Special Reports

Peace posture unmasked: fangs bared

Those who were commending that both sides demonstrated restraint in post-30 September phase must correct themselves. The peace posture was a façade. How does a crane gobble its prey in a pond. By standing motionless, without stirring so that a gullible fish ventures close. The bagula bhagats did precisely that. They had been through their “peace” gestures persuading the Muslims to give up their claim even on the 1/3 portion.

Refusing to be beguiled, the Muslims neither surrendered the land nor did they desist from filing appeal in the Supreme Court. Hence an enraged VHP has made its intentions quite clear. During the janjagran (mass awakening) through Hanuman Chalisa recitation the climate has been prepared. Immediately after the campaign came the mahayagna in which it was made clear, without mincing words, either surrender or be ready to be taken by force and then it wouldn’t be just one mosque or three but all the three thousands.

Strongly attacking the jihadis and Christians the Secretary General of VHP holds Sonia Gandhi responsible for all the evils in the land. She was sent to ensure that the Roman flag flutters on the ramparts of Red Fort. It is she who is shielding the jehadis. Holding jehadis responsible for the recent bomb explosion on the bank of Ganges at Banaras the clarion call has been given. (Though the mystery behind the dead child’s father has not yet been solved – whether he was or not a part of the team; the verdict is pronounced and the targets earmarked).

Interestingly enough, Mahant Gyandas, who declares the VHP as a bunch of goons and who are, at heart, not interested in really building the temple; has also been overthrown from his pedestal as President of Akhada Parishad. He is confident that he would prove his hold over the Akhada, and he also is optimist that the ‘unique’ proposal in his and Hashim Ansari’s mind would solve the issue amicably. Hindu Mahasabha is also red over the land partition and has opted for an appeal in the apex court. It is yet to be seen how strongly the Hindu side is united. Of course, the Muslim side too is equally divided. While the majority wants to contest the case in the court; a thin minority prefers to “surrender” and buy peace because they cannot afford a re-enactment of post 1992 carnage.