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Precast minarets for mosques

Readymade minars for masjids

New Delhi: In the age of science and technology while outstanding success has been witnessed in architectures of all kinds, minar (towers/minarets) of mosques had remained a perpetual problem. Traditional masons who build mosques are ignorant about the “minar” technology and hence even after completion of mosques, minars have to wait till a competent designer, architect and engineer in minar technology is found to undertake the challenging task. Now, even this tricky problem has been solved and readymade R.C.C. minars of different sizes and designs are readily available. Thanks to the enterprising skill of Muhammad Tahir of Mewat. He has begun producing these as “Ayubi Minar”. While the traditional process used to take 5-10 months of time for completion; Ayubi Minar can be erected within five days. He has been providing this service for the last ten years. Several mosques in Delhi, UP, Haryana and Rajasthan have been adorned by him.