Wikileaks: a blow to the regimentation terrorism

The involvement of the army in terrorism within the country aimed at the minority Muslims or Christians is high treason. It threatens to vertically divide the country again.

The appearance of Julian Assange on the horizon on November 20, 2010 with his WikiLeaks has potentially changed not just diplomacy but it has also threatened to suspect the loyalty and moral conduct of the pretending liberal West. Its fall out on the conduct of terrorism/counter terrorism is even more revolutionizing.

For India there is upheaval in the waiting. It is even more troubling than Digvijay Singh’s last talk with slain Maharashtra Anti Terrorist Squad chief Hemant Karkare. WikiLeaks show that there was a close association between FBI and the Delhi Police’s Special Cell. This aspect of the exposure amounts to the fact that Karkare fell a victim to Indian military for having dared to investigate a serving lieutenant colonel of the army, Shrikant Prasad Purohit, and extend the investigation to other officers, the Indian army is involved in clandestine terrorism practiced in the name of counter terrorism. So disturbing is the phenomenon that what has been revealed so far looks only a tip of the iceberg. It was the government of PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee and LK Advani, which had permitted to establish FBI an office in Delhi. The Special Cell of Delhi Police toed the line of the FBI. The whisking away of Anita Udayya from Mumbai to the US is an instance.

She had meticulously identified the six terrorists involved in 26/11 in Mumbai. This had surprised the FBI. Not ten but six terrorists had landed at the fishing shanty she lived in. Karkare was summoned to Delhi on November 24, 2008 a la FBI and questioned by the army about his findings on army’s role in the Malegaon 2008 blast and also other blasts like the attack on Samjhauta express. What happened next is history!

Purohit, the prize catch of Karkare, was no ordinary a guy. He had trained the ATS in fighting terrorism and his training must have paralleled the Hindu right Hemani Savarkar’s bomb theory and also “bomb ka jawab bmb se” approach of Swami Asimanand. Asimanand was after all the mastermind, unlike the elusive Indian Mujahideen masterminds mostly cooked up by the Indian police. Purohit was posted in sensitive posts like military intelligence dealing with counter terrorism operations. He used the fund available to the army and also used RDX from the military stock. He had 60 kilos of RDX stolen from the army when he was stationed in Jammu and Kashmir. Those in higher commanding positions must have Okayed his work. He had so much confidence born out of the support that he had negotiated with the Israeli secret agency seeking support, recognition and asylum as he was planning to overthrow the government and abrogate the constitution of India. All this with “a national flag, that is, a solo-themed saffron flag with a golden border...with an ancient golden torch” National Investigation Agency probing into the Samjhauta express attack of 2007have sought seek a production warrant against Asimanand at a fast track court at Panchkula, Haryana because they had sufficient proof against him. there is more to the case than meets the eye. Purohit had given 8 kilos of RDX from his military stock to one Bhagwan. This Bhagwan is no other than Swami Asimanand. That consignment of explosives from the army ended up in the seven compartments of the India-Pakistan shuttle train of friendship. The seven bombs were put in seven suitcases bought from Indore. They killed 68 people of which 38 were identified. Many more were injured.

The national security advisor of India, MK Narayanan, had prevented the investigation by the Haryana police because this would expose us vis-à-vis Pakistan.

With such depth of commitment of the military establishment, could the army allow further probing into its high ranks over their involvement in bomb for bomb retaliatory terrorism?

The involvement of the army in terrorism within the country aimed at the minority Muslims or Christians is high treason. It threatens to vertically divide the country again. Digvijay Singh born before the partition of the country and Rahul Gandhi born after it and Julian Assange who saw many such acts of terror especially those committed by the US in Iraq and Afghanistan and the retaliatory terror of the Israelis in Palestine must have felt truly revolted by the cruelty of it. They must have seen the miserable condition of those who fell victim. A way to stop is to be objective in looking at it. Therefore Rahul Gandhi knew that there could be possible local support to some of the acts of terror perpetrated by Lashkare Tayaba. But he knew the overwhelming infrastructure of the RSS and its secret arms training and the purpose of it. And for all that the RSS did he also saw how Muslims were made to wear the cross for what they had not done anything as in the case of the Malegaon blasts of 2006. He must have also come to know how the national security advisor of India scuttled the investigation of the Haryana police in the matter of the Samjhauta express attack by Hindu extremists of Abhinave Bharat as well as the RSS.

The RSS holds a very chauvinistic view of loyalty to India as only cultural nationalism determined by Hindu history and culture. Holding such a view cuts off the diverse minorities of the country as aliens and hence a threat to the Hindus and therefore (purposely misconceived) to India.

The Indian police and even army are known to be practicing regimentation terrorism (like strict political discipline as in a police state). They have lured gullible Muslim youths to cross the border and enter into Pakistan for terrorism training and then on their return they frame them to be terrorists. They blackmail them into playing a heinous game of forced participation in an act of terrorist attack. For example Afzal Guru was sent to Delhi by no other than Special Task Force of Jammu and Kashmir. He was in the pay of that special force.

When the state agencies are used to practice terrorism and well-meaning people like Julian Assange and Hemant Karkare come to know they feel that this is great injustice to the weaker sections of the people shorn of power and support. Their exposure through leaks or investigation flies direct in the face of the state. That is why vice president of the US Joseph Biden called Assange a high tech terrorist. Give dog a bad name and hang. Karkare met his fate that way.