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MG: Kya Qaum so rahi hai?

In response to the appeal made for subscribing to The Milli Gazette there is no considerable spurt in registering subscriptions during the recent past. Maulana Hali, the famour Urdu philosopher-poet, remarks in his Musaddas that when Buqraat (a reputed Greek philosopher) was asked which is most dangerous disease, he replied that God has provided remedies to all diseases except one and that disease is ‘inaction’. We desire and need at least one national community newspaper. But mere wishful thinking will not produce a periodical. No organisation will keep publishing a newspaper for more than a decade running into tens of thousands of rupees losses every month. And why to convert bedroom comfort into a battle ground; struggle, perspire and sweat continuously; run into losses of lakhs of rupees year after year, while our community doesn’t read and/or subscribe. “It has become our tradition that we weep and cry that Muslims have no stake in media and when a serious and honest effort is made, no one whatsoever comes forward to support it except to ask for free copies and free subscriptions” says the Editor and continues, “not even those who had been consistently pressurising me (the editor) personally, long before the Milli Gazette was launched, that I should take the initiative due to my previous experience and aptitude’. The editor laments: “The simple fact is that our community is NOT buying the Milli Gazette and not advertising in it too. Even AMU, whose activities and issues get a lot of coverage in The Milli Gazette, does not think it necessary to advertise in it. Our numerous letters over the years to AMU VCs in this respect gone unanswered...The Milli Gazette tries honestly to put across the Indian Muslims community’ news and views to the general public in the country, especially to the government and other important segments in the society in a language they read and understand, but it is the Muslim community which should come forward to support it by buying it and advertising in it; others will not do it...I would like to take this opportunity to warn you and others who care about our voice in the media that they should not be surprised if the Milli Gazette folds up as the losses keep piling up and we do not see how we can survive for long in this way.” (MG, 1-15 September 2011).

Ironically, the condition of today’s Indian Muslim brings to my mind the historical image of the last Byzantine Emperor, surrounded by the Patriarchs of the Holy Orthodox Church in the besieged City of Constantinople in 1492, waiting for the angels to come down from heavens, swords in hand to save the city! In the event, no angel made an appearance and the city fell to the Turks. What happened subsequently is known to us. It is still not too late. The community will not live if individuals die. We all are educated, responsible and well-informed Muslims. Let us rise to the need of the hour. Let us contribute to our might to keep The Milli Gazette alive and vibrant. Let’s keep in our mind that “Allah does not change the condition of that people who do not strive for a change.” M Naushad Ansari,Bangalore   II May the Most Merciful Allah make Muslims of the world realise theirduty towardsMG.       Old reader (SA Patel, Khanpur Deh, Gujarat)   III Khuda us qaum kee halat nahee badlata, jab thak qoaum khud apni halat sudharnay kee koshish nahee kartee. If each Indian Muslim contributes just one rupee to MG, then the bank balance which is today almost nil will be a few crores. Is the Muslim community listening? Na samjhogay toh mit jaaogay aye Hindustan kay Musalmano - Thumhari daastaan tak bhee na hogi daastanon mein. S. M. Pasha,Convener, Forum of Muslim Journalists, Chennai IV MGis very informative and upto-date. May Allah give you best reward in the Hereafter.                      Abid Husain   Sufi Panchayat Maulana Kachochvi’s Sufi Panchayat which derided Wahhabism recently, has become a potent weapon in the hands of a few writers, who had been waiting for a ‘Muslim forum’ to call the first shot.  Three articles have been published in quick succession by The Hindu (although known for its secular credentials).  The latest piece "A threat to multilayered secular cultures” (October 31) by Madanjeet Singh has gone a step further to criticize the Holy book of Muslims.  He writes that some Pakistani Jihadi gangsters are “invoking over a 100 suras (verses) in the Quran that call on Muslims to kill or maim infidels”.  Borrowing heavily on Maulana Kachochvi’s thoughtless remark that the Saudi petro-dollars are pouring in Indian madrasas,  Mr.Singh goes more deeper, to claim that the Kashmir violence, the brutal attack on T.J.Joseph, a lecturer in Kerala and the 2002 bomb blasts in Bali, Indonesia are the handiworks of Wahhabi ideology propagated by the Saudi government. Maulana Kachochvi had also scoffed at Darul uloom Deoband, Jamate Islami Hind and Jamat-e-Ulema e Hind in his harangue at the sufi panchayat.  So…some more articles disdaining these organizations may be hitting the headlines in our national dailies.        Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)   Blind arrogance A Persian couplet proclaims that all leaves of trees exhibit Omnipotence and Omniscience of Allah. Nothing but ego prevents man from realising that the One Who fills a coconut on a tall tree with underground water and WHO, every year, enlivens dead earth can also enliven dead people to account for arrogant misdeeds. Wide-eyed old man,Khanpur Deh, Gujarat   Retain capital punishment
