Occupation demolishes Arab village for the 37th time

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Israeli occupation forces demolished the Arab village of Al-Araqeeb for the 37th time in the early hours of 23 April this year. The village is located in the Naqab desert in south Palestine which was occupied by the Jewish armed gangs in 1948. The occupation authorities refuse to accept that the village is legitimate.Local sources in the Naqab (Hebrewised as "Nagev") said that large numbers of police, army soldiers and Israeli Interior Ministry's special units attacked the village in the early hours of that day with bulldozers and heavy machines. A siege was laid before the demolition. Villagers took shelter in the Islamic cemetery while the brave Israelis demolished all houses made of tin and tents.

 Shaikh of the village shaikh Sayyah Al-Touri said speaking to Quds Press news agency that "the continuous demolition operations will not kill our will and our determination to stay in the land of our ancestors.

He told Quds Press that the villagers have again started rebuilding their homes. We shall be steadfast in our howsoever they try to demolish our homes and expel us from our land. We shall stay put on our land and in our village. We shall face the criminal attempts to expel us as long as we are alive and we shall inculcate this steadfastness in the hearts of our sons". He said earlier the occupation authorities did not have pity on the villagers and demolished their homes while it was raining or while they were burying their dead. He mentioned that the Israeli army uprooted their trees and demolished the landmarks of the village in order to uproot the Arab existence in the area of Naqab which they want to judaise completely. (Translated from Arabic)