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I have been reading The Milli Gazette for the last two or three years regularly. Fantastic and informative fortnightly newspaper for Indian Muslims. Every educated Muslim should read this. MG is doing great service to our community in particular. I request to publish Dr. Zakir Naik’s writing in every issue of your magazine. Cordial thanks to Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan and your team.

Md. Nurul Haqq, Kamrup, Assam

In the 16-30 Sept.2011 edition of Milli Gazette, in the column of awards on page 16, where four teachers of Mumbai Urdu schools have been selected for being honoured with Mayor Award on the ocassion of Teachers day i.e. 5th Sept. the birthday of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. You have written him as the first president of India, which is not correct. He was the 2nd President of India and Dr. Rajendra Prasad was the first president of India.

Dr. M. Rahman, Lucknow. 226026

Transfer Gulbarg colony massacre case to Maharashtra

During 2002 anti-Muslim riots in Gujarat, in the Gulbarg colony of Ahmedabad, 69 Muslims including Congress MP Ehsan Jafri, were brutally murdered in cold blood by Hindu rioters. Police had refused to register Ehsan Jafri’s widow Zakia Jafri’s FIR against 62 persons including Narendra Modi, his several ministers and officers. Since the police, civil administration and judiciary has been communalized and saffronised in Gujarat she went to the Supreme court for justice. Unfortunetaly, the Supreme court on 12 Sept. 11 has directed a lower trial court in Gujarat to take a final decision on her complaint. Earlier two-judges bench of the Supreme Court in a historic verdict on April, 12, 2004, had ordered retrial of Gujarat Best Bakery case out of Gujarat, in Maharashtra. The learned judges had condemned Narendra Modi’s administration including police. With reference to this 2-judge bench’s historic judgement, we appeal to the Supreme Court to order transfer of all the 2002 Gujarat anti-Muslim riot cases including Gulbarg colony massacre case to Maharashtra at the earliest.            

G. Hasnain Kaif

Bhandara (M.S.) – 441904

Palestinians sold, fractured and castrated

Aware that Palestinians would not receive recognition for their “independent” state. It is going to be a lie. It will be prevented by pressure and bribery. The American President and ME kings would as usual urge “moderation” and “restraint” -- which is what the US and, of course, Israel, want to fully colonise. There would be no Arab army -- neither Palestinian nor any other kind -- in the West Bank and Gaza. The Israeli air force would have the right to fly over the skies of “independent” Palestine. There would be Israeli early warning stations on Palestinian territory. On the ground, the Israelis would continue to hold not less than 5 per cent of the land, including the settlements which cut the West Bank off from Jerusalem and which also cut the West Bank in two. So much for sovereignty. But a state? No way. Forgotten would be any future negotiations over Jerusalem and the “right of return” of 3 million refugees. Abandoned would be any hope of European support for a state. Cynical, perhaps. But not without reason. With the Americans already calling for a “peace” conference to postpone the “state” which he has already declared twice before. It may also have been part of the window-dressing for another Palestinian “concession”. PALESTINE BEING SOLD, FRACTURED, DEFORMED, CASTRATED by those whom they trust

Pa.Mohamedameen (via email)

Women and the institution of marriage

I have received a letter asking me why a woman should end up being a marriage material. Here is my answer: A woman has a right to educate herself. She can move around freely with her Hijab on to do good work in society. She needs emotional support and therefore she needs a good and understanding husband in her life. If she decides to not to marry than she gets more than one man in her life because men harass women living alone all by her own in a society. She may not be very beautiful or very intelligent; men harass her when she has no husband to rely on. A woman has a right to her motherhood. A woman is naturally lovable and soft in heart. A man should behave in a respectable manner to his sweet wife. A man should become responsible and have a good family life. A man and a woman both are supposed to marry at the right age. There is Sawaab in Niqah. A society without the marriage institution is chaotic and it dies soon without healthy family life.

Nazneen O. SaherwalaSurat

Education can uplift Muslims

The only way to uplift the Muslim community is to provide education. Unfortunately the so called minority Muslim-run institutions are rejecting poor Muslim students. Recently I was in Vellore district, Tamil Nadu, and approached a Muslim-run Engineering college for admission of a poor Muslim student. The correspondent of the college told me that they run business not charity and engineering seat will be given if 3 lakh is paid along with prescribed fee. I also happened to check the result of M.Ed of a Muslim-run Education college in South Tamil Nadu. Almost all the students are non-Muslims. What a pathetic condition! The so-called minority institutions are run to help minority students but they make lot of money instead of helping the community.

Educational improvement in J&K

This refers to the report ‘JK most illiterate among northern states: Census’. I believe there is no need of any hue and cry on it because the educational apparatus is now well in place and situation has improved to a greater extent in the holistic state. Different educational schemes like Operation Blackboard, Mid-Day Meal Scheme Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, National Programmes for Education of girls at Elementary Level (NPEGEL), Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV),TLC, etc, have laid their impact and drop out rates are declining considerably, thereby contributing to the dream of universalisation of education in the state. Regarding comparison with other states, I believe it is a folly because we have gone through the decades of conflict which impoverished us economically, culturally, socially and above all educationally. Nevertheless, the situation is improving as revealed in the facts and figures; it will take its time to achieve universalisation of education as decades of destruction cannot be complied with so fast. Let us be optimistic about it and not develop any inferiority complex, seeing our youth are now getting a sizeable space in prestigious services and other good sectors.

