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Thought process
  We think about our body and mind all the time. We think of food and drink. We think about good clothes and think for the nourishment of our body. Our mind desires many things. We are drowned in sorrow when our desires and worldly pleasures remain unfulfilled. Body and mind cannot drive us to peace. Body and mind are restless. They want more and more. This perishable body with mind should be regarded as only means for realizing eternal reality. The body should be considered as an iron safe, in which the precious jewels of good qualities and good actions are kept. It is these qualities that should be cherished. We find the world deplorable because our conduct and actions are not good and pure. We do not walk on the path suggested by our beloved Prophet. We recite Quran but do not choose the path of righteousness. We must realize that slavery of body with mind is harmful. The perishable body cannot give eternal peace. Nazneen Saherwala     Luxury hospitals; poor patients
  It is nice to know that a Supreme Court Bench of Justices R V Raveendrana and A K Patnaik asked the city hospitals to reserve 25 per cent of their out-patient department capacity and 10 per cent of beds at the indoor level for free treatment of the poor. This is the understanding given by the private hospitals in their land-lease agreements. It is the court contention that the hospitals cannot "wriggle out" of their responsibility to treat the poor free of cost. The signatories of these solemn agreements know well that such an undertaking is meant to remain on paper only. The party of the first part does not fulfil the undertaking and the party of the second part does not enforce it. In all probabilities, the signatory on behalf of the government has been generally squared up. Besides, a free bed in a seven star luxury hospital is not a workable idea. It is like inviting a labourer with his wife on a construction site for a free lunch at Oberoi Sheraton. He will opt for a plateful of food which he may eat in the shadow of that very hotel. Each one of such hospitals, instead, should be made to construct a modest hospital and a good primary health care centre in an area easily approachable by the poor. Such cottage hospital or a PHC [primary health care] centre may be run by the government or an NGO while the luxury hospital may foot the bill for its maintenance. Perhaps the luxury hospitals may grab the idea if it can keep the smelly Indian away from the medical tourists. Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054     Commercialization of Education
  Indians have to lament that education in the country has now become a thriving industry. Admissions to technical institutions and to institutions imparting education in professional courses are given on the basis of donations touching six figures. In flagrant violation of Indian constitution which provides for free and compulsory education to students up to the age of 14, public schools are charging thousand of rupees as fees from the parents and guardians of students not once but after every three months that is at least thrice during one academic session. These public schools are public only in name but are really centres of worst kind of exploitation which is the norm of private sector or privatization. One has to pay for admission forms of universities not on payment of amount. Mr. Kapil Sibal  HRD minister will really do a national service by adopting strong preventive, measures against commercialization of education and implement the provisions of the constitution for giving free and compulsory education to students up to the age of 14. Dr. M.H. Kidwai, Ex M.P. Mayur Vihar, New Delhi     Congratulation, Abhyanand!
  Abhyanand is credited to have supported downtrodden and educationally backwards Muslims to excel in education through Rahmani-30 Coaching Institute. He is founder and mentor of Rahmani-30. Abhyanand has been appointed as DGP of Bihar.  Muslims of India and particularly Muslims of Bihar congratulate him and expect the same from his new assignments. S. Haque, Patna     Keon bane cororepati
  After the declarations of assets, the central government ministers it was noted that   they are the owners of crores of rupees. The question arises how they could amass such a huge amount. They cannot earn out of service, business, agriculture etc the only source is out of corruption. The crorepati ministers should explain how they could earn huge amount. Even after owning the capital why they take salaries and allowance If they have the love of nation they should serve honourably, with out remuneration. Sorry to say that the prime minister who looks innocent has so much cash with him. He should stop taking salary and work honourably. They must allow the CBI to inquire about the other assets which might have been missed. It will be better if all the crorpati ministers credit this amount to national exchequer. It will be a noble gesture and a snub to Anna Hazare. Dr MaqdoomiHyderabad     Heinous crime against women
  In a shocking incident in Nagpur, in-laws and husband of a just married girl threw her out of the house for dowry even before the bride could get out of her wedding attire. A bike, T.V. set, gas stove, watch and jewellery had been demanded in dowry from her relatives. Bride family gave Rs. 21000 in cash and a gold finger ring to the bride-groom. Since the bridegroom and in-laws were not satisfied with the dowry given they drove her out of the house in her wedding dress. Even more shocking is the fact that the police too was not ready to take her complaint seriously. Such in-human cases of atrocities against newly married girls and horrible bride burning crimes for dowry have been taking place in India since long, particularly in the majority community. Religious leaders, social reformers, human rights activists, women organisations etc. must try to eradicate such in-human practice and heinous crime. Such criminals must be awarded strict punishments including capital sentence. G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara 441904     Banking policy
  It is really heartening that at least one political party (CPI-M) has thought about opposing the UPA government's latest move to allow corporate bigwigs to open banks.. One must remember that, the global economic tsunami of 2008 could be withstood by our country owing to robust foundations in our banking policy, and a similar challenge in future also can be met, if they are allowed to remain stronger.  Wouldn’t the increase in the FDI cap in sectors like banking give the reins of huge domestic savings made by crores of Indians into the hands of handful industrialists? In that case, won't it defeat the very purpose of nationalisation which envisioned the concept of people's money for people's welfare?             Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)     Gujarat Lokayukta
