Vinita Kamte on 26/11: Mumbai Police is hiding truth


New Delhi: While a pointless hue and cry is being raised by political parties on Congress Party General Secretary Digvijay Singh’s recent statement on Karkare’s death, nobody is raising that actually the Mumbai Police has not yet come up with the truth about those responsible for the death of Anti-terrorist Squad Chief Hemant Karkare and his colleague Ashok Kamte who was the additional police commissioner, Mumbai East at the time of the 26/11 terror attack. This precisely is the point that was raised by Vinita Kamte, widow of Ashok Kamte, when The Milli Gazette spoke to her. She said, “The Mumbai Police has not so far come up with the truth about who actually opened fire on Karkare and Kamte.” She termed this silence as a bid to cover up its inefficiency.
Highlighting the inefficiency of the state police, she asked: “Why proper security measures were not adopted before the Mumbai terror attack took place when the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had already informed the police about the possible terror attack.”

She further asked: “If the Mumbai Police does not have anything to hide, why it has not yet made public the autopsy and forensic experts’ reports on the two police officers’ death.”

While people did not believe Digvijay’s statement about Karkare getting life threat from Hindu right wing groups, Vinita said that her husband was receiving life threats because he was probing the Maligaon blast. In a statement that is indicative of the police pressure on Vinita, she said, “The Mumbai Police is investigating the case and I have not spoken to the media so far as I do not want to land in any kind of controversy. But I am not scared.”

While admitting that, apparently, Kasab and Ismail first fired bullets on the two officers, she added that this theory was based on “speculations.” “Whatever is being said in the media and social circles is based on hypothesis, and there is no substantial evidence to support these claims,” Vinita maintained. She appealed to the responsible officers of the state police to bring out the truth behind their colleagues’ death. “It is not my responsibility to demand from the government to conduct a fair investigation into the case; it is very much its moral responsibility,” she said.

It is worth mentioning here that the mainstream media rarely talks to Vinita, apparently because it does not want to highlight disturbing questions raised by her. It is worth mentioning here that on the second anniversary of the Mumbai terror attack, Digvijay Singh issued a statement, in which he said that two hours before the attack, Karkare spoke to him over the telephone and informed him that he was facing life threats from Hindutva forces because of his probe in the Malegaon blast case.

This statement resulted in strong criticism by Digvijay’s political rivals. But the question remains that if he was aware of the fact, why he or his party did not take any timely action to save the life of the brave police officer. Why Singh kept mum all this time and what is his intention behind making this statement at this point of time when it is useless?

MG tried to know the answer from Digvijay Singh, but he escaped by saying: “I am not responsible to maintain law and order.”