Syed Adfar Rashid Shah, Ganderbal, Kashmir

Rath Yatra

As Advani with his chariot races is the country’s Maharathi, so Modi with his “open letters” is becoming our Mahapatrakar. Just why is this chitthibazi needed to say the very things which the man says anyway in public speeches and in interviews?

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar, Delhi 110091

Terror attack is a dastardly act

The 7 September blast at the premises of the Honourable Delhi High Court appears to be a planned and targeted attack on Indian judiciary. Over the years, the country places of pride have witnessed many such cruelties. A second attack at the prestigious court after 105 days reveals the intention and design of a villainous propaganda to hit where it hurts the most. The culpability apart, this attack leaves huge questions on the security arrangement in our country. After 9/11, the US has not allowed any room for any outfit to carry out their plan and it is said that even their home-grown outfits cannot succeed in their motives. Why is it so in India that even after repeated attacks and attempts by untoward elements, our police, intelligence and other investigation agencies end up drawing some sketches and fail to identify and nab the groups involved in such dastardly acts?

Manzar Imam, South Avenue, New Delhi-11


The bomb blasts in Malegaon , Samjhouta express, Mecca Masjid which led to incarceration of dozens of innocent Muslims have not taught any lesson to the corporate news channels.  Once again, they flagrantly vied with one another with their anti-Muslim harangue after the recent Delhi blasts.  Barely a few hours after the blast, Arnab Goswamy initiated a debate on his channel Times Now.  All the panellists debated as though the HuJI claim was bona fide. The catchphrase of the debate was “Are vote bank politics failing the government to fight against terror?”  One of the panellists Maroof Raza demonstrated his “patriotism” by suggesting that India should have security contracts with American and Israel for solving terrorism.  The other news channels followed suit focusing their attention on “Muslim” angle. The police affirmation a day later, that the HuJi claim could be bogus as the ID of the sender was created three hours after the blast did not stop the media diatribe.  The focus suddenly shifted to Indian Mujahideen (IM) when it purportedly claimed responsibility to the incident.  Probably, driven by the media tirade, the police issued two photographs as the suspects…both sporting beards.  Aren’t these satanic news channels causing disharmony in the nation by tacitly sermonizing that bomb blasts could be only the handiwork of Muslims?

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)


Pandya’s case needs to be re-investigated

Mr. Pandya’s murder should be solved and re-investigated; in fact Modi the modern Hitler is responsible for all the unconstitutional activities in the communal Gujarat. The fascist and communal people accepted the Modi unconstitutional activities, it looks Gujarat is not the part of India. Modi govt. files an application in the High Court Gujarat, wherein she made respondent to the Honble Governor of the state, while constitution says that President, Governor, CJI of Supreme Court are immune from any types of proceedings. The murder of Mr. Pandaya must have been done with political motive. Modi may be responsible behind the murder. The inquiry should be carried out with any autonomous body or international body. Let the ugly face of Modi should come to the public. Modi and his cabinet remain forward in all types of misdeeds, fairly speaking, in Gujarat especially upto when the fundamentalist forces are exists and especially Modi is the head of the State, we cannot expect fair and constitutional way of trial in any matter. In fact Gujarat state has become a hub of communal disharmony. In Gujarat BJP is wining due to bad politics of Modi.

Zuber Ahmad Khan, Navi Mumbai


Justice in Gujarat riots 2002 cases

Lot of heat has unnecessarily been generated as Supreme Court yesterday sent Zakia case to trial court. But the fundamental issue of getting justice to riot victims (including through the booking of derelict and complicit bloc servants remains unaddressed in any meaningful way, in this din of highly politicized and diversionary atmosphere. I am sure Your Honour very much wants to get justice for these riot victims and also to get culpable Servants booked so that not only these riot victims get justice but governance in Gujarat gets further improved & cleansed and such pogroms do not take place in future in Gujarat and in rest of the country too (due to exemplary effect). But I submit most humbly that I happen to know the law and can state with full sense of responsibility that these cases of riot victims are not being filed & contested (by victims as well as prosecutors) in a proper manner in Gujarat. Therefore some extremely important and relevant provisions of criminal law are not being invoked. Hence real & powerful culprits are not properly booked with the result chances of getting justice against other accused too have been / are very low. I am prepared to go to Ahmedabad and help / assist in this process and can show that within in a period of one month of filing few petitions / applications in court / courts of Gujarat, how the tables can be turned in favour of these victims of Gujarat riots 2002 and also in favour of strengthening the criminal jurisprudence in Gujarat.

Hem Raj Jain, Jay Nagar, Bangaluru-560041

Muslims and Anna’s campaign

Muslims were sceptical of Anna Hazare’s Movement against corruption for many reasons: 1. Corruption has spread in the body of the Indian polity and society like cancer and its cure by another state institution was a farce. 2. The supporters included large chunks of Sangh Parivar whose credibility was considered doubtful. 3. The movement was politically motivated and had no programme for reform at the grass root level. A man made law has loopholes and the wrongdoers have got the guts to go Scot free (as evident from the actions of the highest law enforcing bodies). There are examples where the conscience keepers are punished and the guiltiest are set free. The proposed Lokpal is bound to face this dilemma. Unless the Lokpal conscience) gifted by the Almighty is made stronger enough to check the evil practices and abide by the virtuous ones, no law on earth and no authority whatsoever could eradicate corruption.

Shakil Anwar, Hyderabad 500002



Indian the name of fighting all-pervasive corruption, civil society group led by Anna Hazare is trying for the passage of a strong and effective Jan lokpal Bill ceding excessive powers to the Lok Pal or ombudsman who will have jurisdiction over the PM, Ministers, MPs, Judges and Bureaucrats. He will become a super power and this is clear legation of Democracy. Moreover, the very name and nomenclature of the Party which is led by Anna Hazare is wrong as it assumes that politicians and political leaders are uncivil. Anna Hazare team which is like a shadow government in fact represents forces that aim at not only subverting parliamentary democratic system but destabilize the country. It is therefore, the duty of all Indian who are wedded to Indian secular democracy to come forward and give a crushing defeat to these forces which are deadly opposed to Indian Democracy.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, Ex-MP, Mayur Vihar, Delhi-91

Modi fast or political stunt

Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s recent Sadbhavna  fast was a clear  “political stunt and drama” through which he was trying to project himself as a secular leader. This fasts do not lessen his “crimes”. Muslims who lost their houses, loved ones and properties during the 2002 riots are grappling to find a hold over their lives even today. Modi is trying to improve his image as a national leader while aiming for Prime Ministership All these are political stunts and drama by Modi to improve his candidature for Prime Ministership.While the Supreme Court has transferred his case to a lower court in the state, Modi is trying to project his so-called secular image with these political gimmick. Modi has “no moral right” to fast as he has not followed Rajdharma and still lots of women were running from pillar to post for justice including the wife of former Home Minister Haren Pandya.

A.M. Lakhani, Ahmedabad


Narendra Modi’s so-called fast was nothing but a political stunt for publicity and to project himself as a just and unbiased ruler for whom the honour, progress and dignity of 5 crore, and now six crore, people of Gujarat are at his heart. Now that he is being projected by some people to play a geater role at national level and even as the projected future prime minister, he has become more publicity hungry. Full page advertisements about the progress made by his government in Gujarat under his leadership, in hundreds of newspapers all over the country, including Urdu newspapers of Gujarat, which probably he would never have done before, arranging as a large gatherings of people as possible at the time of his much publicised 3-day (72 hours) upwaas or fast for self purification and washing of his misdeeds and other such exercises are all parts of the propaganda blitzkrieg unleashed by him. According to some BJP activists they were asked to bring as many Muslims from different parts of Gujarat as possible on that occasion was an attempt by him to hoodwink the world and convince the people that he has cast off his anti-Muslim bias or that large number of Muslims support him. People’s memory is short no doubt, but not so short as to forget his uncharitable and contemptuous remarks about Muslims that those who act on, or believe in Ham paanch hamaaray pachees should be taught a lesson, that the refugee camps where the uprooted and battered Muslim families after their genocide, over which he ‘presided’, were accommodated should be closed down, even in the absence of any other alternative arrangements where they could find a refuge, because these camps are factories for producing children. His projected 72-hour fast in an air conditioned hall, which according to some newspapers was broken after about 56 hours only, also shows his sham. When a Muslim cleric had offered him a skull cap to wear he did not accept it, saying that he doesn’t wear a cap, is also a lie because his photos in black ‘Gandhi cap, the trade mark of RSS (alongwith khaki shorts and half-sleeve white shirt) have appeared in newspapers on previous occasions. He did not have the moral courage to say that he does not want to wear skull cap which, of late, has become the symbol of Muslims, as a matter of expediency. Maulana Ghulam Muhammad Wastanvi, his one-time admirer-turned detractor, had aptly said that the proverb that after eating hundreds of rats the cat sets out for Haj pilgrimage fits on him.

NA Ansari, Ghaffar Manzil, New Delhi


A large section of society feels that Narendra Modi fast is a celebration of Supreme Court recent order on Ehsan Jafri murder case. Grand preparations, five tier security arrangement, 2000 car parking space, lights and streaming arrangements costing 50 lakh rupees for Fast seem as a Feast. Critics do not hesitate to say that Modi is preparing grounds for coming Lok Sabha elections bringing people of different community under confidence. Some people, particularly Muslims, feel that his role in the 2002 Gujarat violence is questionable. Modi could have garnered much support had he delivered justice to the riot victims and also accepted moral responsibility for the same.

Shafaque Alam, JMI, New Delhi