  First time since Modi became Chief Minister, Governor of Gujarat has invoked special powers and appointed a lokayuta in Gujarat without waiting for a recommendation from State Government of Modi. That is one of the bold steps taken by the Governor, which is guaranteed by the constitution of India. In fact, Modi and his cabinet are involved in every type of unconstitutional activities. Now Modi cries and tried to project the constitutional act of Governor as unconstitutional. Modi Government spokesperson Jaynarayan Vyas said that act is not in the spirit of the constitution. Jaynarayan contention is foolish. Gujarat Government is looking worried. Governor of Gujarat have exercised her constitutional powers according to Gujarat Lokayukta Act, 1986 Clause 3(1) that clearly stated, “For the purpose of conducting investigations in accordance with the provisions of this Act, the Governor shall, by Warrant under his hand and seal, appoint a person to be known as Lokayukta”. Under the Act, the Governor was the “appointing authority” and he or she should consult the Chief Justice of the High Court and the leader of the Opposition of the Assembly. There is no question of bypassed the entire government as expressed by Vyas. Now time has come to act by the central Government of UPA and Impose President’s rule in the State of Gujarat under Article 356 of the Constitution of India.          Zuber Ahmed Khan, Navi Mumbai 410210     Fast food
  Food is a major component for survival and thus a basic necessity of mankind. Thus it’s important to eat a healthy and balanced diet to lead a healthy life style. However, of late, multinational fast-food chains have rapidly taken over most shopping malls and local markets. In a bid to cash in on the growing trend of Indians eating out, fast food chains such as McDonald's India, Dominos Pizza, Pizza Hut, KFC and Yo! China are charting out plans to enter new Tier II and III markets, apart from penetrating deeper into existing markets. It is a developing world today and a general tendency of people to get easily acquainted with luxury and laziness. This is where the concept of fast food chains figures. These days, children and young people are seen in Dominos and Pizza huts with wallet in their hands enjoying their weekends. Call it a junk or fast food chains which have spread like an epidemic is creating obesity and related problems. There are only a handful of people who have the correct BMI (body mass index). Thus we see people spending loads of money treating their medical disorder. Indeed, the Fast food chains have become flavour of the season along with which unhealthy lifestyle is also emerging rapidly. Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur 440013     Sympathy of sex workers
  In a recent judgement, the Honbe Supreme Court has expressed its deep sympathy for sex workers and has observed that they are forced to enter into flesh trade by horrible poverty. It has directed State and Central Government to frame schemes for their vocational training to lead a dignified life. One wished that similar sympathy and deep concern is expressed by the Honble Court for the unemployed of the country and directs the Central and State Government to give unemployment allowance to the unemployed. Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP Mayur Vihar Delhi-91     Sports under the purview of RTI
  In an era of utmost openness and transparency where even the deeds of judiciary is demanded to be under the public eye, ironically we see the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), calling itself a private club consortium, is fighting tooth and nail to prevent bringing it under the ambit of Right to Information (RTI) Act. However, the sports control bill was rejected in the house after it was presented by the sports minister Mr. Ajay Maken, he was asked to redraft the same. The bill targets the sports body by asking 25% of reservation for ex sportsmen and age limit, however, the BCCI claims that since it is a private club thus should remain untouched by this bill, though the fact is, that this very board gets a tax exemption, land from government and many such privileges. It’s an undisputable fact that it is a secretive body remains with little transparency and practically no accountability. Many episodes from the match-fixing scandal of 2000 to the World Cup debacle in 2007 and the scandalous IPL saga, it is over and again proven that the BCCI has many skeletons in its cupboard. The devastating 4-0 loss to England is just a signal that all is not well with the Indian cricket team. What surety the crazy Indian cricketing millions have that its decisions would not cause irreparable damages to Indian cricket? And many believe that bringing transparency and accountability in its functioning will work for its benefit. Express your opinions on bring BCCI under the RTI act. Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur – 440013   Press silence on corrupt bureaucrats
  Today corruption is all-pervasive in the country and has deeply affected all walks of life. It can be effectively checked and eliminated when not only highly effective and strict laws are passed, deterrent exemplary punishment is given to the guilty and very strong public opinion is mobilized against this cancer. Surely, press can do a lot in this matter. But it is distressing that the press has miserably failed to perform its duty in so far as corrupt bureaucrats are concerned. It has done a real national service by exposing corrupt politicians and political leaders by highlighting their highly deplorable scams and has rightly condemned them on their venality, it has ignored the fact that the politicians could not get away with corruption without the active assistance of bureaucrats. In fact, bureaucrats have beaten the politicians in this nasty and sordid game of amassing wealth. Hardly any day passes when we do not read reports of CBI raids at the residences of bureaucrats both serving or retired and come to know the details of their amassing wealth amounting to several crores and about their highly disproportionate assets. The most suitable example of this is that of a former Chief Secretary of UP who had amassed wealth amounting to crores. Silence of the press over the corruption of bureaucrats on such a vast scale cannot be condoned. Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, Ex M.P. Mayur Vihar, New Delhi     Should UN support India’s agitation against corruption?
