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  Hope you are alright.Quite displeased to learn about the apathy on part of Muslims towards MG. MG really depicts the Muslim issues boldly. It has voiced about our issues both at national and international level. Muslims through MG niched their place in the media; otherwise our concerns remain gagged by the media. The well wishers of MG should come forward to help the cause of MG at this very crucial juncture. I suggest that some motivated persons from each state should come forward to help the cause of MG. Nasir Hussain Peerzadah, Srinagar II
You guys are doing excellent job for maintaining this paper. Allah bless its team. We Muslims are not asking you for any favor but you are doing good for us. Tell me one thing: is it possible our localities be clean? Delhi Jama Masjid is getting huge funds for maintanance yet its surrounding is very dirty. Areas around Jamia Millia Islamia are full of filth and garbage. I visited India after 20 years and found Muslim localities same way -- dirty and filthy. Are we Indian Muslims ignorant or foolish people? Is there any solution for this in your mind, if not, please close down your shops selling Muslims. Qazi Mohammad Arif, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago III I appreciate the topics covered in MG. If  possible more emphasis on waqf properties and Zakat, the major resource with ummah. Dr. Suhail Ahmed Farooqui 15 Shadab Colony, Mahanagar Extension, Lucknow, UP IV Please refer the matter "Did Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi have any value for Indian Muslims ? published in MG 16-31 October 2011. Congrates to Mr. Kaleem Kawaja for correctly analysing the mindset or mentality of Indian Muslim ( and Indian Hindus too ) intellectuals, academicians, elites and well to do people. In India, only those Muslims are highlighted or glorified by media whose contributions to their community ( Muslims ) is almost NIL or ZERO. In other words, only those Muslims who have done  damage to Muslims are offered governorship,ministership and other lucrative assighments.  Muslims whose dead bodies are burnt will be acceptable to Hindus  (Read Brahmins ) and  will be awarded Padmashri, Padmavibhushan posthumously for betraying Muslims . Late M C Chhagla ,late M. Hidayatullah, late Hamid Dalwai, late Yusuf Maherali -type namesake Muslims are acceptable in India irrespective of political party at the helm of affairs, be it Congress, BJP ,Communist or BSP. Respected Kawaja Saheb, may your tribe increase . Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani , Rajkot Gujarat     Pre-1953, Kashmir:Can the Clock Move Back Though it will be premature to argue too much about the restoration of pre-1953 status to Jammu and Kashmir at the moment. The much waited report, though still not made public, but rumors are in the air that it has been suggested by the Interlocutors for the state of Jammu and Kashmir, who had been assigned for collecting grass roots aspirations of the masses in the state. The already begun post report submission era has started and now the ball is in the court of government. Therefore, the State of Jammu and Kashmir and the centre in collaboration need to work for the holistic betterment of all the three regions of the state, where unequal distribution of socio-economic development, Human rights violations, regionalism and politics of bias and hatred is still prevailing. It has created a greater curiosity among various circles and a considerable section of the masses do not believe that autonomy will be ever restored, as they feel the gone times cannot be traversed back. The question remains will the clock move backwards? I believe there is a need of a determined, sincere and functional decision, taken out of a consensual interaction, keeping in view the long agony of not politicians or separatists or vested interests but common people of the state. Hence, the government and all parties meet at the centre is imperative to reach to some positive conclusion rather than playing delaying tactics. The restoration of genuine internal autonomy to the state can definitely mark the beginning of a new era of peace and harmony and simultaneously the decades old demand can be meted out. Restoring the status prior to 1953 by the centre means the state will have just three things with the centre. ie. defense, communication and foreign affairs, however, the apprehensions remain for future whether the autonomy will serve the purpose of restoring human rights, security measures, economic and social development and above all justice to common masses besides internal security of the whole landscape. Adfar Rashid Shah, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.   