interpretational distortion of the Quranic text and Hadith. Apparently they seem to be referring to the Quran and Hadith but owing to their shallow and superficial knowledge about the basic sources of Islam often land into quagmire and confusion. Sometimes they even dare to damn the laborious works done by the founders of four schools of Islamic thought (viz;Hanafi,Shafai,Habali and Maliki) without understanding their respective modus operandi. Though one is at liberty to differ but methodology these people adopt is funny and unscholarly. They often dub their fellow Muslims either mushrik or kafir. They are hell-bent to erode the spiritual basis of Islam and do often assail the spiritual mentors. Need of the hour is to expose this movement to prevent the Ummah from this nuisance. Nasir Hussain Peerzadah, Mallabagh, Srinagar   Practice of second marriage Islam no doubt has given conditional permission to get marry for second and third wife. The husband will provide them equal status. The husband should not be diverted towards one wife and neglect other wife. In India it was recorded that non Muslims are greater in numbers than Muslims who have married more than one wife. Muslims marry the second wife only in case the first wife is suffering from some disease or infertile. The Muslims need not diverse the first wife he has to maintain both the wives. But in Hinduism the first wife has to be divorced. Is it not injustice towards the first wife? Some of the non Muslims convert to Islam and get marry. We can remind the example of Dharminder and Hema Malini. Islam has done justice to the women folk. In the olden days The Rajas and Maharajas used to marry or maintain hundreds of wives and concubine’s.  It was gross injustice to the ladies. Islam restricted to the 4 wives with subject to the condition of equal justice among them. Those who blame Islamic rules take cognizance of the hidden merit in them. Media is in the habit of criticism on Islamic Laws citing the example of Osama Bin Ladin. He had five wives and a dozens of children. His practice should not be treated as abiding by Islamic Laws. He was blamed by international media for political reasons Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad