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  I pray to Allah that you continue in your effort through Milli Gazette. My sincere concern and prayers are with you. I had mailed to more than thousands people for subscribing toMG. I hope many of them would have subscribed it. Inshallah, we will make sure MG does not face the fate of previous magazines. Khurshid Imam MG Editor: Thank you for your mail and your efforts to popularise MG. I do not think that of late there has been any marked spurt in subscriptions. I have given up and probably MG print edition will fold up by the end of this year while the online edition will continue, insha Allah. The financial, emotional and time burden of MG on me personally is so huge that I do not think that after these 12 long years there is any justification to keep the charade going endlessly. If the community does not appreciate, so be it.    How to stop riots and discrimination
  I read an article about the recent clash in Rajasthan. The article also mentioned Gujarat riot. Here are some sentences from the article: “it started after 59 Hindus were burned to death in a train car in Godhra town. Local people accused Muslims of setting fire to the train and more than 1,000 people, mostly Muslims, were killed in the subsequent riots”. This article made it sound like it was Muslims who started the riot. If I am not mistaken, I remember reading an article few years ago that the clash started when Hindus ate at a Muslim shop and left without paying. A few years ago in an article about the riot there was a photograph of a Muslim man asking the police for help. According to the article, police did not take action. I think if there were high ranking Muslim police officers, they could have done something. By having more Muslims in law enforcement, legal and media field a lot can be done. Azim Ali   Pandya murder
  I do not know who killed former Gujarat minister Haren Pandya, but the following facts interested me: (1) Pandya did appear before the Citizen’s Commission (which included Justice Sawant and Justice Iyer) and revealed that Modi had on the evening of February 27, 2002, asked police officers to let Hindus vent their anger on Muslims for the Godhra train fire. (2) Pandya told Outlook magazine (November 19, 2007) that if the above fact became known, he would be killed. (3) His murder was investigated by none other than Narendra Modi’s favorite police officer Vanzara who is now in jail for another fake encounter murder. When the CBI took over the case, Vanzara conveyed all his findings to the CBI, which seems to have swallowed them whole. The CBI was then under the BJP governemnt of Vajpayee/Advani. (4) On August 29, 2011 the Gujarat High Court acquitted all 12 accused in the Haren Pandya murder case. It callled the CBI investigation “shoddy”. (5)Haren Pandya’s widow and his late father have long suspected Modi’s involvement. (6)Suspended IPS officer Sanjeev Bhatt, was arressted on September 30, 2011 three days after he had filed an affidavit in the Gujarat High Court stating that former minister of state for home Amit Shah and Chief Minister Narendra Modi had asked him to destroy important evidence he had collected pertaining to the case. I do not know if Modi is guilty, but the whole thing stinks to high heaven. Ghulam Mohiyuddin, New York (via email)   We do not like this ad I want to bring to your notice a very important issue, In the Oct issue of MG, in the very last page I was shocked to see the advertisement of the webpage: This is the website of Inkar-e-Sunnah group, those people who say Qur’aan alone is enough and who reject the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet totally. Similar to Rashad Khalifa group (19-ers). checkout the website and look under hadeeth section you will understand their aqeedah. MG has such goodwill amongst the Muslim community and anything comes in MG will be taken by many without any verification as the right thing, so please be careful in future and in your next issue please notify the public about that website. May Almighty Allaah guide us from deviation. Imtiaz Ahmed   Tussle between Modi and governor
  Whining and whimpering of Narendra Modi about the centre running a parallel government in Gujarat through the Governor is for public consumption. If indeed he finds Governor Kamala Beniwal overstepping her brief he has remedies to redress his grievances. He must answer the question which the Governor is within her right to ask. A mandate through ballot box should not be equated with license to be above questioning. He should not for ever expect the people to give “fitting replies” to questions which he should be answering. If he has problem with the Communal Harmony Day and so many other  “Divas” and days being celebrated every year he can question them full throated in the proper forum and even getting such celebrations scrapped. Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054   Film on Hindu Terror 

It’ is hardly surprising, given the sick but  encashable trend of Islamophobia,  that film producers like Karan Johar and others scripted and produced movies that depicted, though imaginary, Islamic Terrorism in movies like ‘My name is Khan’,’ Qurban’, ‘Fana etc’. to name a few. But surprisingly no writer, producer or director, to this day, could dare to script and make a movie on ‘Hindu terrorism’ despite the fact that its huge network was busted by late Hemant Karkare and its champions, who have been repeatedly denied bail, are behind the bars and for the first time, in Panvel and Vashi bomb blast cases, two terrorists of Sanatan Sanstha, Bhave and Gadkari, have been convicted and given rigorous imprisonment of ten years with a fine of Rs. 25000 each. And again, despite Maharashtra government’s repeated plea to the Centre to ban ‘Abhinav Bharat’ and Sanatan Sanstha, no film on Hindu Terrorism.