The hypocrisy of the Western countries on “free speech” was exposed when they have ordered all global financial institutions and banks to stop dealing with WikiLeaks. That these nations which claim to be the champions of democracy have chosen to silence WikiLeaks by blocking its resources is disgraceful.  More shocking was the manner some politicians in the U.S, including Sarah Palin, had suggested Mr.Julian Assange to be “hunted down”.  The modus operandi followed by the WikiLeaks might be ‘illegal’ as accused by the West, but a whistleblower can unearth the surreptitious details only by a technique like hacking. Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)   Prof Iqbal Ansari Memorial lecture Delivering the first of the Prof Iqbal Ansari Memorial lectures the noted activist and member of the National Advisory Council Shri Harsh Mander lamented the fact that the Union government treated the Communal Violence [etc] bill like an orphan and did nothing to defend it when the bill came under attack from the BJP and other parties during the National Integration Council meet of September 11. Let me quote Asghar Ali Engineer who has studied and written on communal riots for years. He has said repeatedly, I strongly believe no communal riot can last beyond 24 hours if the state government sincerely tackles it. This in a nutshell tells us the importance of sincere enforcement of laws that exist and prompt restoration of order that the violation of the laws results into. We have effective laws in our statute books. If the state machinery sincerely works towards enforcing these laws and is quick to take remedial measures in case of the littlest eruption of violence, there is no need for legislating new and controversial laws. The present Communal violence [etc] bill was conceived in the aftermath of violence against Muslims in Gujarat in 2002. While the events in Gujarat then were a gruesome example of not only dereliction of the constitutional duty of the state government but also its complicity, Congress was the mute spectator of the carnage. Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054   Congrtulation Mr. Ritesh It is an answer letter to Mr. Ritesh Kumar who sent a letter to Dr Zafarul Islam Khan against his view about Praveen Swamy. The answer letter is in his own words but the subject and object has changed. Well done! Well done Mr. Ritesh Kumar one of the best citiciser again congratulation. What do you think you are supporting? Cruels mean Brave America? I mean at least try to shield a bit of your unconditional Islamophobia. It is so and we are living on moon, right? Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Heroshima, Nagasaki and more others. There is no need to mentioning date because you are a well reader of newspapers, is I mean please sir leave this innocent attitude. The T.T.P. and Al Qaiers in Pakistan I think you are not familiar with the conditions going on in Pakistan and who is behind those situations. You are acting like a Frog in a well. What you said these are done by Al Qaida. Again remove your google of communalism. Don’t see with the eyes of others. Ritesh Kumar Sahab for one moment give up the ego from your mind and look at the world objectively, just for once you know if you are a human being you will definitely know. Musaddiq Mubeen, Kerala 679325   IPS officer Sanjeev Bhatt released The release of the IPS officer Sanjeev Bhatt comes as a whiff of fresh air.  But the fact that he had to spend 18 days in jail for purportedly forcing his driver to sign a false affidavit is alarming.  His undue incarceration has sent a wrapped warning to the whistleblowers and witnesses standing trial in the 2002 Gujarat pogrom that they should be prepared to pay the price.  Now that Sanjeev Bhatt has expressed apprehension that he could be eliminated by the powers that be, it is imperative for the central government to provide him adequate security.       Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P) II

What is this happening in Modi's Gujarat? The whistleblower, cop sent to the jail for the false allegation that he forced his driver constable to give an ffidavit. However, the Modi the Genocide. Gang Rape, Crime against humanity culprit is still far away from the legal clutches. Inquiry should be carry out against Constable K. D. Pant who alleged that Mr Bhatt forced him to back his allegations on record against Narendra Modi, & further alleged that Mr Bhatt had threatened him and made him sign a false affidavit with regard to the meeting. In fact, it is on Pant's complaint that the IPS officer was arrested. A detail inquiry should be carry out of the background of constable Panth, whether he is Mr. clean? or any time suspect of graft charges.

