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  I am very much shocked after seeing front page of The Milli Gazette (16-31 October 2011) and your comment in the side column: “horn aahista bajayen qaum so rahi hai”.  Really I was totally unaware of the critically bad condition of MG. Now I and some f my friends have decided to start a campaign to make large number of AMU students its subscribers. For this we have started to contact our friends who are in jobs, in India and abroad. We pray to Allah ta’ala:  may allah help us and give courage not only to make it possible for MG tp survive but also to flourish, aur Allah meri qaum ke logon ko bedar kar de. Aameen. Mohammad Seraj,Sulaiman Hall, AMU II
  I suggest that national and international news may be increased and that the style of writing should be more liberal and broad-based from its current thrust to just counter non-Muslim activists. Prof Md Mushtaq Hussain, Bhubneswar, Orissa III First time I read The Milli Gazetteby borrowing the copy of my colleague and at that moment I decide to read it regularly. It is an outstanding, informative and analytical newspaper for all Indian Muslims. Every Muslim should read it. In future I want to see it as a daily newspaper. I pray to Almighty Allah for this. Md. Sadidul Alam, Murshidabad, West Bengal   Religiosity without spirituality is a sin Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has called upon Gujaratis to create a divine society, free of stress, violence, corruption and hate. These are noble words from a religious guru. But how do we create such a divine society, without any introspection on the horrors of 2002? Is such an ideal system possible without any justice for the riot victims? These comments sound hollow and even cruel, considering that the Gujarat Chief Minister is quite close to the guru. To paraphrase the Mahatma: Religiosity without spirituality is a cardinal sin of modern society.     J.S.Bandukwala, Vadodara, Gujarat   Indian Universities

We are proud of the fact that our country is the largest parliamentary democracy of the world. It is our duty to strengthen and preserve it which is possible only when all countrymen swear by it and follow its norms. Accountability is its soul. How strange and shocking is that in the temples of highest learning and knowledge,i.e., Indian universities - temples of highest education - there is no tinge of democracy. Its heads,i.e., vice-chancellors are acting like despotic monarchs. There is no provision in any of the Indian Universities Act for the removal or impeachment of the Vice Chancellor if he or she misuses his or her powers or contravenes provisions of the University Act and statutes while the holder of the highest office of the country, i.e., the President, can be impeached if he or she misuses his or her powers, judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts can be impeached while Ministers of both the Central and state governments are accountable to legislatures for all their actions and policies.

One American vice chancellor had once remarked that the prerequisite qualifications of Vice Chancellor were that he should have Solomon’s wisdom, lion’s courage, Machiavelli’s cunningness and goat’s stomach. Most of the Indian vice chancellors are experts in Machiavelli’s cunningness and possess the quality of having goat’s stomach. UGC, which is the supervisory body of universities and the HRD Ministry which controls all universities act like helpless spectators.

The glaring example in that of Muslim University whose three former bureaucrat vice chancellors (during the 1980s and the last five of the last century) carried on the administration of the university despotically and took important decisions under emergency powers. They contravened provisions of the University Act and statutes by bypassing the University Court, the supreme governing body of the university, by not getting its approval for university budget and the annual report and sending these directly to the Govt. of India and suspending students union, a statutory body, for several years. Its present vice chancellor has been accused of financial irregularities and bungling by the CAG and is facing a CBI probe. But the HRD Ministry did not direct him to proceed on leave pending the completion of the enquiry which judicial ethics demand.

The need of the hour is that the existing University Acts of both Central and state universities should be amended and a new provision should be added for the removal of the VC if he or she contravenes the provisions of the University Act. Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, Ex-MP, Mayur Vihar-I, Delhi-110091   AMU Centres

In recent times Centres of AMU have become a politically and emotionally charged subject. Opinions abound, but behind this great debate few glaring questions have remained un-answered. Let’s understand this question by a live example of a Centre already running in Mallapuram which consists of law and management departments. Now 95 % of the teachers in this centre have in all probability never been or seen AMU in person and same goes for the 99% of students. So can I safely say that these teachers and students are oblivious of the culture of AMU?

And since none of the teachers has been to Aligarh do I have the liberty to say that he is not passing any education which is influenced by any faculty member from AMU. So now let me ask a question: why AMU centre? What is AMU about it?  If AMU Mallapuram law and management centre is neither passing culture nor any education influenced by AMU then in what sense it is an AMU centre? In that case can I say that for the sake of greater good of community, we are voluntarily giving AMU name to a law and management centre opened in Mallapuram? Let’s try to understand what greater good it serves. We all know AMU isn’t a minority institution anymore and since Muslims are but a small fraction of population and the fact that these centres cannot any way claim to induct Muslims on priority basis; we will end up with centres with a proportion of Muslim population comparable to any other standard institute in India. And if these centres can’t induct on priority basis then how is an AMU centre different from any other institute in the vicinity? So what specific purpose an AMU centre is serving in such a scenario and to whom? It’s a question which cannot be pushed under the carpet anymore.                Sameer Qaiyum, Bombay   II
  A Two day-programme was organised on 20-21 October at Patna by Human Resource Dept and Institute of Public Enterprises, Hyderabad on the topic of “Deterioration of Higher Education Standards - Challenges and Opportunity.” On 21st, former V. C. Prof. Qamar Hassan said that every year 2.5 lakh I. S. C. passed students shift to Pune, Delhi and Karnataka for higher education. This reveals that Bihar is lagging in higher educational facilities and institutions. There is no conducive educational environment is Bihar and for 11 crore population only 11 universities are very much insufficient. Bihar government should take this data seriously and think positively to establish AMU campus at Kishan Ganj because AMU would be boon for Bihar. S. Haque,Patna   Jamia Urdu

