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Encroachment of graveyard and Karbala land

Bhathut (Gorakhpur/U.P.): Graveyard and Karbala land in the Bhathut town of Gorakhpur face encroachment as people began annexing these lands to their farms and shepherds are using the area as grazing ground. The vacant land of the graveyard is being used by villagers and students of adjoining inter college and primary schools for relieving themselves (as public latrines). Hundreds of swines can be found grazing on the land in the morning and evening who litter the graves with animal droppings (dung). Though hundreds of persons from adjoining villages bring their tazias and bury there; however, no one has taken any initiative to get the area fenced. Because of negligence of careless people considerable part of these lands had been included in official records as cremation ground. However, by untiring efforts and alertness of an alim the land has been retrieved. People have begun constructing residence near the Karbala land.