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Women make flowers bloom in barren land

Aurangabad: Wargaon of Madanpura block in the Aurangabad district has been in news for an exemplary development. Once a naxalite den, where murders and abductions were order of the day and menfolk used to be at the mercy of Maoists, has seen emergence of women’s empowerment. Undeterred by male and money lenders hegemony, twelve women decided to form a co-operative group each contributing Rs 30 a month. With a small capital of Rs 360 they were able to develop a fund of Rs 28841. The barren land is now converted into a beautiful farm of flowers which find good market in Madanpura, Aurangabad and Gaya. Various government sponsored welfare schemes helped them in tiding over the crisis. These women, through their empowerment, have become role models for other women in the adjoining districts. The age old adage – himmat-e-mardan madad-e-Khuda has been changed to himmat-e-zanana madad-e-Khuda.  (Men's courage, Almighty's help — Women's courage, Almighty's help).