Special Reports

Nuclear treaty: American and Hindu “bomb” to rule the world

By Alok Mehta

New Delhi: There may be strong difference of opinions between Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi over extreme Hindutva; but USA is, on a large scale, Promoting Hindutva through indoctrination or propaganda. State’s financial support for research on Hindu scriptures, and exhibition of “Bhagwan Vishnu” paintings at government expense prove the active role of state machinery. Such hardcore extremists are in America who subscribe to India’s nuclear capability and term it as “Hindu bomb” and who are spewing venom for a nuclear world war through a 50-page monograph and websites.

America has liberally contributed towards propagation of Hindu ideology. In Orlando, in 1993, a “Hindu University of America” got formal recognition. It was given a land grant of 9.7 acres in 2000 when BJP-led NDA government came to power under A.B. Vajpayee. Two years later it acquired additional two acres of adjoining land. In December 2003 its branch in Bangalore came into existence. The Florida University has a residential campus for undergraduate, post-graduate and PhD studies. In other American universities also courses on Hindu scriptures and its propagation have been introduced. Catholic Church in Navada runs a “Hindutva syllabus” under which Hindu gods and goddesses, Geetha, upnishads, Hindu culture and civilisation are being taught and degrees are being awarded. It is reported that attempts continue to support and propagate Hindutva by distorting such indoctrination.

During BJP leader A.B. Vajpayee’s US visit as Prime Minster in 2000 such state grants for Hindutva studies were sanctioned. In one of such functions, Kalki Gaur, an ideologue of Hindutva, presented a book and CD of his research to the Prime Minister and the then Foreign Minister Jaswant Singh. Since then Kalki Gaur is continuously churning out books on “nuclear weapons” and disseminating war-mania through his research. What is surprising is that neither America nor India has done anything to impose any kind of ban on this war hysteria.

Kalki Gaur is very active in New York, Washington, Houston. He never publishes his photo on books or websites. he was never denied access to Indian leaders visiting America. He is also trying to get a foothold in American politics. This hardcore activist has emphasised in a recent book the necessity of giving a Hindu bias to India’s nuclear programme and to the armed forces so that at the time of the World War, India might join America. This might be called as obsession of an extremist. But there are several organisations active in defending Hindutva and engaged in “constructive role” with such agenda. There are Hindu museums and temples of Hindu gods and goddesses. There are Hindu museums and temples in Michigan and San Diego. On the other hand, Vishwa Hindu Parishad has become more active and stronger. American Vishwa Hindu Parishad is playing a significant role in promoting international cooperation network. It offers liberal grants to Hindu academic institutions and camps for promoting Hindutva ideology. There are sincere dedicated volunteers. It also sends grants to India for Hindu youths and children.

(Translated from Hindi by AG Khan)