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  “It is distressing to note that our Muslim readership is not supporting enough for the only English publication which is serving them for the past 12 years with eye-opener news items of the Muslim world and critical reviews of the subversive plots against Muslim interests. It is high time they wake up to the call of the MG Editor and help MG to stand on its feet and continue to publish without having to trim its contents. Let us gift generously to our friends and relatives for a year, so they could become regular subscribers in future” Dr. Hayath Mohammad Ismail, Bangalore   II Comprehensive Coverage and thought provoking articles, concerning the community. Wish you all the success. U.F. Malek, Sarkhej Road, Ahmedabad – 380055 III   Accept my hearty congratulations on completing 12th Year of your esteemed newspaper. In fact, you have made a history in Muslim Print Media by continuously and uninterruptedly publishing the Milli Gazette. I am fully aware of the difficulties which might have been faced by you and your predecessors. Now, time has come when the Muslim India should have their own Daily Newspaper on the line of the Hindustan Times or the Times of India. This should be done on a professional basis covering the important events concerning the Muslims and Islam. It will help in removing the misgivings and misconceptions in the minds of the majority community and it will greatly help in cementing the bonds of inter-religious communities living in the Country. There are few corporate houses which are sympathetic to the cause of Muslims and also a few NGOs who are keen in having a dialogue with the Muslim Intelligentsia. Fortunately we have got many young Muslim journalists associated with the English Media. They would be of great help in this regard. To start with, I request you to call a meeting of eminent Muslims in the four metros and cities such as, Lucknow, Banglore, Bhopal, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, etc. If no other individual or body of individuals come forward, then the MG can embark on this project and I hope that with the goodwill of 12 years, the time has come ripe to take a big leap by starting a newspaper as envisaged by me. Yaseen Momin, Bhiwandi. 421302   Army chief’s age: one country, two rules One is amazed at the ongoing drama over Army chief’s age. The crime of having two dates of birth was seen so serious for a Jamia Millia professor (Rasheed Al-Waheedi) about a decade ago that he was told to resign forthwith if he wanted to secure his past dues; if not, he was to be sacked forfeiting all his dues. The poor chap chose to resign instead. And now we are treated by the daily episode of an Army chief who is now preparing to go to the Supreme Court to protect his seniority on the basis of a fudged date of birth. It is a strange case of two rules in one country. Zafarul-Islam Khan, New Delhi (Letter sent to all major Indian newspapers but ignored by all)   Our Ulema preach sermons against lavish wedding functions but  why do they go to such five star hotels to performn NIKAH.They should refuse to go to hotels for performing nikah.They must preach that Nikah must be in Mosque Also after Nikah is in mosque there is lavish reception in five star hotels.Ulema after performing nikah in mosque go to attend this function where there is intermingling of men and women.Why do they do it?They must also lead by example not only by sermons. They must also remember that hotels serve alcohol. .How can nikah be performed where the air smells of alcohol? There is a saying that Ulema will be questioned on day of Judgement. I want answer to my questions. Wassalaam MZ Chida, Chennai   Hazare movement Anna Hazare deserves praise, for forcing the UPA government to come out with a bill on the Lokpal (no matter it was effective or vice versa) in the lower house of Parliament.   But his never-ending “my-way-or-the-high-way” approach has failed to hold his sway over the people for a longer time. This apart, his thoughtlessness to ask the people not to vote for the Congress in the impending assembly elections for the five states has made him to be seen as a stooge of a BJP-RSS conspiracy.  Had his associates like Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi played their cards well, Anna might not have faced the ignominy of a lackluster response to his fast in Mumbai – which has obviously emboldened the Congress to dump the bill in the Rajya Sabha. Oddly enough, wisdom appears to have finally prevailed upon Anna, when he said: “This is the start of a long fight,” “Maybe it will take 10 to 15 to 20 years for us to succeed.” Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)   II It took the Constituent Assembly, a body whose members were elected men and women, three years to produce the Constitution of India. Now we have a small group of individuals, self-appointed at best, or else selected by the Mukhya Fuehrer in Nagpur, seeking to place above the Constitution legislation that appears to have been drafted at the venues of its various fasts over a short period. This is the strangest, most ludicrous demonstration of “the power of the people” ever seen in world history. Mukul Dube, Delhi 110091   West sure to re-enact Al-Gerian play in Egypt and Libya?   Milli Gazette (Jan 1-15 issue); Dr. Dahlia Wasfi’s  article “WE ARE THE TERRORISTS” was hitting the steel nail hard on the hypocritical and shaming heads of the HoGs of Western Governments. Events of 1991 Algeria brings out the truth of Dr. Dahlia Wasfi’s  contentions crystal clear to your readers.  In 1991, the West supported the coup in Algeria in an effort to prevent Islamic fundamentalists coming to power through the ballot box. It is possible and probable that the Western Governments will try very hard to make Algerian history repeat in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Libya and possibly other nations that are likely to face more Arab springs. France was in the forefront of  pseudo Libyan democracy. The same France violently and unethically killed Algerian democracy in December 1991, because  the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS), an Islam oriented Algerian political party, had won national democratic elections. Pakistan type democracy is okay but no Jamate Islami labels. A democratically elected Islamist government is unreasonably assumed to be hostile to American hegemonic aspirations in the region…and so  considered unacceptable in Washington. This is primarily because the democratically elected government is unlikely to allow the United States to use Algeria or Libya for instance, as part of its attempts to consolidate its military-economic hegemony throughout the region. Professor Entelis is straight forward on this.  “More important is the army government’s willingness to collaborate with American regional ambitions, which included collaborating with Israel in establishing a Pax Americana in the Middle East and North Africa.” Following the violent Algerian coup, thousands of civilians were being mysteriously and regularly massacred by an unknown terrorist group. The newly established military regime adopted by the Algerian regime, which bore an uncanny resemblance to those adopted at the insistence of the CIA by military regimes in South America (e.g. Chile and Nicaragua). The Algerian military regime wanted to show itself as the defender of the West against fundamentalism in Algeria and as an acclaimed partner in defending the French and Western interests in the region. These allegations had been confirmed by the detailed testimony of former special forces officer in the Algerian Army, Second Lieutenant Habib Souaidia, in his marvelous book   “The Dirty War.” Even a hardcore American adversary like the former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Muhammad supported the overthrow of Saddam and regime change in Iraq. And the same Mahathir sheds tears now about the Iraqi tragedy. So Regime Change does not in many ways lead to  th4e good of the Ummah .Wallahi; When will the Ummah change? Kodimirpal(via email)   + Pic
  Dr Abdussabour Shahin May Allah grant Arrahmah and Almaghfirah to my father. He was indeed a dedicated scholar of the Qur’an and the language of the Qur’an like no contemporary of his.   Thank you very much indeed Mr. Khan for this account and elegant obituary, I do remember the days when you visited us to work on the translation of the seminal work of your father Rahimahullah with my father even though I was only a child then. Your dedication was exemplary and your achievements in the service of Islam and the language of the Qur’an are nothing short of remarkable. Jazaka Allahu Khairan. Amr Abdussabour Shahin, Cairo Egypt (via email) Editor: Dear Amr: It is a pleasant surprise to receive your mail this morning. When I visited your house in around 2003 to see your illustrious father and most kind mother, you were in the US and your father was very much worried about your safety after the madness which engulfed the US in the wake of the terrorist attacks there. Kindly convey my personal condolences to your illustrious mother, sister and brother. We have lost a great and towering personality with the absence of your great father from this world of struggle and I am sure what is happening in Egypt today has been somewhat influenced by your father and by that book on which we worked together way back in late 1960s. Please stay in touch and I will visit you when I come to Egypt next time which is not very often now as I have no connection left with Egypt. Even my dear friend Abdul Halim Owais breathed his last recently. With warm regards to all of you, Aal Shahin - jazakumullah khairan fidduniya wal aakhirah.   