  Amid the raging debate over death sentence to Rajiv Gandhi’s killers “people’s on justification of civil Liberties” (PUCL) president N.D. Pancholi said, “In the wake of the ongoing controversy on justification of death penalty it is high time that parliament take appropriate steps to abolish such provision from our statute books”. Eminent criminologists and sociologists are of the opinion that harsh punishments strike terror in the minds of the criminals. They admit that many murderers sentenced to death were habitual criminals who had earlier committed murders. There is a direct relation of harsh punishments to crime rate. Statistics bear testimony to the fact that in the economically advanced American society where punishments are light, crime rate is highest, while in Saudi Arabia, where harsh Islamic Laws are in force, crime rate is lowest. How is that the western civilization permits the slaughter of millions of innocent people in Europe, Asia and Africa but forbids capital punishment of a single murderer. Former justice of India Mr. R.C. Lahoti had rightly supported the retention of death penalty. G. Hasnain Kaif Chairman, Media Watch – Maharashtra, Bhandara   Katju on Indian Muslims
  Mr. Justice Markandey Katju, Chairman of Press Council of India has stated in a report published in a section of press that Muslims are safer in India than in Pakistan. Let me put to the  kind notice  of learned (!) Justice that Muslims of India have nothing to do with the Muslims of Pakistan in particular or with any other country in general. Therefore, comparision of Indian Muslims with those of Muslims of Pakistan is absurd and unwarranted. It would have been better, had learned(!) Justice asked the Muslims of Gujarat about their sorrows, humiliations, persecution, exploitation before making an irresponsible and unsubstantiated statement directed at other countries. He should have made an in-depth and thorough analysis and  should have compared the socio-economic conditions of Muslims of various states within the boundary of India. Learned(!) Mr. Justice Katju should have carefully studied the reports of Justice Rangnath Mishra Commission ,Justice Sachar Commission and various other commissions appointed by the Government after breaking out of communal riots to  find out its causes and to fix the responsibility on culprits. Learned (!) Mr. Justice Katju should have read the report about massacre of Gulbarg Society (Ahmedbad ) and Naroda Patiya (Ahmedabad), to name a few, before jumping to conclusions. It seems that learned (!) Mr. Justice Katju has ignored the facts and passed  his judgement with only one eye ,and closed the other. Learned(!) Mr. Justice Katju deserves condemnation from all sections of society to preserve secular fabric of our nation. Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani , Rajkot Gujarat   Kudos to SIT The SIT deserves praise for its painstaking investigation to establish the 2004 Gujarat encounter of Ishrat Jahan and three others as fake. It is terrible however, that the families of Ishrat Jahan and Javed Sheik had to wage a seven-year legal battle to remove the blot of ‘terrorist’ tagged to their dear ones.  The fact that four high profile IPS officers had hatched the “LeT plot to kill Narendra Modi” is a cursor to a larger conspiracy.  Justice to the families of the unfortunate victims will be done, only if the law and order machinery could lay its hands on the real architects of this heinous crime.  Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa   Islam teaches humility
  Islam believes in humbleness. Soft words affect more than harsh words. Many times we see that Muslims fight and throw harsh words on others. It is a sinful deed. I request my brothers and sisters to be saturated with love. Please do not use vicious words against any one, for, words wound more fatally than even arrows. Soft and sweet words sooth. To damage the faith of any one in virtue and divinity is cruel. Cruelty thrown at others come back as a boomerang. Vicious words give deep scars. A slip of foot breaks bones and heals after some time. A slip of tongue breaks heart. It cannot heal. Vicious words make it difficult in spreading the message of Islam. Tolerance is at the base of Islam. So let us speak sweetly with love and affection and come out winners. Nazneen O. Saherwala(Surat, Gujarat).   Welcome Anna Hazare Sometimes ago, Mr. M.K. Sherwani had welcomed Anna Hazare’s campaign or crusade against all pervasive corruption in the country in Milli Gazette. Ignoring the fact that Anna Hazare has launched this movement at the instance of RSS, he has gone to the extent of saying that if the RSS and BJP ask Muslims to follow Islam would Muslims abandon Islam? The answer is that Muslims will never follow in the trap of RSS and BJP because they are the sworn enemies of Islam. Hazare’s movement aims at subverting the Indian Secular Parliamentary Democracy System of Govt. as is evident from the following instances. One of the prominent leaders of this movement challenged the supremacy of Parliament by saying that Hazare is above Parliament, while the other prominent leader attacked the stability and integrity of the country by denying that Kashmir is integral part of India and that there should be plebiscite in Kashmir as demanded by the separatist in Kashimr. Hazare has not uttered a single world against the genocide of Muslims in Gujarat and on the other hand has praised Narendra Modi who was responsible for this inhuman action. Similarly, Anna Hazare has not uttered a single world against the cold blooded murder of his Muslim devotee of Bhopal Shehla Masood. This established Hazare’s anti Muslim attitude. Not only Muslims but all Indians wedded to secular democracy will never support Anna Hazare’s movement.                 Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP Mayur Vihar, Delhi – 110091   Girls unwanted! The recent media reports of Satara district of Maharashtra, about girls being named “Nakushi” meaning unwanted because they are treated so, are heart-wrenching. The discrimination against girls is not new to human society. But it is unfortunate that even in modern day times which talk about women’s liberation and empowerment, they are still unwanted. Not only this, they bear the brunt of parental bias, lack of nurturing and nutrition, unfair resource allocation and cultural hostility as rightly pointed by English daily. This reminds me of the grim reality prevailed in the Arab society before the advent of Prophet Muhammad and described in the Quran in chapter 16, verse 58, 59 “When news is brought to one of them, of a female child, his face darkens and he is filled with inward grief. With shame he hides himself from his people… Shall he retain it on contempt, or bury it in the dust? Ah! What an evil they decide on?” Fourteen hundred years on, her fate remains unchanged. Then she was buried at birth, now she is killed in womb, buried alive, burnt for dowry or simply not given a name. Be it in Satara, Mewat, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab or elsewhere, she still lives in the Dark Age. How unfortunate and unwelcome she is!                    