Under NIA, ATS nose, Hindutva terrorists roaming free

The following is a translation of a report by Pankaj Shukla in the Hindi daily Nai Duniya of 14 December 2010:

Mumbai: Some top officers of Maharashtra Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) are still on the hit-list of Hindutva organisations. These groups, however, deny any role in former ATS Chief Hemant Karkare’s death. at the same time, they still do not consider a few of the top ATS officers patriots. The shocking information received from intelligence sources is that the Hindutva organisations continue to receive help from some of the officers of the army. In addition, active volunteers of these groups continue to meet at certain hideouts in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

There is no dearth of officers in the Indian military establishment who have soft corner for Col. Shrikant Purohit who came closer to Abhinav Bharat while serving in the army. Abhinav Bharat was formed by Veer Savarkar in Nasik in 1904 who then expanded it to bring patriots together during his London sojourn. Those who support Abhinav Bharat today consider Shrikant Purohit as an over-enthusiast who could not control his emotions in his extreme zeal. If intelligence sources are to be relied these officers, who do not want to disclose their identities, divulge that col. Purohit is not an exceptional case coming closer to Hindutva organisations. Among these, the majority consists of officers who were/are serving in Punjab and J&K during the worst phase of terrorist activities. These officers, who nurse extreme hatred for Pakistan, are in constant touch with one another. They meet once or twice every second month in remote hilly farmhouses in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

According to intelligence sources, their network has spread rapidly after the attack on Mumbai. They feel sorry that they could not give a befitting reply to Mumbai attack because many of their activists had been in Maharashtra Police’s custody at the time. Persons associated with these organisations believe that if an impartial enquiry is conducted to find out who informed about Col. Purohit just one month prior to Mumbai attack, startling facts would be revealed about a few prominent leaders and officers. According to sources, in a recent meeting held in deep forests of Maharashtra it was discussed that a few officers of the ATS are in constant touch with the underworld. These officers are trying to ensure that Don Ravi Pujari, who is emerging as a potential threat to Daud gang, is not allowed to establish firmly in Mumbai. A film producer and actor arrested on charge of helping Ravi Pujari is regarded by Hindutva organisations as a warning for opposing the Daud gang.