Films are not just the mode of entertainment. They are socially duty bound to reflect the ills and evils of the society in ‘General’ and not to conveniently target, just to make huge mullah, a particular community simply because its vulnerable and doesn’t enjoy ‘secular’ system’s sympathy including the ‘independent’ media. But even if our ‘courageous’ film makers do dare to make films on Hindu terrorism, one can imagine, they sure would endanger their lives and secondly who will watch them? Have we not seen the fate of Mira Nair’s movies? The fact, however bitter is that, Here we have a great and sacred society that, to satisfy its fake and false ego, happens to be transparently hypocrite and committed to sheer double standards. Jai Ho Mushtaque Madni   Judiciary closes its eyes on criminal chief ministers    Congratulations to Brother Mustafa Khan on the superb piece of journalistic skill in bringing out the most depressing aspects of the most shameful and brutal massacre of Indian Muslims in modern history. Br Khan’s language was befitting, forceful, breathtaking and ideas persuasive and insightful. Even the highest court of the world may declare Modi innocent on his active encouragement or passive participation in the massacre of Gujarati Muslims, but sure on the Yawmiddeen (judgment day) no one is going  to get away and hence the patience  and prayers of the Gujarat Muslim victims and their blood relations. Supplications of the oppressed will surely be accepted by Allah swt. How many well documented and authenticated huge corruption scandals of Indian state Chief Ministers had been on records since 1970 in India. And how many had been duly convicted and sent to the gallows in India. Never and that is the sort of judicial system that we have in India. So Narendra Modi is a safe bet in India. No worries for him. Let his conscience imprison and retribute him if he has a fraction left in him. In the state-sponsored pogrom in Gujarat, thousands of people were mercilessly slaughtered and made refugees, hundreds of women and young girls were brutally raped and tortured, religious places of worship were defiled and destroyed, and property loss and damage ran to hundreds of crores of Rupees. These heinous crimes were not only committed under Gujarat Chief Minister Modi’s watch, but also condoned by him. The Supreme Court of India has rebuked the State Government of Gujarat for its faulty and discriminatory handling of more than 2000 cases that were never even properly investigated let alone tried. Kodimirpal(via email)   Bharatpur riot investigations to hush up
  It is recent strategy to hush up the case many investigations are conducting any riot case like Bharatpur riot. So called secular Congress ordered judicial inquiry and CBI investigation. Congress team led an inquiry blamed Rajasthan home minister for his partisan decisions and simultaneously blamed police for excess. Nine persons were killed and all those killed were Muslims. Post-mortem report revealed two Muslims killed by police bullets. Are so many investigations instituted to hush up any concessive end? In Forbesganj (Bihar) police firing, chief secretary investigated judicial inquiry instituted. NMC visited Forbesganj and other Muslim organisation presented its own report but logical end is kept is abeyance. When justice for a Muslim matter comes all parties behaviour are same to botch justice. S. Haque, Patna   Haj an important Islamic rituals
  Every fourth man is a Muslim in the world and he regards the Arabian city of Mecca as the holiest. Each year many of them go for Haj or pilgrimage, to this dusty desert city to participate in a centuries-old rite that has been accurately characterized as the most impressive demonstration of faith to be witnessed on the face of the earth. And five times each day Muslims from each and every corner of the globe prostrate themselves toward Mecca the Kibla or spiritual focus of Islamic faith. Since A.D.630, when a middle aged Meccan merchant captured the city for Islam, Mecca has been held sacred by Muslims.Yes, Hazarat Mohammed s.a.w. made Islam systematic in this region. Its emotional epicentre is the Kaaba a cube shaped house of Allah. It has been destroyed and rebuilt number of times since Hazarat Ebrahim’s time. A black stone Hazre Aswad is set into the southeast corner of the Kaaba. Haj is very important for Muslims. Those who have been for Haj cannot forget the extra ordinary experience of life. May Allah send each and every Muslim for Haj at least once in a life time? Nazneen O. Saherwala,Surat, India. II
