Cause of Muslim backwardness

Billionaire Shiv Nadar, IT tycoon, chairman of a software company and founder of HCL, announced his plans to set up a chain of 25 high standard schools from kindergarten to secondary level across the country.

On the other hand Muslim showboy Bollywood star Imran Khan filed a PIL in the Bombay High Court challenging Maharashtra government’s decision raising the legal age limit for consuming alcohol from 21 to 25 years. He brags it is a fight for constitutional rights for youths of India. We couldn’t follow the conspiracy why Muslim names become hit in films, whereas in real life importance is given to a person who on retiring gets Rs 315 crore though he was born in a poor family of a very small town, Bhagalpur. He is Sanjay Jha who studied hard and became CEO of Motorola. But our media is full of film artists, stars, poets, story writers, musicians etc.

This has been the character of Muslim nawabs, zamindars and kings. They constructed palaces, parks, kothis and havellis but never thought of establishing schools while the first verse revealed in Islam’s holy book Qur’an said Iqra, i.e.: Read.! Muslim backwardness’s root cause lies in this mismatch.
S. Haque