Kalbe Sadiq: a million tragedies

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Lucknow: When Neville Chamberlain returned from Berlin to London, he said to the world, “Peace achieved with honour - Peace of our time.” This he had conveyed after he shook hands with Adolf Hitler, and what followed was an outbreak of the deadliest war in human history - the second world-war . A political analyst here mentioned this in the context of Syed Kalbe Sadiq, the Vice President of All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) shaking hands with the former supremo of Rashtriya Swamsewak Sangh, K Sudarshan at Unity College, Lucknow on Oct 30.

No one could have expected this scene except those who know Sadiq as to what lengths he can go to grab the headlines. Sadiq’s ability for scoring brownie points with Hindus, from all and sundry, is his hallmark. Whether his out of the hat recommendations for family planning, getting his forehead painted with vermillion at a function of Hindus, his invitation to Kesri Nath Tripathi, the UP assembly speaker of BJP government under Kalyan Singh to Unity College, his overt presence at Gayatri Parivar, his personal call for a holy bath at the feet of river Ganga at Haridwar (later withdrawn), his gleeful endorsements at Murari Bapu’s function, something which regularly gets aired on Aastha channel, his flirtations with Jayendra Saraswati Shankaracharya for a compromise on Babri Masjid, his meeting with Pravin Togadia when the scars of Gujarat Muslim massacre were still fresh, and his announcement to Togadia that he would build a Shanti sena (which failed to even start), and now very lately, his hug to the BJP leader LK Advani at an Eid Milan function in New Delhi three months ago! The picture dynamics (Advani and Sadiq showered with rose petals) show a smiling Sadiq, as if in all likelihood, congratulating Advani for all his rath-yatras, which had found thousands of Muslims killed, in the pre- and post-Babri Masjid demolition. LK Adavni is, of course, the chief architect of the demolition of Babri. And, one more presence, of the same kind, which has gone almost unnoticed, is when Sadiq willingly sat with Hindus bent upon demanding Jama Masjid be changed into a temple at Sambhal (UP), as Hindus claim that the building was constructed after demolishing a Hari Har temple. This mosque was built a millennium ago during the Sultanate period.

All such steps push Sadiq towards enlarging his acceptance inside the Hindutva constituency. And all at the cost of Muslim sentiments. Who can forget the way he went on to thank Vinay Katiyar of BJP at his residence on the latter’s support to his ‘forced’ return from US. Needless, to say that probably every Muslim organisation worth its name had rallied around Sadiq over the shameless way he was maltreated in America and forced to return to India from the airport. Ironically, it was the same Sadiq who had once given a statement ‘Taliban are Anti-Islam’, immediately after 9-11, and had attached that newspaper clipping along with his visa application in order to placate the US officials. His courting with US officials is well known until of course came 2005 when he was deported from US. In fact once he almost rallied to go ahead with the idea of inviting Condoleeza Rice, to earn a sobriquet of being a ‘good-Muslim’ before GW Bush’s second stint in While House in 2004, but somehow the plan did not take off. This was all despite the Muslim anger against US was at its peak at the time. 

The execution of Saddam Hussain made Sadiq hilarious. He celebrated his death by citing Saddam’s personal afflictions on his own family. He did not care that Muslims had organised a ghaibana namaz-e-janaza (funeral prayers in absentia) at Eidgah, Lucknow, and where for the first time slogans “Kalbe Sadiq murdabad” were heard. Sadiq sensed the writing on the wall and immediately announced that he would offer the ensuing Eid prayers behind Khalid Rasheed, the (Sunni) Naib-Imam of Eidgah, and after earning accolades, soon disappeared from the yearly exercise.

But this time Sadiq has been caught unaware. As never there had been a vocal opposition to any of his moves except in whispers. This time, however, he was severely reprimanded by Muhammed Azam Khan, the seven times MLA from Rampur and Samajwadi Party general secretary, when the latter called Sadiq’s move as a political manoeuvre and asked Sadiq to shun his traditional attires and put on a kurta-pyjama and engage into politics. This happened on Oct 31. Sadiq talked back. He called Azam to be the one who has harmed Muslims even more than BJP and RSS. Now Azam sought to know as to who had got the huge land allotted to Unity College at the rate of Rs one per square feet despite facing a stiff challenge from his own cabinet colleagues? If not he alone? He also wanted Sadiq to recall how he had helped Sadiq to get his government’s support for the various other institutions and how as late as 2006 his government had tried to facilitate the allocation of land for Begum Hazrat Mahal Degree College, something which failed to pick up during the whole five years of BSP regime.

It may be recalled that Sadiq had exhorted people to vote for an honest Hindu and not for a dishonest Muslim (and vice-versa), along with Sudarshan, in order to make India become powerful. Azam wanted to know as to who is honest? “RSS has been the paragon of all honesty and virtue (!). I want to know from Sadiq if RSS is not the same which every now and then goes to the court, to get 27 verses be deleted from the holy Quran. I want to know from Sadiq if he tried to seek explanation from Sudarshan as the latter had once claimed that Babri Masjid was demolished by a bomb. I also would like to ask Sadiq if he has any inkling of the book Bunch of Thoughts by RSS ideologue Golwarkar who has called Muslims as internal enemies alongwith Christians and Communists! RSS is soaked in blood of Muslims, from even prior to the partition days until today, as it has been proved by so many never-implemented commissions of inquiry. How many Madhukar Sarpotdars (one of the main convicts in the 1993 Bombay riots) would Sadiq need to understand before he stands partisan to the killers of Muslims,” asked Azam.

Azam recalled as to how he had been extremely courteous to Sadiq. He recounted as to how he had wanted to address a joint press conference to welcome Iran President Rafsanjani in 1994, and how he was later not even invited by Sadiq and Co. “I am happy that I did not represent myself at the venue or else there would have been bad blood as Rafsanjani had advised Muslims to forget Babri Masjid. How come he had the cheeks to say so? I still wonder.” Azam also pointed out as to what more Sadiq has to score by advocating that Muslims were responsible for the Gujarat riots and it is time to forget Babri Masjid and look forward. “Forward towards what - towards Muslims’ total annihilation, subjugation and cleansing in the name of rule of law and chauvinistic majoritarian politics,” said Azam.

Sadiq, meanwhile, is gearing up for his yearly errand, which is almost like a world tour, during which he delivers sermons over the tragedy of Kerbala, and is first to go to Pakistan this time for the purpose. But before he would embark, he spoke in Lucknow at Chota Imambara that Muslims have persecuted Hindus for 900 years and are, hence, facing their ire, quite explicitly suggesting that the best way now is to befriend the bully. “Firstly, Muslims did not engage in such wanton ways for if ever they had done so India would have changed into a Muslim country. Sadiq seems to have been taking his Sudarshan tutorials well,” countered Azam, cautioning that the next move can be a campaign of Sadiq and Anna Hazare together. Hazare’s lieutenant Kejriwal has already met Sadiq. “The duo would campaign for honest candidates, and the honesty-test can only be qualified by BJP, a progeny of RSS, overhauled and manufactured by the Muslim hate. Remember the 1977 popular JP government which fell only due to RSS fascistic dual membership issue,” said Azam.

Azam also said that the final deal which Sadiq would like to clinch is to empower Hindus towards the construction of Ram temple, on the disputed site of Ayodhya, particularly in the wake of Sep 30, 2010 judgement, but Muslims need to be vigilant as the matter is in the Apex Court and Sadiq might oblige to pave the way for the singing of Vande Matram, which was a war cry of Bengali Hindus against Muslims, as propounded by Bankim Chatterjee and had become a slogan against the Britishers much later,” said Azam.