Please refer to Mr. N A Ansari’s write-up on the status of the Jamia Urdu and your comments. The problem is that the Jamia Urdu has not published its revised Rules & Regulations, or the current composition of its General Body or the current composition of its Executive Committee or the names and designation of its present office holders or the annual statistics of the results held by the Jamia Urdu for various Certificates awarded, during the last five years, giving the number of those admitted and the number of those placed in various grades, certificate-wise.

This lack of information adds to the lack of academic credibility of the Jamia Urdu. That is why several state governments do not recognize the Certificates of Moallim Urdu of the Jamia Urdu for the recruitment of primary Urdu teachers in primary schools.

The Urdu-speaking population everywhere would like its children to learn Urdu which is their mother tongue through competent and qualified teachers. Such teachers are coming from various sources, namely, universities, eminent Madarsas, MANUU and various Secondary School Examination Boards. We are pressing all state government to create posts requisite number of posts of Urdu teachers in their primary schools and select them through a common merit test, to which all those holding the certificate of Moallim Urdu from Jamia Urdu, should also be admitted. Syed Shahabuddin  ex-MP, New Delhi   Muslims rejoice without a reason Forbes published a list of the 100 richest persons of India. Muslims rejoiced to see Azim Premji’s name at the third position. Without any reason, Muslims beat the drums by seeing Shahrukh Khan or Salman or Imran and the like’s cinema success. Azim Premji Foundation has started a mission of setting up schools in every district to impart high quality education to facilitate a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society. But the whole mission has not mentioned a single word about milli responsibility to uplift Muslims who are extremely backward in education. Azim Premji does not know this fact and Muslims in their shear innocence rejoice to see a Muslim name. MG rightly published report about Nawab Pataudi. S. Haque, Patna   Team Anna member’s insulting letter to PM Arvind Kejriwal’s letter to the Prime minister is the most insulting thing to have been done to India’s head of state.  Of course the PMO will accord the respect which it deserves. He claims that the amount of 9.25 lakhs which he is refunding is loaned to him by some of his old friends. He manifests his inflated ego when he suggests that these friends may be targeted by the government of India for the act of helping him. He has asked the PM to see that the friends are not troubled, as if the PM of India is the don of some mafia. Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054   Anna is playing in hands of Saffron Elements Team Anna and Anna Hazare the senior social activist is playing in the hands of BJP, and Saffron Brigade (Sangh Parivar). Amia anti graft campaign, has become anti Congress campaign, what an irony, merely Congress Govt. is not involved in corruption, but all political parties BJP, Shiv Sena, NCP, in Tamilnadu Jaylalitha are involved in corruption, then why campaign against congress only. Anna’s objective was anti graft; which has become anti congress. Anna and his team is not a political party to take part in political activities, they are social parties. Anna in the news interviews stated that his prime objective to give defeat to congress. The team Anna’s political status should be scrutinizes and if they are not registered as political parties, a strict action against Anna and his team should be taken according to law. De-recognise the social status of Team Anna.   Zuber Ahmed Khan, Navi Mumbai   Mahapanchayat Maulana Kachochvi’s Sufi Panchayat which derided Wahhabism recently, has become a potent weapon in the hands of a few writers, who had been waiting for a ‘Muslim forum’ to call the first shot.  Three articles have been published in quick succession by The Hindu (although known for its secular credentials).  The latest piece “A threat to multilayered secular cultures” (October 31) by Madanjeet Singh has gone a step further to criticize the Holy book of Muslims.  He writes that some Pakistani Jihadi gangsters are “invoking over a 100 suras (verses) in the Quran that call on Muslims to kill or maim infidels”.  Borrowing heavily on Maulana Kachochvi’s thoughtless remark that the Saudi petro-dollars are pouring in Indian madrasas,  Mr.Singh goes more deeper, to claim that the Kashmir violence, the brutal attack on T.J.Joseph, a lecturer in Kerala and the 2002 bomb blasts in Bali, Indonesia are the handiworks of Wahhabi ideology propagated by the Saudi government.  Maulana Kachochvi had also scoffed at Darul uloom Deoband, Jamate Islami Hind and Jamat-e-Ulema e Hind in his harangue at the sufi panchayat.  So…some more articles disdaining these organizations may be hitting the headlines in our national dailies. Syed Sultan Mohiddin,Kadapa   Follow father of nation

We Indians pay homage to father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi who was preacher of truth, non-violence, tolerance, communal and caste harmony, social and economical justice, peace, equality and Unity. He was staunch supporter of Dalits, Adivasis, minorities and weaker sections of society. He has shown us the path of peaceful co-existence and unity in diversity, which is India’s real strength.