  With democratic uprising going-on in North Africa & Middle East (NAME) countries - which entails increased and serious commitment of USA, its democratic allies and UN (who are intervening in NAME countries, even militarily, in the interest of democracy) to ensure corruption free democratic political culture through-out the world - it is imperative that UN Convention against corruption should be taken more seriously by USA, its allies & UN. To be fair to USA, when India cried foul on the comment of State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland - who when was asked about the "demonstration going on in India and police brutality against the people who are having peaceful demonstrations against corruption" with a special emphasis on protest against corruption to be held on August 16, led by Anna Hazare, said in Washington that ["as you know, we support the right of peaceful, non-violent protest around the world. That said, India is a democracy and we count on India to exercise appropriate democratic restraint in the way it deals with peaceful protest"], USA did not express any regret and did not become apologetic on this comment of Victoria. In Indian context:  (1)- UN may depute observers in Delhi and other parts of India. (2)- Too much individual centric IACM has again shown its pitfalls. This is evident from the fact that: - (i)- Anna movement could not achieve what was possible to achieve given huge public support including support of people who came on streets. (ii)- The unnecessary rigidity of arbitrarily chosen (and some team members arbitrarily dropped) Anna team and its uncalled-for provocation to Government / Parliament, harmed the interests of IACM. Hem Raj Jain, Jay Nagar, Bangaluru-560041     FBI organizes Terror Plots in the US (MG Sep 1-15)
  Not only FBI, there is a well funded movement to create a well organized Islamophobia among the Americans by conservative foundations. A small number of conservative foundations are propelling a handful of anti-Islamic activists who are fueling rising levels of Islamophobia, in the USA according to a report issued on 26th August 2011by the left-leaning Center for American Progress. The 130-page report identifies seven conservative funders who between 2001 and 2009 gave $42.6 million to eight anti-Islamic causes; most of them headed by individuals who critics say form an organized network. The report is the latest among recent reports by CNN, The New York Times and The Tennessean that scrutinize these organizations. Authors of the CAP report hope the public pressure will persuade donors to stop funding these groups. The intention of this report is simple. We want to end Islamophobia," said Faiz Shakir, a report author. The Donor Capital Fund in Alexandria, Va., was the single biggest funder and made the single biggest gift, $18 million, to the Clarion Fund, which in 2008 paid millions of dollars to disseminate an anti-Muslim DVD through local newspapers. The next three largest funders named in the report were foundations belonging to newspaper publisher Richard Mellon Scaife ($7.9 million); the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation ($5.4 million); and the Russell Berrie Foundation ($3.1 million) these are all well known anti-Islam groups and individuals like Daniel Pipes. Besides the Clarion Fund, other funding recipients include the website; the Middle East Forum headed by academic Daniel Pipes; the Investigative Project on Terrorism headed by former CNN reporter Steven Emerson; and the Center for Security Policy, headed by Frank Gaffney, a former defence official in the Reagan administration all of them notorious bigots who try hard to undermine the growth of Islam in the U.S. Kodimirpal(via email)     Declare Navi Mumbai a separate District
  Declare Harbor Line separate zone, like Central a Western. Navi Mumbai is the twin city to Mumbai, has population about 20 to 25 lakhs. Unfortunately did not have its own identity. Half Navi Mumbai comes under the Thane district and half under Alibagh district. Now it is the proper time to declare Navi Mumbai a separate district and notified in the Maharashtra Assembly. New Mumbai limit should start from Vashi Gaon to New Panvel and from Taloja Central Jail to Vashi Gaon. Session Court is also not having proper jurisdiction. Upto CBD Belapur Thane Session Court have jurisdiction onward from Khargahr, Taloja, Kalamboli, panvel, Alibag Session Court have jurisdiction. Residents of Kalamboli, Taloja, New Panvel, Kharghar used to move Alibag for any district level work. In the same way for Session Court work, they will have to move upto Alibagh that is the wastage of time and money of public. Harbor railway line is becoming one of the busy railway lines. It should be declaring a separate zone like central and western. Zuber Ahmed Khan Navi Mumbai 410210