Real culprits of unlocking the Babri Masjid lock In his write-up Mr. Ilyas Azmi has accused Mr. Rajiv Gandhi for unlocking the lock of Babri Masjid in 1986 (The Milli Gazette, 1 Dec. to 15). This is quite against facts. Facts are that Mr. Arun Nehru–the then powerful Union Minister for Home Affairs had through his protégé Mr. Vir Bahdur Singh – the then Chief Minister got the lock of the Babri Masjid unlocked. Mr. Singh implemented the orders of a district judge for unlocking the lock of the Babri Masjid. Rajiv Gandhi punished both these persons for this crime by removing Arun Nehru from the council of ministers of the Central Govt. and remover Mr. Vir Bahadur Singh from the chief minister ship of the UP. He was very much shocked and died as a result of heart attack in Paris where he had gone to attend an International communication conference as Indian Communication Minister. Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, Ex-MP, Delhi-110091   Quota for Muslims I have read the letter of Dr. Idrees Quraishi published in the Milli Gazette 1-15 January 2012 and appreciated the contents thereof.  There is great confusion in the minds of Muslims about the Quota being accorded to the extent of 4.5% to OBC Muslims by the Government. The question arises whether from the 27% OBC Quota, which is also identified by few rulings of the Hon’ble Supreme Court, the other Minority Communities such as Sikh, Parsi, Jain, Christian, etc. are also entitled to claim OBC Quota from this 4.5%. If that be the case then the Muslims are being cheated by the Government. To some extent, your study on this subject seems to be very authentic and you have gone through the various Circulars & GRs. issued by the Central and State Governments. We are also not aware as to how many Muslims Biradaris have been identified as OBC and whether the Hindus SC & ST who converted to Islam is entitled to benefits of SC & ST on the basis of their being belonging to SC & ST Class. The reports of Sachar Committee and Ranganath Mishra Commission are absolutely clear that educationally, socially, the Muslims are under privileged and they are being denied their due share in the Government service.  The Government is shy in admitting the fact that the Muslims are under represented and now after the announcement of 4.5% OBC Quota, even the Prime Minister is saying that they have started the implementation of Sachar Committee Report, which is not true. Unless concerted efforts are being made unitedly by the Muslim Community for their due share in the Government jobs and also in the private sector and other areas, the upliftment of the Community cannot be achieved.                                                                 Yaseen Momin, Advocate     Censorship on social networking sites Nilofar Suharwardi has rightly questioned in her article Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal’s intention to censor social networking sites. Had Sibal’ intention been truly serious and sincere about blocking dangerous material that could provoke communal violence, he would have not got so late to make his comments on the waywardness of the so-called social media. It is not the first time that the social networking sites have transgressed all the social limits, they have long been showing their true colours by using inflammatory content even against the most sanctified personality of the world, the prophet Muhammad S.A.W and his holy companions. But surprisingly enough no action has yet been taken against those responsible for the most dangerous material on the internet. Interestingly when it came to criticism of the ruling government and some dirty pictures of the U.P.A. chairperson Sonia Gandhi and the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Mr. Sibal got enraged and displayed his anger and anguish over social networking sites demanding a stern action against them. Ghulam Rasool Dehlavi, New Delhi.   Fake Muslim delegation visited Israel Fake delegation of Muslim Imams and assorted clerics visited Israel and hogged media attention in that country. The reason why avowedly Zionist country wants to take hired Indian beards onboard is for creating the impression that Indian Muslims are not averse to Israel. Muslims constitute almost 15 per cent of the total population in India and play an important role in the formation of government in New Delhi. Tel Aviv wants a pliant Indian government so that it toes its disruptive policies in the Middle East. So far the UPA has adopted a nuanced policy towards Israel which does not put it on the wrong foot while supporting the Palestinian cause. The Zionists are increasingly becoming isolated and have lost even a durable friend like Turkey, the only Muslim country that maintained close contacts with Israel. To fill that void, it wants to showcase Indian Muslims as its supporters. But Indian rightists and Muslim baiters seem to be on Israel’s roll call as they keep visiting that country on a regular basis apparently to learn about dry irrigation and horticulture. However, India is a big country which will soon play a major role in West Asia and that is likely to dwarf Israel particularly when Uncle Sam’s influence is on the wane.  