We have been proudly preaching Gandhian principles to the world but we have violated these principles. It is greatest tragedy of India that the preacher of non-violence - Gandhi - was the victim of brutal violence. The tendency of violence and intolerance has been growing in India - the land of Gandhi. Our national picture has been painted with the colours of violence, terrorism, barbarism, naxalism, intolerane, communal riots, caste conflicts, atrocities on weaker sections and women murders, raps, police custodial deaths etc. Why such inhuman crimes do not evoke our conscience? Is our national conscience dead? The true followers of Gandhi should come forward to fight the forces of violence, terrorism, communalism, casteism, naxalism etc. to save our motherland from anarchy and destruction.   G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (M.S.) - 441904   Muslims are used as spokespersons Dr. Shakil Ahmad and Rashid Alvi as spokespersons of Congress are very much duti-bound to party and Syed Shahnawaz Hussain and Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi are utilised to peddle BJP’s views on TV channels as well as in press. Md. Salim worked as the presenter of CPIM’s views. Even team Anna’s views are presented by Shazia Ilmi. Why Muslims are utilised by parties or organisations to present their views but not to formulate them? Are Muslims only showboys? Let us start a debate on this issue. S. Haque, Patna   Plight Of Advani

As the days are passing the plight and predicament of the senior most leader of BJP Mr. LK Advani are looming large .Being a senior most leader he should have gained full respect and honor from all the political parties .But he is facing more opposition from his own party. He was removed as the leader of the opposition party .In his place Mrs. Sushama Swaraj was made the leader of the parliamentary. Advani was snubbed. His name was deleted for the next candidate. This is a great mental torture for Mr Advani.The greatest mistake of Mr. Advani is demolition of Babri Mosque The sin committed by him was inexcusable, that made the stature lower. It was the place of worship of Allah who is the only and real God. Mr. Advani made a great mistake between Ram and Allah If his demolition was right Mr. Advani should have become the prime minister of India. But Ram who had died long back did not help him. Allah took this crime seriously and send his wrath and Advani is going down and down.

The rain sent by Allah disturbed the programmer he audience had to use the chairs as umbrella .We can clearly come to the conclusion that Babri Mosque is insidiously chasing Mr. Advani.How long Mr. Advani miss The mosque .The only solution is that Advani and his satanic party should go to Ayodhya and reconstruct the Babri Mosque .where it was standing The UPA government should pass an ordinance  to that effect. If this prashchit is not done the Babri Mosque will encircle the whole country.The country will transform into hub of crimes The wrath of Allah may ensue in the shape of China  which is also making siege from all sides                                   AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad   Police atrocities According to news published in a section of press that three Muslim school children picked up about four months ago in Morarabad on the charge of rioting ,are still languishing in jail . This is a sickening  evidence of the communally prejudiced actions on the part of  authorities. It is very difficult to get justice and get culprits punished. As  Muslim Gujarati  ,we know how communal elements have been  working day and night to harass ,persecute, exploit the innocent, poor Muslims with the help of state machinery. Muslims should not lose the courage. Have faith in Allah and fight out the communal elements within the limits of the law.  The  innocent  schoolchildren should be released at the earliest as they are losing precious years of their school life. The period which they have spent in jail, for no fault of theirs, should also be compensated from state treasury. Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot, Gujarat   II The communal bias by the law-enforcing agencies has touched a new low, when three Muslim schoolchildren were found to be languishing in a jail for four months on the charges of rioting in Moradabad.  One is at a loss to understand, as to how the judiciary which sent the boys to jail had overlooked the statutory norm, to send them instead, to a juvenile detention centre. With NHRC’s intervention now, these boys may be released soon - but how can anyone recompense their bruised psyche?  The least the state government should do is to see that their academic studies are not hampered and their families are not stigmatized. Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)   Repeal AFSPA Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) was passed on September 11, 1958 by the Parliament of India. It conferred special powers upon armed forces in what the act calls “disturbed areas” in the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura. It was later extended to Jammu & Kashmir in July 1990. It is one of the most draconian legislations that the Indian Parliament has passed in its history. Under this Act, all security forces are given unrestricted and unaccounted power to carry out their operations, once an area is declared disturbed. Even a non-commissioned officer is granted the right to shoot to kill based on mere suspicion that it is necessary to do so in order to “maintain the public order”. There can be no prosecution, suit or any other legal proceeding against anyone acting under that law. Under section 4(a) of the AFSPA, which grants armed forces personnel the power to shoot to kill, which violets the constitutional right to life. This law is not fair, just or reasonable because it allows the armed forces to use an excessive amount of force. This law must be repealed as it used kill Muslims of Kashmir. Zuber Ahmed Khan, Navi Mumbai