Manzar Imam, New Delhi   Judiciary The outspoken remark of the Press Council Chairman Justice Markandey Katju for calling the Supreme Court order of upholding the Rs.100 crore damages award against Times Now channel as “incorrect” is significant.  This cavalier Supreme Court order has ignited a pertinent question in my mind.  Should there not be a penalty for the judges…who have sentenced innocent people umpteen times so far?  But for Aseemanand’s confession, the seven innocent people who walked free today might have languished in jails for the rest of their lives.  At least, Times Now channel has apologized for its mistake of showing the photograph of Justice P.B.Sawant instead of Justice P.K. Samanta in connection with the Ghaziabad Provident Fund scam.  Not a word of regret was ever uttered, by either the police or the judiciary, whenever it was found that innocent persons were wrongly incarcerated in jails. Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)   Minority Commission in Rajasthan NCM chairman Wajahat Habibullah recommended establishing minority commission in Rajasthan after riot in Bharatpur. But minorities has bitter experience of minority commission of state because government nominate the chairman and members. Being govt. nominated persons commissions show loyalty to ruling parties. To make effective minority commissions the chairman and member would be nominated by oppositions like PAC chairman nominated from opposition parties.                            S. Haque, Patna   Frisking of Kalam by US officials It is very uncomfortable to know that President Kalam was again subjected to unprecedented and unacceptable practices of frisking for explosives at JFK airport. Americans hardly think twice in humiliating even the tallest leader of a third world country. On the contrary, Indians traditionally believing in atithi devo bhava, welcome them with open arms and place them in their hearts, providing best hospitality as well. However, repeated humiliation makes us re-think over our yore age belief of aththi devo bhava, at least to the American.                Shafaque Alam, JMI, New Delhi-25   AMU centres and its importance In recent time, centres of AMU have become a politically and emotionally charged subject. Opinions abound, but behind this great debate few glaring questions have remained un-answered. Let us understand this question by an example from a Centre already running in Mallapuram which consists of a law and management departments. Now 95 % of the teachers in this centre have in all probability never been or seen AMU in person and same goes for the 99% of students. So can I safely say that these teachers and students are oblivious of the culture of AMU? And since none of the teacher has been to Aligarh do I have the liberty to say that he is not passing any education which is influenced by any faculty member from AMU. So now let me ask a question, why AMU centre? What is AMU about it? If AMU Mallapuram law and management centre is neither passing culture nor any education influenced by AMU then in what sense it is an AMU centre? In that case can I say that for the sake of greater good of community, we are voluntarily giving AMU name to a law and management centre opened in Mallapuram? So what specific purpose an AMU centre is serving in such a scenario and to whom? It is a question which cannot be rugged under the carpet anymore. Sameer Qaiyum, Mumbai   Communal bias The communal bias by the law-enforcing agencies has touched a new low, when three Muslim schoolchildren were found to be languishing in a jail for four months on the charges of rioting in Moradabad.  One is at a loss to understand, as to how the judiciary which sent the boys to jail had overlooked the statutory norm, to send them instead, to a juvenile detention centre. With NHRC’s intervention now, these boys may be released soon – but how can anyone recompense their bruised psyche?  The least the state government should do is to see that their academic studies are not hampered and their families are not stigmatized. Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)   Position of PMO Arvind Kejriwal’s letter to the Prime minister is the most insulting thing to have been done to India’s head of state.  Of course the PMO will accord the respect which it deserves. He claims that the amount of 9.25 lakhs which he is refunding is loaned to him by some of his old friends. He manifests his inflated ego when he suggests that these friends may be targeted by the government of India for the act of helping him. He has asked the PM to see that the friends are not troubled, as if the PM of India is the don of some mafia.      Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai-54   Media and Baby Bacchan The much-awaited good news of baby Bacchan brought smile not only to the Bacchan family but millions of fans and followers. Amid tight security media managed to steal glimpses of the family members and others on the auspicious day and disseminated it globally. Media has kept an eye and been covering the couple (Abhishek-Ashwariya) pre, during and post the child birth. Big B is also known for its media mania. Media, especially Television prime objective was to educate, inform and entertain the people. The visionaries who had played a major role in bringing the broadcasting in India would only laugh at its current functioning for providing time and space to such development which has nothing to do with its larger audience and the country.                 Shafaque Alam, New Delhi)