It is possible that Government Machinery of Modi might be lured to constable Panth and instigated him to file a false complaint against Shri Sanjeev Bhatt. That is the Modi's Hitlershahee of modern world. Whosoever speaks against Modi will get the punishment of highest level or would be silence forever. That is the misuse of powers and Government Machinery by Modi. Center Government is merely puppet spectator cannot take any action against Modi. Zuber Ahmed Khan, Navi Mumbai 410210 Maharashtra   Media, Muslims and Mirchi Media is not at all biased against Muslims but media certainly wants to make non issues popular and positive issues are blacked out by media. Since three days and nights T.V. news channels were giving news and reports about the arrest of Iqbal Mirchi, right hand of Dawood and Alleged involvement in 1993 Mumbai blasts. His life chronicle Presented by media. But media just skipped the news of importance what happened to be the very positive upsurge of positive struggle for education. In Kishanganj 12 Oct. 2011, a very vast agitation and rally organised by Muslims/M.P./MLAs to start AMU campus. It was very huge gathering organised for positive cause but media blacked such important event out of coverage and airing and Iqbal Mirchi?news constantly given importance. At last Muslims blocked the road and rail traffic then media (T.V. news channels) in night (12 October 2011) news aired that for AMU campus people of Kishanganj blocked rail and road traffic and at least 20 trains stranded. It is a historical day for Ummah. I salute the organiser, Muslims and the leadership for organising such a vast agitation in a peaceful manner for a positive cause deserve congratulation. S. Haque, Patna   Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru The step taken by the two judges of Supreme Court in the light of process of law to hear the case of Ajmal Kasab is laudable. In view of the magnitude of the terror attack he does not deserve for more time to keep him alive. The government of Maharashtra has for incurred ten crores of rupees and further expenditure on Kasab is harmful. If the judges are directed to increase the life span of the culprit to blame Pakistan is also have no water. So far Kasab has served the idol of enmity towards Pakistan. In the same way the childish and innocent appearance of the face of Kasab belies the charges of terrorism. The Supreme Court judges should be more worried about the process of law in case of Afzal Guru. His case was not heard either by the high court or the Supreme Court. The cardinal punishment must not be given with out hearing the case, the trail court cannot play the role of Supreme Court Afzal Gurus case has been much politicized. He was not physically present at ‘the time of terror attack on the parliament but the order of death sentence seems unjustified. The UPA government should give the order of devolve enquiry into the parliament attack case. Now after the Afghan treaty we should think of minimizing the deference’s with Pakistan. The supreme council of India which works covertly .should think of the changed scenario in the sub continent.    Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad   Difference between Mahatma and projected Gandhi Media has not only been showering praises on Anna Hazare for his campaign against corruption but has gone to the extent of projecting him as the second Gandhi. Conveniently forgetting that his methods are quite at variance with Gandhian methods. Mahatma Gandhi stood for Hindu Muslim unity and communal amity and harmony. The unfortunate partition of the country was responsible for horrible anti Muslim feelings throughout the country and soon after partition Muslims in east Punjab and Delhi were the victims of communal frenzy just as Hindu and Sikhs were victim of the same in Pakistan. The Mahatma sacrificed his life for the safety of Muslims but Anna Hazare has not uttered a word against the genocide of Muslims in Gujarat, Similarly he had not spoken a word of grief for the cold blooded murder of his devotee Shehla Masood. There is not a single Muslim in his team. He has the full backing of RSS while the murderer of Gandhi belonged to RSS. What else than a gigantic difference between the Mahatma and the media projected Gandhi. Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, Ex-MP, Mayur Vihar, Delhi-91 II Anna first asked for a joint draft committee which would consult his team and give due consideration to his own Jan Lokpal bill. The UPA agreed. In the meetings of the joint draft committee which followed most of Anna essential demands were met. Anna declared victory. During his fast at Ramlila, Anna had conceded more than once that it is ultimately the parliament prerogative to pass any bill. The norms of democracy demand that the government pays heed to anyone who has an opinion on any legislation. The Lokpal bill which was prepared by the joint committee was not the only bill which had come to government table for consideration. The UPA couldn’t have brusquely discarded the other two drafts on its table. Now when the government, keeping all views in mind, is in the process of fine tuning an effective Lokpal bill to be introduced in the parliament Anna Hazare has reverted to his old way or highway attitude. His sudden exhortation to the people of Hisar not to vote for Congress unless it backs only his own Jan Lokpal bill is tantamount to going back on the accord reached with the government. Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054                    When Anna’s apolitical campaign became political The recent tone and tenor of Anna Hazare and indulgence in to electioneering to defeat Congress party candidate in Hissar has only exposed his lacunas and ulterior motives. The way pro Gandhian Anna Hazare is dealing and negotiating with the Congress party in order to get the lokpal bill passed, doesn’t auger well for the country as his assurance to support to the congress aftermath of passage of the bill amply made it clear that he will soon plunge into political party. I am neither the supporter of congress nor the BJP. What I am concerned for is Anna seems to have emerged as Gandhi, but his utterance vis a vis support to particular party smacks some design. Wakeel Ahmad, Gaya   Monopoly on Indian History It has become a tradition to change the names of any historic place, old city, Monuments and change its identity. Every cities name is changing Bombay has become Mumbai, Madras has become Chennai, Trivandrum has become Thiruvananthpuram, Bangalore has become Bangaluru, Calcutta has become Calicatta, VT has become CST though there was nil contribution of Shivaji in the railways he used to travel on horses, basically railways was brought by the British people in India, due to their efforts Indians can travel in the trains nowadays. There are zero contribution of Shivaji in the field of Railways he used to ride on horses still the name of Railway monument given after the name of Shivaji. Shivaji died in the March 4, 1680, and the construction of Victoria Terminus started in the year exactly after 200 years in 1878, which took 10 years to complete the monument. In the year 1887 monument completed and the Terminus opened in time to celebrate Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee. It took ten years to get completed. Named after Queen and the Empress Victoria, it commemorates the Victoria Jubilee Day in 1887. This was the day when first steam engine in India completed a 45 km journey from Bombay to Thane. It is very ironical in India the political leaders are dancing on the tune of the fascist tendencies. Zuber Ahmed Khan, Navi Mumbai 410210 Maharashtra   What for H.M. is waiting to ban Ram Sena? Recently H.M. P. Chidambaram announced that Naxalism is very dangerous for country when he visited Kolkata. But in Feb. 2003  when he had visited Kollam, there he said that Sri Ram Sena was dangerous for country (9 February 2009) and centre was closely watching these organisations. He was giving his views about the Mangalore Pub attack. Since two year passed dangerous organisation like Ram Sena Abhinav Bharat etc. are free. That is why senior lawyer of S.C. Mr. Prashant Bhushan beaten by Sri Ram Sena activist in his S.C. chamber on 12 Sept. BJP on other hand banned SIMI without any cases upon SIMI workers prior to ban. Despite H.C. declaring ban on SIMI unconstitutional Congress moved to SC. It this not a secular conspiracy?                 S. Haque, Patna   America's double standards On 14th October 2011, a magistrate judge in New York recommended al-Qaida be assessed $9.3 billion for the damage done to properties and businesses in the Sept. 11 attacks. Let us forget about 9/11 for a while.   And also delay the calculation of financial damages caused to Iraq by Washington's inhuman and brutal attack on civilians and the devastation and destruction of a nation. Let us take a case involving an American business operating in India? I am talking about Union Carbide Company of the USA . Union Carbide, an American corporatio­n, has murdered ten times more innocent people than the number of innocent people to have been killed by Osama bin laden by the WTC attack. The number of people killed exceeded 35,000. One Indian estimate figures that the total amount of compensati­on to be paid by the Union Carbide (the perpetrator) amounted to US$4 Billion, but the poor Indian victims have been waiting for 27 years and they have not received even one percent of that figure.  Imagine that if the victims of a similar tragedy were Americans and the Corporatio­n was an Iranian one operating in Dallas (USA). My God. The US would have initiated a major war annihilating Iran.  This is the social justice that we see in the west, but the same West gives a huge lip service to human rights, that too after killing about 1.2 million innocent Iraqis and several thousand Afghans under the pretext of punishing, catching, killing Bin Laden. Pa. Mohamedameen(via email)   Ramayana Why are we wasting time on a vacuous debate on the "Ramayanas" essay removed from Delhi University's history syllabus? It is clear that all versions of the "Ramayana" are stories or fables, whether or not in book form, crafted or told or re-told by humans. *None* was descended from the heavens, not even that of Shri Ramanand Sagar on which many re-writers worked. Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar, Delhi 110091