  It is a matter of great pleasures that one lakh Muslims and about fifty lakhs from the world proceed to Mecca to perform Hajj. Kaba (house of Allah) was constructed by Abraham 4000 years ago. Ismail and his mother were brought by Abraham to Mecca when it was a desert. Infant Ismail was crying in thirst and his mother was running in search of water between the two hillocks, SAFA and MARWA. Hagar was the second wife of Abraham. While she was searching for water Allah ordered Gabriel to hit on the ground besides Ismail water started oozing from the ground. Hagar saw the spring and made a boundary by saying Zam-Zam. Water was coming forcibly. The mother and child drank with utmost satisfaction. People from other villages came and settled as there was ample water was available in the spring. Hagar managed to supply the water to the inhabitants. Prophet Abraham came back and saw that his wife and child were leading a good life. The almighty Allah ordered Abraham to construct a four walled room. He obeyed the orders of Allah and constructed one house with the help of his son Ismail. This is the same house in Mecca and Muslims go for Hajj. This ritual is performed by Muslims. They make seven rounds around the Kaba. They put on two cheddars unstitched. And drink water from the Holy spring of Zam-Zam which suffices for crores of pilgrims who visit Mecca. This is a live miracle of Allah. Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad   Question mark on Anna’s neutral crusade
  Not too long ago Anna Hazare praised Narendra Modi’s governance. Modi was so tickled by Anna’s gesture that one morning at 5 a.m. he poured out his “heartfelt feelings” in an open letter to Annaji. “Your blessings” and “Bless me” are often repeated words in that open letter. He says,”Your blessings have given me the strength to do what is right and what is good. “It remains to be seen how Modi reacts to what Anna had to say on the matter of the arrest of Sanjiv Bhatt by Modi government: “Bhatt has submitted an affidavit in the Supreme Court. The matter is with the Supreme Court. Then what is the need to arrest him. This is wrong.” Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054                  II Anna Hazare got a massive response to his demand for the Jan Lokpal bill as everybody was vexed with the scourge of corruption that was eating into the vitals of the nation.  But his sudden shifting of the goalpost from being an avowed apolitical messiah fighting against corruption to someone asking the people not to vote the Congress (which can be construed as hinting the voters to support the main opposition party BJP) is shocking.  The voters are mature enough to teach the Congress a lesson, if it continues to delay the popular demand for a strong Lokpal bill.  Anna would do well if he continues to build pressure on the UPA government by his fasts and dharnas, instead of donning the robe of a political guru.    Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa, AP III
  Anti graft crushed, Anna Hazare free, fair and fearless vow to fight against corruption and bringing a strong Lokpal has left a significant impact on the socio-political environment of the country. However, it is intriguing that a person like Anna, who fasts till death against the will of political heavy weights, in spite of adverse environment, for a corruption free society, keeps mum against the repeated violence and atrocities meted out to North Indians by MNS and Shiv Seva workers, in his own state, Maharashtra. Shafaque Alam, JMI, New Delhi-25   IV
