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  Maa-Shaa-Allah, Milli Gazettehas become almost a Jaame Jahan Numaa-e-Islam or Mirror of Muslim world affairs making every aspect encircled without any exception to end confusion by providing a clear vision. Long Live MG and all its sincere contributors. Sultan Akhtar, Khanpur Deh-392150   II Congrates on behalf of Muslims of Gujarat for the completion of 12 years without any interruption. Long live Milli Gazette. Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani , Rajkot Gujarat   III
  I am very much disturbed to read about the financial and other difficulties you are facing in connection of the publication of your excellent Milli Gazette. Please do not lose heart and kindly maintain your perseverance. InshaAllah, few good souls will definitely come forward to strengthen your hands. InshaAllah I will also try to enrol at least ten new subscribers. With best wishes and warm regards Dr. Iqbal Ahmad, Langford Town, Bangalore – 560025 IV Heartiest congratulation on the publication of the Milli Gazette andsent a copy to me. We the Nation (Muslim) are living in dark shadow in gloomy, air castle and know nothing all round problems of our Nation. Now, it is my earnest desire and pray to Allah that theMilli Gazette flourished day to day. Hope this letter finds you in the best of health and cheers.  M. Ahmad Konandi, Advocate, Civil Court Munger – 811201 (Bihar) V

I just read an article that your Milli Gazette is in danger of closing.  I got a lump in my throat when I read this.  I am writing you from Los Angeles.  I am not Muslim, I am Catholic, extremely amicably divorced from my recently deceased ex-husband who was Muslim. He died Nov 5 in our daughter's arms of cancer.  He was Saudi, frankly, one of the most brilliant men I have ever known, also kind, humorous, loved by so many it is impossible to count. It was he who began me at age 19 on learning about Palestine, for his passion was politics, Palestine at its core. Four years ago a dear friend of mine died. Her name was Florence Richards, age 83.  She left behind 5000 books.  Her passion was also Palestine, a former college history teacher, she came to her pro-Palestine stance from reading, READING and more reading.  When she passed all her books on the Middle East were to go to a library. I was charged with going through those books and cataloging.  It was ok that I kept a few, which I did. Amongst her books was your book, "Palestine Documents".  It sits next to me all the time, with her careful handwritten notes on postit notes throughout.

Now I never miss a chance to recommend your book.  It's was Florence's "Bible" of her knowledge of Palestine also. I am saddened now to read your paper is in some trouble.  I am an activist here myself, almost entirely for Palestine and to work against Islamophobia.  I have many friends in CAIRO who I am beyond blessed to know along with my other Muslim friends and family.  Your book "Palestine Documents" and all you do is appreciated by me so much Zafrul.  Thank you, this coming from a Catholic who has known, loved and been loved by more Muslims than I could ever count. Blessings to you.  Your works have touched so many, including my friend Florence and now me through the book I inherited from her as her friend. Take care, and thank you again, Robin Algosaibi McLaren, USA (via email)

Editor: Thank you very much for your mail. Please accept my sincere apologies for this delay in replying to you. I was in Jakarta when your mail came and was saved in the to-read folder by my colleagues. Though I returned a few days back, it is only now that I had the time to reply to you.

Its really very kind of you to take interest in affairs of people so far away from your shores. Interestingly, you live in LA where my eldest daughter also lived for a few years working for LA Times (now she has moved to NY working for New York Times). Your connection with Dr Ghazi Al-Gosaibi brings so many thoughts to  my mind about this great man who did not get his due in his own country. I was one of his admirers but never met him. Out of my admiration, I once translated one of his moving poems; you may read it here:

The issue of Palestine also binds us together. A great injustice of historical proportions has been done to a whole nation and the world is still silent six decades later. I have been writing and speaking about Palestine most of my adult life - since 1967 to be precise when I was a student in Cairo and the so-called "pre-emptive strike" took place in June 1967 while I was there and it jolted me to enquire about "Palestine".

