Digvijay’s dramatic disclosure about Karkare


New Delhi: Digvijay Singh, former MP chief minister and Congress General Secretary, made a sensational disclosure that Hemant Karkare, the slain Maharashtra ATS chief, had spoken to him a few hours prior to his mysterious killing and had divulged to him over the telephone that he and his parents were facing threats. The disclosure exploded like a bombshell making not only the Hindu outfits protest and asking for his arrest and resignation but even the widow of the slain officer strongly condemned politicising his martyrdom, while the Congress party seemed baffled by his statement. Unable to decide whether to own up or disown it, the party preferred to distance itself from it by observing that he was speaking in his personal capacity.

There is no denying of the fact that by his approach, Karkare had earned the ire of rightwing outfits. A concerned Karkare had met Maharashtra DGP Julius Robeiro, to convey his problems. However, immediately after 26/11 these very outfits had declared him a patriot and martyr.

Kavita, Hemant Karkare’s wife, condemned Digvijay’s stand and outrightly said that none but Pakistan was responsible for his killing and that political parties should not play politics over his martyrdom. This gave BJP the trump card to claim that by making such statements Digvijay Singh was strengthening Pakistan. Rajnath Singh expressed surprise why was the statement made two years after the event while others argued: why did Karkare, instead of approaching security agencies, divulge the threat perception to Digvijay. How long had been the two people’s association, Rajnath Singh demanded to know.

In view of the uproar, Digvijay Singh retracted by adding that he had not named any Hindu organisation thus defusing his own bomb. First he said that he was trying to obtain call details and that the details from Bhopal BSNL could not be procured because they do not maintain records after the expiry of one year. However, he is trying to obtain records from Pune office.

It is interesting to recall that immediately after the 26/11 attack A.R. Antulay, the then minister of minority affairs had also accused Hindu organisations of their possible involvement but later on added “ifs” and “buts” which was a shrewd way of retracting statements.

While BJP leaders have accused Digvijay Singh of trying to attract media attention after his marginalisation in the party hierarchy, some Congress leaders feel that by doing so he has put the Hindu organisations in a defensive posture as they had been too aggressive on 2G Scam. By doing so he has added to his TRP within the party. Others in the party said that Digvijay does not speak without deliberations and he speaks his mind only after obtaining necessary signals to go ahead i.e. that there must be an “agenda” behind his statement. Party spokesmen Janardan Dwivedi and Shakeel Ahmad played safe and held that he alone can explain his acquaintance with Karkare.

In his “revised” statement, Singh said that Karkare had fallen victim to the bullets of terrorists. Hitting back on BJP, he asked why did the BJP leader meet Pragya in jail or why did Advani and others meet the PM after her arrest. Shiv Sena, criticising Singh’s statement, said that by making such disclosures Singh has proved that the Malegaon probe was being controlled by Congress leaders to malign Hindu organisations.