So the tiny country with a huge baggage of violence against Muslim countries wants to enlist Indian mullahs. How ridiculous and naive? Indian Muslim better beware of Zionist intrigues. Yunus Chitalwla,Dhoraji, Gujarat   Islamic code of conduct All human beings being equal in the sight of Allah are therefore entitled to justice and equity, the most vital part of Islamic code of conduct. The world has been created as a just and equitable natural order. The beauty of the moon light, warmth of the sun shine, sweetness of rain fall, fragrance of flowers, greenery of vegetation are open to all of us. Islam advocates the reordering of all human relations on the basis of justice. A cruel and stark version of justice is not in consonance with its idea of social order. Quran says, “Believers! Be upright bearers of witness for Allah, and do not let the enmity of any people move you to deviate from justice. Act justly, that is near to God fearing.” (5:8): we must remember that we all are children of one man Adam a.s. We are not born to fight but born to love each other.           Nazneen O.Saherwala, Surat   Bharat Ratna award It is highly important to ponder over the question, “Who should get the Bharat Ratna Award?  Press Council of India chief Markandey Katju has rightly pointed out that giving Bharat Ratna to cricketers and film stars, who have no social relevance, is making a “mockery” of the award. The time has come to identify the right “fits” and to keep the “misfits” at bay. Problems grow exponentially when we choose the wrong person for such a crowning award. Therefore, it is critical to find the right talent to honour with the most prestigious award of the nation. We should never turn a blind eye to our real heroes, even if they are dead. Figures like Mirza Ghalib and Sharat Chandra Chattopadhya were truly harbingers of our shining composite culture who upheld the noble cause of humanity and harmony and gave direction to the country. Ghuam Rasool Dehlavi, Delhi-110045   Unity Time and again we hear about Shia-Sunni clashes at some place or the other. It is quite disheartening and unpleasant at a time when globally Muslims have been pushed to the wall reeling under socio-economic and technological backwardness. The imperialistic powers are always on prowl to subjugate the masses to fulfil their nefarious designs. These opportunistic forces are friends of none. History has always witnessed that tyrant rulers always strive to divide the oppressors to sustain their hegemony. This is what was done by Pharaoh in Egyptian Ibn Saba in the times of Khulfai Rashiddin or the Britshers in India. The same policy is being perpetuated by the oppressors in the cotemporary times whether it is in Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Iran or Kashmir. In Islamic history we see when Hazrat Usman (RA) the third pious Khalifa was martyred by some rebels. The Muslim community was quite infuriated and Hazrat Ali the learned and sagacious personality gave a wise and pertinent sermon, a part of sermon is read as, ‘All praise be to Allah……, the oppressor and the enemy can be compared to a lion befriending with three bulls with an evil intention of consuming all the three. Then he devised a way to eat them one by one by dividing them on the basis of colour. So my Muslim brethren do not fight. Let us uphold the unity among ourselves.             Nasir Hussain Peerzadah, Srinagar   Importance of knowledge in Islam First word of Quran heard by our beloved Prophet was ‘Iqra’ means to read or to learn. Thus knowledge is very important in Islam. Today, unfortunately Muslims are not interested in acquiring true knowledge. They perform Namaz without any understanding; just because they are told to do so. Such people loose their faith in long run. They are driven by wrong religious leaders. These leaders make them believe in different Firqas and teach them wrong things thus making them impatient and not so tolerant. Such things have made Muslims very weak. They do not have debating power to show the world how interesting Islam is, and how benevolent Allah is. We are second largest community in the world but we have failed as true Muslims. We do not have thirst for true knowledge. We are pale without light. Knowledge is power and we must have that. Nazneen O. Saherwala(Surat, India)   Is it nice? Just think is it good if the number of patients also increases with the number of hospital; the number of suicides by farmers also increases with the number of godown of food grains and the number of divorces also increases with the rise in the number of female officers?!     S.A.U. Patel Khanpur Deh – 392150