Yes, The Milli Gazette is in trouble and has piled up losses over the years. Yet, it will not be closed easily as it is very dear to my heart and it serves a purpose here in India, though with the next issue, we will reduce some pages to cut our losses to some extent.   Indian Muslims  reject the two-nation theory The Dhaka Dividend by Shekhar Gupta [Indian Express, Dec. 17] is a commendable attempt to examine pros and cons of our foreign policy post Bangladesh war of independence. True it was agreat victory for us, or so it seemed then, but later events turned it into pyhrric victory as we failed to consolidate our gains in geoeconomic terms.The result was that we had one more hostile nation on our eastern border, with whom we are trying to mend fences albeit shakily.Post Bangladesh, we lost friends and smaller countries began to view  us with suspicion. Even our next door neighbour and a Hindu nation Nepal complained about our interference in its internal affairs.This was the main reason for our lost decade.Then we were confronted with terrorism in Punjab and  in Kashmir which fully preoccupied our attention so much so that Singapore’s reformist prime minister Li Kuan Yew proclaimed that India was trailing behind on the road to reforms and liberlisation by almost a decade. “By the time India arrives, the road will have lot of traffic” he famously said.We had become so inconsequential that that the Soviet Union did not consult us before it launched its forces in Afghanistan in 1979 though our joint security treaty obliged it to do so. Secondly, Mr. Gupta says that the people of Bangladesh rejected the two nation theory by becoming independent, does not wash.People of East Bengal, more numerous than what came later to be West Pakistan had opted for a Muslim nation in 1947.It was in Bengal that the Muslim League was able to form its only provincial government. The fact is that the birth of Bangladesh marks the creation of an additional nation out of South Asian conglomerate.If Bangladesh had opted to join the Indian union, then Mr. Gupta could have rightly argued that the two nation theory was indeed consigned to the dust bin.The real nay sayers to the partition were Indian Muslims who made India their home by choice.It is time we discard the redundant notion of two nation theory.The South Asian countries have come into their own. Now there are no more one, two or three  theoretical nations; they are simply nations.                 Yunus Chitalwala   Dhoraji, Gujarat   Sarkari Musalman I have gone through the article Beware of the Sarkari Musalamaan by Mahtab Alam vide MG 16 -31 December 2011 very carefully. I congratulate writer for having written boldly and exposing Sarkari Musalamaans. There are many more Sarkari  Musalmaans working secretly in various fields. It becomes a duty of pure Muslims (e.g. Respected Mahtab Alam  saheb) to expose Sarkari Musalmaans (e.g. M Saleem) Dear Mr. Editor please join with me in prayer for the long and healthy life of Janab Mahtab Alam Saheb. May the tribe of respected Janab Mahtab Alam saheb increase. Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani , Rajkot Gujarat   My son is not a terrorist – Aftab’s father Police claimed to bust the terrorist network and solved the Delhi H. C. gate blast, Chinnaswamy blast and German Bakery blast when police caught few Muslim students from North Bihar among them some are Madrasa students and some are higher technical students. Md. Aftab Alam is one of them from Purnia police caught him. National media showered news reports of terror linking and doubt raising. A Hindi National daily 10 December published a report saying Aftab bought 20 bigha land of Rs. 40 lakh paid in four instalments. But the fact, Aftab’s father said that he had sold six bigha of his ancestral land and bought with that amount (Rs. 4 lakh) in the other vicinity. Aftab’s father said my son cannot be a terrorist. After fake encounter at Batla House, police announced that 30 lakhs of rupees transaction took from Atif and Amin’s bank accounts. Atif and Amin were killed by police in Batla fake encounter. But the banks officials denied the police reports. Aftab’s father and Human Right organisation N. C. M. must question media to prove their reports. S. HaquePatna   Media and Muslims Justice Markande Katju is cent percent correct for saying that the media presents Indian Muslims as terrorists and blasters of bombs while the fact is that 99 percent of Hindus, Muslims, Christians and followers of other religion are gently and law-abiding people. He rightly observes that the news about bomb blast are presented on TV channels and in newspaper gives this impression that all Muslims are terrorists and bad people. He rightly laments that a large section a print and electronic media. Is engaged in disintegrating the social fabric of Indian society. Justice Katju has really done a national service by advising the media to give up their anti-Muslim bias and maintain principles of honest And fair journalism by not indulging in anti-Muslim baiting. Dr. M.H. Kidwai, Ex-M.P. (R.S.), New Delhi   II Madhubani police arrested two Muslim youth named Md. Ajmal and Gaur Ahmad Jamal from two different area of Madhubani on 25 Nov. As per Information it was fake passport and illegal arms possession case. But whole day local channels (ETV(Bihar) Sahara (Bihar) air news like 2 terrorist are nabbed from Madhubani on 25 Nov. even Bihar Urdu daily published on page 1 that two suspected terrorist nabbed from Madhubani. But R.K. Mishra police IG said it would be premature to call them terrorists. Unbridled media spread poison. Justice Katju has opined very right about media. S. Haque, Patna   Wine shops in Kashmir Politicians like Dr Farooq Sahab and all those who advocate wine shops opening and defending the opening of cinema's, etc, by terming the state a secular one, must realise that such vices are not dysfunctional for Islamic states only but perpetrate immorality in any society. Provision of such immoral facilities will not boost our tourism industry in any way because tourists don't throng valley in large numbers to enjoy the wine or cinema or other such things.  