  Anna Hazare is being described as a second Gandhi by the media but merely by undertaking fast and adopting methods which are quite at Variance the Gandhian ways or methods cannot go to make Hazare a second Gandhi. Whenever, Gandhi undertook a fast he called it either in repentance or for self purification. Anna Hazare on the other instance that his Proposed Jan Lok Pal Bill should be passed at the cost of democratic Methods is cent percent authoritarian and thoroughly undemocratic and quite ungandhian. Another great difference between Gandhiji and the Hazare is that Gandhiji never constituted any team sought its advice whenever he undertook a fast he never asked anyone to negotiate on his behalf. While Anna Hazare had a team and always sought its advice. This is quite against Gandhiji ways. Over and above all this Gandhiji unlike Anna Hazare did not believe in mobocracy or parading thousands of people to prove the legitimacy of his fast. Anna Hazare movement represents majoritarian ethos is sponsored by RSS, BJP, BHP and other Hindu militant communal parties who aim at Converting India to Hindu country and establish a Hindu estate. This Movement aims at subverting Indian secular democratic parliamentary Form of government. Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, Ex-MP, Mayur Vihar, Delhi-91   Sanjiv Bhatt arrested for speaking against Modi
  The arrest of the IPS officer Sanjiv Bhat by the Modi administration has unmasked the reality behind Sadbhavana mission; it was but a tool to befool the public. If Modi was thankful to those who pointed out to his genuine mistakes why his government is cracking down on the whistleblower officers who brought forth the truth that Modi was on the wrong side during the 2002 riots. Actually he had staged the fast drama to gain the stature of a national leader. But it is a nightmare as voters would not like to see a communal PM. As a CM of Gujarat Modi was supposed to protect the citizens, therefore, he is responsible for the loss of lives. Ironically he never apologized for his failure. Though once Prime Ministerial candidate Mr. L.K. Advani has given his assent for presenting Modi as the PM if NDA comes in power, the BJP would be doing it on its own peril. It would definitely dent the little less communal image the party got under Vajpayee. Nitish Kumar had refused the service of Modi during Bihar assembly polls only because it could have deprived his JD (U) of minority votes. A Hameed Yousuf, Ulsoor, Bangalroe-08 II
  The arrest of IPS officer Mr. Sanjiv Bhat is purely a retaliatory action of chief minister Modi. It was done only an affidavit filed in the Supreme Court complaining against Modi about the Anti Muslim riots in Gujarat. The ex-prime minister Mr. AB Vajpayee has criticized Modi that he did not follow the norms of Raj Dharma, It was the same allegation levelled by the IPS officer. Modi was mute about the criticism and took stern action on Sanjeev Bhat. It is a purely political vengeance. To safeguard him the party bosses are telling lie and hoodwinking the people, they are unmindful of their downgrading respect and dignity. Modi is harming the party on moral grounds, his support to the party is just political nature the Party is not able to discriminate between the two types of losses. The sacrifice of party morality will go a long way. Dr MaqdoomiHyderabad   III
  The arrest of IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt has exposed the vindictive character of the Gujarat government.  Any layman can tell that Mr.Bhatt’s suspension from service followed by his arrest is the corollary to his filing of an affidavit in the Supreme Court about the connivance of the Chief Minister in the 2002 communal pogrom.  The police raid on the houses of Mr. Bhatt and his mother even after his arrest amounts to state-sponsored coercion to stifle the evidence in the Zakia Jaffri case.  The apex court shall take a serious view of the fear expressed by Mrs. Shweta Bhatt for her husband’s life.   One is at a loss to understand the plight of an ordinary witness, if the life of a senior police officer is being feared. Unless a strong message is sent to guarantee the safety of all witnesses involved in the cases related to the Gujarat 2002 pogrom, it would be yet another episode of justice denied. Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa, A.P.