Minorities in India

Kazi Vakil Ahmed

After India’s freedom in 1947, the question of reshuffling the states was before the national leaders. And ultimately the states all over India were reorganized on the basis of language widely spoken in that particular area, for example in Maharashtra people speaking Marathi have out numbered the other languages speakers. Therefore, this state came into existence as state of Maharashtra on 1-11-1956, like wise some other states witnessed formation of states on the basis of regional languages. So the criterion of forming a new state was language. The criterion of reorganization of states automatically upheld two separate and distinct unequal groups of people in the state, one majority and another minority. The question of inequality arose.

Jaipur: Muslim Kids going to school [madrasa] in a loaded Auto Rickshaw
Jaipur: Muslim Kids going to school [madrasa] in a loaded Auto Rickshaw

Our national leaders, the chairman and the members of draft Constitution Council, had predicted that majority would never allow minorities to enjoy equal rights even in the face of Articles, 14, 15 and 16, which guarantee right of equality, against discrimination and equal opportunities. The Constitution draft council in its various sessions in succession wanted to constitute Article 30(1) to ensure protection of rights of equality and equal opportunity in the field of Education. The young generation must be thankful to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, and other Hon’ble members of ‘Then draft Constitution Council’ who, honestly with good conscience, favoured the insertion of Article 30(1). Our national leaders have honestly done well, and adjudicated the justice, certainly they did justice by inserting Article 30(1), despite lots of impediments, hindrances and obstacles, discussions and debates in the parliament.

What it stands in the Constitution for? The decision to include was absolute, but it remained stagnant with no implementation. Those way who opposed the inclusion of Article 30(1) have succeeded. To know what the opponents gained and what the Muslim minorities have lost, please find the computerised report by Mr. Samu of Human resource Documentation Centre of Indian Social Institute Lodi Road, New Delhi 110,000 under heading ‘Need for awareness of legal rights among Muslims stressed’.

It is unfortunate that Muslims in the country unlike the Christians community are ignorant of their legal rights. While addressing an audience of representatives of different Minority institutions PSMO College Trurangdi, Justice Siddiqui stressed the need of educating children at school and college level and creating awareness of their legal rights. What Jutice Siddiqui is deeply lamenting for is the same what the minority lost during 63 years of freedom. In this long span of time of almost 3/4th century entire Muslim community turned into illiterate and ignorant, economically paupers and beggars, This was a well planned conspiracy against us.

Muslim minority was away from the educational field during this vast span of time of 63 years of Independent India or held away deliberately to trample down their political ability. Now look what Article 30 clause (1) of constitution reads? Article 30 (1) All minorities, whether based on religion or language, shall have a right to establish and administer educational institution of their choice. If one studies in deep and comprehends why this Article 30 clause (1) springs up and jostles to prefer in the crowd of problems and other available Articles of Constitution where educational rights have been guaranteed in general in other Articles also. Article 19(1)(g) and Articles 19(1)(g) & 26 (a) come in to play when educational rights happened to come under consideration of authorities empowered. Studies make it clear that right of education has specially been conferred and safeguarded to ensure equalities and equal opportunities to minorities. Our national leaders made strenuous efforts to ensure the rights and grant them judiciously. Let us therefore resolve to keep our children at schools and colleges to make them educated citizens of India being conscious of claim of rights subject to performing certain duties.

Picture: Jaipur: Muslim Kids going to school [madrasa] in a loaded Auto Rickshaw