It is a hard fact that they come either for pilgrimage or for its beautiful environs. Also tourism industry development must not be at the cost of our values and rich sufi-rishi glory. Today if such an opinion is encouraged may be tomorrow there will be the advocacy of sex tourism in the valley, who knows. Such a step will distort the basic essence of Kashmiriyat and our rich cultural and religious ethos. Being secular is alright but that does not mean to be the breeding ground of vices like filthy wine culture, etc. Syed Adfar Rashid Shah, JMI, New Delhi.   BJP and Muslims It is being noted that the BJP has started luring Muslims in number of ways. We cannot say that BJP is not serious about this move. If they want real support from Muslims BJP should apologize Muslims for the demolition of Babri Masjid and promise to rebuild on the same place if it comes in power. The Muslims will exonerate BJP and they will support whole heartedly. They will not mind for reservation. They are getting good jobs in the Middle East countries. The BJP should also promise to release all the youths who have been apprehended by the police on the false charges of Indian Mujahideen or Lashkare taiba etc. Najma Heptullah is hated much by Muslims. She cannot do any score to the BJP Dr Maqdoomi Hyderabad   Ban smoking tobacco and eating gutka Due to lack of moral values youths are becoming tobacco smokers and gutka eaters. Tobacco smoking burns health and life. Poisonous gutka is being consumed by boys and girls on large scale. Medical researches bear testimony to the fact that main causes of mouth and throat cancer are smoking tobacco and eating gutka. Today there are about 5 lakh mouth and throat cancer patients in India. 90 percent of these are cigarettes and bidi smokers and gutka eaters. About 50 lakhs boys and girls are tobacco smokers and gutka eaters. Tobacco smoker’s smoke in injurious for non-smoker’s health. Tobacco and gutka are grave threats to health and lives. More over it is threat to India’s economy and progress. We should create awareness, particularly among students and youths about the harmful effects of tobacco smoking and gutka eating. Central and state governments should ban smoking tobacco and eating gutka.              G. Hasnain Kaif Azad Ward, Bhandara – 441904 Death sentence Death sentence deserves to remain only in a society wherein people are ever ready to offer their heads for upholding Truth and Justice.      Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh  392150   Lokpal It is universally accepted by all political parties including the BJP- that Anna Hazare’s Jan Lokpal bill as it stands does not deserve their votes. Anna’s pet party BJP has said a flat no to bring the Prime minister under Lokpal unconditionally and is vehemently against placing judiciary under Lokpal. Why, then, is Anna’s team training all their guns on the Congress and is silent on the BJP’s rebuff? Anna’s totally unnecessary and largely unethical agitation at this stage, his and his cronies’’ intemperate language, arrogance, disdain for the institution of parliament and parliamentarians have been condemned by all parties in the house except by the BJP. There is no doubt that the Lokpal act is a much awaited law and all parties must huddle together and offer to the nation a strong anti-corruption law. More important than this is the undoing of the insult to our parliament which Anna Hazare and his men have inflicted on it. This is the need of our democracy. Now is the time for all parliamentarians to close rank and pass a resolution disapproving of Anna Hazare's campaign and asking him to desist from adopting the methods of agitation which are now bordering on blackmail. Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz west, Mumbai 400054.   Shamsuddin death compensation? Bihar cabinet decided on 1 Dec. 11 to give compensation to the kith of late Md. Shamsuddin who was beaten to death by police beating on 5 Aug. 2011. Md. Shamsuddin s/o Late Md. Ibrahim of Kanhauli Dih, thana Mithan Pura Distt. Muzaffarpur Bihar was beaten by police in broad daylight. He succumbed to injuries of police canning Bihar cabinet ordered to pay compensation Rs. 3 lakh to Md. Shamsuddin relatives. Why so much difference in compensating the life of innocents persons? Delhi H.C. has ordered the Delhi Government to pay compensation of Rs. 10.00 lakh who died in the blast at HC gate.            S. Haque, Patna   Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi Being a Muslim how Naqvi can talk against the interest of Muslims according to Sachar Committee and Ranganath Commission Muslins are more backward than SC and ST communities. On the moral ground they must be given reservation up to 10% The UPA government has decided To give 4.5% to minorities among the minorities may consists only 2% According to population Muslims are 15% they deserve 13% more reservations. This decision has been taken in view of UP election.The sane diplomacy for BJP is to be mute on the move to get the votes of minorities. But the myopic leadership has opposed the decision of the UPA government. The BJP is in the wrong impression that its stance will be favoured by 90 percent population Naqvi must know only 10 percent hardly will endorse the BJP. The fate of hypocrites in Islam is worse than Kafers They will be thrown in the deepest strata of Hell.                 Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad   No to Sehwag's Statue in JMI Campus I am dismayed to learn that Jamia is going to install the statue of Sehwag, the cricketer. After Mirza Ghalib, Sehwag would be the second person, in fact the first one while alive, to be thus honoured. May I request the people in general, and the concerned authorities in particular, to kindly read the article by Retired Supreme Court Justice Markanday Katju on the topic of Bharat Ratna, wherein he has suggested Ghalib, Subramanya Bharti and Saratchandra Chattopadhyay, the persistently illuminating Indian stars of great relevance for humanity, to be considered for this highest honour, and not the currently shining stars of cricket and filmdom.Please save the honour of a great seat of learning, that too Jamia Millia Islamia, a product of freedom struggle, and reconsider the decision to install the statue of a cricketer. Hasan Abdullah (JMI, Higher Secondary – 1975)   AMU centre

Janab Shahabuddin sb, in a letter of previous edition has further refined my idea and I do agree with him on several counts. During the time of Roman empire giant Roman colosseum and structures like it used to hold ‘games’ of all kind for greater part of year. Once a young Roman senator asked another senior senator why games all year round? To this experienced senator replied because it distracts population from real issues. Perhaps this might sum up the attitude of those be in power today. Distract population and engage them in cheerful but fruitless games. For the case of Muslims what better than a game of ‘AMU’ to distract them from the real issue.

And this game has won many a parliamentary seats also to be precise, but the point is whether it serves the purpose it is projected for or it serves something else. The whole AMU center was touted as manifestation of ‘Sacchar committee’ as exemplified in Fatimi report. But surprisingly enough 404 page Sacchar Committee does not even mention AMU even once in its report, leave aside recommending playing with its charter. On the contrary Sacchar Committee after thorough statistical analysis of data available at national level, arrives at the conclusion that, major problems (of Muslims) lie in school education; the likelihood of Muslim children completing school education is significantly lower. Once the "hurdle" of school education is crossed, the likelihood of completing graduate studies increases. Therefore, a sharper focus on school education is desirable. Sacchar committee recommends 8 point or for educational uplifment of Muslims including devising a new admission policy for all the educational institutes in India (to help Muslims get admission in any college or university in India more easily), to opening of schools, hostels, ITIs and polytechnique in Muslim dominated areas. Not a single recommendation of Sacchar has been implemented in spirit or letter till this date. What has been implemented in the name of Sacchar is what Sacchar himself might not have imagined in his wildest dreams. So much could have been done as per Sacchar committee and Janab Shahabuddin sb but what we got instead is ‘games’ to keep us distracted while the real issues remain at large. Do I hear that one of the most successful games of past 20 years (Babri Masjid) has been taken down after serving its utility and is now being replaced by more ‘authentic’ and ‘dynamic’ games.  Sameer Qaiyum